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I dreamt of an alien invasion as a child now I will tell you about it

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 10:52 AM
Hi there hope you are all doing well,

When I was a child of 14 or so years I recall having a dream one night a special dream that suddenly spring to mind for me to write to you now, Now as with most dreams I do not recall it all but there are a few vital things about it that were quite striking that I cannot forget so here we go.

1. The dream started of peaceful I know this much I was also at my primary school in the dream, and this peace was quickly and abruptly interrupted by screaming and a asteroid or meteor smashing through our room in the class i ran outside and there were many of these rocks falling from the sky it last what i would describe as an hour at the most and then came the blast shots from another threat.

2. I saw beings which from memory were almost the same as us but they were skinny and tall, they also wore an aqua coloured type of clothing which looked as though their was a power current running through it like neon lights but serving a far more advanced purpose i'd assume.

3. I don't know how i saw it but it was if my conscious expanded during that dream as i remember they came in large space ships.

4. one of if not the greatest part of this dream was what the beings had brought with them they had some how managed to move their own sun with them and i'd later on find out that they needed two suns in order to survive (I do not recall why)

5. Probably the most important part was that these beings claimed to be an advanced human race that left our planet long ago.

6. The reason I know these detail was because someone important somewhat of a leader to a certain sect of this race had told me as they held an interest in "me" specifically they said i had a great power and potential within me but it would not be easy to unlock despite this these were a benevolent race that came for our resources and more importantly they came for our sun.

This is all I remember of this dream however should anyone have anything in relation or any comments to help find the nature of this dream please do reply.
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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by RazielRabencuuk

These beings were also taking our planet over and decimating our population leaving mainly the younger alive.


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