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Finally someone else see those flasing lights

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 08:29 AM
posted on 13-4-2008 @ 10:19 PM this post
"For the last three nights we have noticed objects that look like stars in the sky."

I have been a "watcher" for a very long time and my wife and kids though i was crazy! Telling me oh it's in your head, they're nothing! Finally someone else who sees or has noticed the "flashing lights" or the red, white and green-yellow lights that appear to move at will.Usually see theme in a triangular pattern but then will be in a straight line. Guess when you have looked to the stars for as long as I, you really notice things that should not be there or just plain don't make any sense.

Looking forward to exploring this site and seeing what else is there that i have not noticed.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 08:30 AM
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