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from Bahrain EXPOSING the lies of Nicholas kristof NY Times journalist, must see video

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:23 AM
i used the search engine and couldnt find this anywhere.

here is the description of the video from the you tube uploader:

Nicholas kristof been reporting fake and manipulated news about Bahrain showing Hezbullah thugs "alwefaq" as a peaceful protestors and that the gov and the police are treating them with Brutality for no reason except that they are protesting demanding democracy!! in this clip am trying to show what all bahraini i suffering because of those so called "peaceful protestors", and they are just another branch for hezbullah in bahrain by the name of "alwefaq society", they kill the kidnap and they do kinds of crimes and they are just covered up by deceiving media and reporters such as new york reporter Nicholas kristof and he is one of so many others !!

i present part of his manipulated reports as an example followed by the reality and the things that hezbullah "alwefaq" and their thugs are doing in bahrain just to show how fake is he and his reports.

please have a look at my previous clips to have a better understanding about whats really happening in my beloved bahrain and to see the full picture of how is hezbullah in bahrain and whats their agenda!

here is the video

so every thing is clear here and i dont have anything to add because there is nothing more to say.

but its clear to me at leat, that this man is one of the worst liars and calls himself a journalist .

and by the way check his channel , hes got lots of videos like this one.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:23 PM
thats it ? who said i wanted flags or stars ? i wanted your thoughts and opinions , what happened to you guys ?

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