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1/28/2012 craft in sky From Puerto Rico - Need help getting more info!!

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 05:49 PM
looks real to me I've seen a few UFO's do something similar

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by Lookingsky11

I believe you!!!


posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 08:27 AM
Your thread with the additional videos you posted was closed before I could send my response.

In regard to this posting: Direct relation ...

While I'm confident you saw something that night described in this thread, as of yet understood or identified to your satisfaction, and thus Unidentified, these, I feel are likely unrelated as they do indeed appear to be the much reported and mistaken Chinese lanterns.

I've friends from Brazil that set these off, thus, with that, such lanterns aren't uncommon in places other than China, Japan, Thailand and such.

These in the two videos have the characteristic orange/yellow tinge found with the open flame lanterns, and if watched closely in the highest resolution, they do indeed appear to flicker.
While they don't illuminate the paper frame of the lantern as seen in the video Gortex kindly referenced for us, not all Chinese lanterns are equal or made the same.

As one of the posters claimed, Chinese lanterns go out fairly quick, which from direct personal real life observation at festivals I can attest is not always true. Some Chinese lanterns can last a good while, depending on how they're made.

Did you know there are some festivals which have lantern races to see who's lantern goes the farthest, highest, etc.?

Anyway, I'm with many in agreement that these two videos are indeed Chinese lanterns.

Once again, this does not invalidate what YOU saw personally.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by nineix

Thank you Ninex- I apologize my other thread was removed. I have no idea as to reason for that.
Ok- the Chinese lantern thing actually sounds viable. I mean from a far away standing point, you are right, they can absolutely look like "glowing fireballs" I have seen some other vids on youtube now that could hold a slight resemblance. Guess we wont ever know
Thank you for the detailed hypothesis!

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Lookingsky11

From what I can see, that ancillary post was closed because it was too closely related to this on since it referenced this thread from the start.

Such is understandable and makes sense.

If, however, you were to simply create a post, should you find something new/similar to what you saw, but simply posted it along the lines of "Interesting lights. What are these?", then forum mods may consider it an independent enough thread to stand on it's own legs without the mother topic here hovering too close by.

The problem with ambiguous lights in the sky, however, is that they are ambiguous. Most, lights in the sky videos wind up being a person or group of persons running around on a hillside in the pitch black creating the illusion of flying objects darting about in the night sky, Chinese lanterns, Jupiter and/or Venus ( described earlier with video example early in this thread), LED Kites, LED balloons, Commercial Blimps, RC Blimps, RC helicopters or planes, Flares from flare guns, Counter measure flares from military aircraft, passenger balloons in many odd shapes and interesting sizes (some even decked out with LEDs around gondola, under the gondola, or even purpose placed on the skin of the balloon), and then there's Satellites that mysteriously 'disappear', or 'cloak', when in fact they're just passing into the Earth's shadow and no longer reflecting sunlight.
There's even a number of people that post pictures and video of UFOs, that are just reflections of light off a window they're shooting behind, with is sadly misleading, sometimes provoking many the true believer type to pull out Photoshop to use the emboss filter and other graphics tools to 'prove' the reflection is a solid object.
Unfortunately, what many don't understand is that manipulating an image to see what you WANT to see, is simply that; manipulating an image.
Sometimes bugs, or birds, and bats are caught in shafts of light, creating the illusion due to perspective, distances, and the limited abilities of consumer grade cheap electronic video recorders of something else.

All these things exist, and more, and all of them have been video'd many many many times, posted on Youtube, and sold as UFOs, or as in some languages, OVNI:
OVNI Objeto Volador No Identificado (Spanish: Unidentified Flying Object)
OVNI Objet Volant Non-Identifié (French: Unidentified Flying Object)
OVNI Oggetto Volante Non Identificato (Italian: Unidentified Flying Object)
OVNI Objecto Voador Não Identificado (Portuguese: Unidentified Flying Object)

In mention of OVNI, that may assist in your search to find related material by doing searches for OVNI instead of the English term UFO.
You may then, indeed find video of the same object you saw, filmed at the same time, by someone else from a different perspective, possibly with zoom.
Keep in mind that the zoom feature on cheap consumer grade electronics and phones due to the shutter leafs and other constraining factors often creates misleading and/or inaccurate video.

The only reason I know all this stuff, other than professional experience as a photographer/artist in regard to optics, photo and video, is that I've been keeping tabs on this phenomenon for decades.
Too too often, in fact, most every time, especially since many people are hoaxing sightings on purpose, videos and photos of sightings turn out to be misidentification due to witnesses innocently viewing and thinking they've seen something significant, or even purposely creating and filming their own 'ufo'.
Why people do this, I've no clue.
It certainly makes things extremely difficult for cross comparison of a genuine sighting.

All best to you and I hope you find something. Your passion and tenacity in pursuing this personal sighting in looking for comparative/similar video bespeaks of a genuine sighting of something truly unidentified.
That's why they are called Unidentified Flying Objects.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 05:46 AM

Originally posted by JibbyJedi
Most likely RC copter or plane.

Beyond unlikely. I fly R/C Planes and I can tell you right now that no pilot could fly that high at night and stay in perfect control. People use this as an excuse too often, very few pilots can fly their R/C Planes at night, it's an incredibly difficult and expensive learning curve which most never pick up on.

Airport? Going by the OP's video its a nice catch but i just dont see enough lights for this to be legit. You'd see another plane lining up for its approach behind this one.

LED Kite? I guess thats possible but going by the OP's video again, not enough evidence to suggest this.

It's an interesting one to say the least, yet with it being another poor quality "light in the sky" video, we will never know.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 12:55 PM
Good video, thanks for sharing. To me it is very compelling evidence that pretty much all poor quality night videos are proof of jack and squat.

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