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Rh Negative blood types-were any of you adopted under mysterious/irregular circumstances?

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:25 AM
I think i should inquire about this,after i talked to a young woman i met recently on an American-based site.I mentioned that i was adopted under highly irregular circumstances,and this adoption was facilitated by a Freemason,a lifelong friend of the woman who adopted me..NOT automaticaly assuming the Freemason had any sinister intentions or agenda,but i do think it should be mentioned in light of what im about to say:Now,i live in South Africa,and this young lady in Texas,America and we are:1) both rh negative 2)she also told me that her adoption was apparently facilitated by Freemason involvement 3)we were both adopted by people who would not,under the normaly stringent requirements and investigation into prospective adoptive parents,under any circumstances be allowed to adopt.In both of our cases,extremely ignorant,impressionable people,btw(my adoptive mother was awestruck,for instance,by the Rothschild family,and for all her ignorance bout most other earthly matters,seemed to have extensive knowledge of them,and the British and European Royal houses) 4)both of us met our biological mothers later in life,and both were unconfortable discussing our biological fathers-in my case,my biological mother almost had an anxiety attack when i asked her about my bio-father-she seemed almost afraid..She managed to munble:Ohh that was so long ago,i cannot remember,i think his name was Peter" before i felt too sorry for her and decided to let it slide,and changed the subject,thus letting her off the hook 5)When hearing this,my American friend almost flipped-HER biological mother spoke of a one-night-stand with a mysterious young man she met on an army base in those days-and his name,Peter.. Just a thing i find strange,this,and the fact that as a kid,i was once scratching thru her things out of boredom,i was about 7/8 at this time..and came across a notebook of hers,which were actualy a LOG/DIARY cataloguing my eating habits,general health(also concern for a heart condition,tho i was NEVER treated for a heart condition at any stage of my life.Stuff like:"She seems to love animals and interacts well with them,she seems to have no trouble interacting with other children",etc..and then this entry:"I am so afraid for her,she must NEVER,Never find out" What i was not allowed to find out was not documented,and it was not the fact that i was adopted in the first place-I once overheard her sister asking her if she "told me the truth yet?" upon which i walked right into the kitchen and asked "What truth?"..She then told me with no apparent anxiety that my birth mother could not look after me,as she was young,unemployed and without help from her relatives-She also said she tried to tell me this from the age of 4/5,so it would not be a shock when telling me could not be put off anymore,but that i got upset,so she decided to postpone telling me..So the adoption was not the matter documented in her log..
I did not at the time ask her,because i learned early in life that asking grown-ups anything is completely pointless,and she may have beaten me for going thru her stuff,anyway.This woman was mentaly disturbed,and her husband was not even in South Africa,apparently,when the adoption went through-i know cus she told me in later years,that her husband was furious with her for adopting me,when he came back in-country.
Upon asking her about this "Log" when i was a teenager,she flat-out denied its existence.When i asked her why she adopted me in the first place,seeing as she often told me from earliest memory i was nothing but a curse and an unbearable burden to her-she replied:"No one would have wanted you,you looked like a little rat+i always thought it would be nice to have a little girl,so i did both you and Uncle ...... (the Freemason)a favour!"
When i was about 3/4,one Saturday afternoon,a car stopped outside our house..I heard my adoptive mother conversing with two women,and i could hear they were all upset..these two well-dressed women in their 40's,then came into the room i was,my adoptive mother was bawling her eyes out by this time-and one of them asked me:"Sweetie,would you like to come with us?"..Well,i was very small(but my memory goes very far back) and i remember standing there,holding onto the bed,and just looking at them,and shaking my head..I dont remember being fearful at this,but i was,nt about to go anywgere with folks i did,nt know from a bar of soap.When i was grown-up,i never even bothered to ask my adoptive mother about this,what would have been the point? she had no recollection,after all,of getting me addicted to schedule 5 tranquilisers when i was 13,so she could not in all fairness, be expected to remember that far back.
So,does any other rh negative blood types who know they were adopted,have strange circumstances surrounding their adoption and early childhood?

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:31 AM
Thats a sad tale.

Your unlikely to find an answers pertinent to your story on here.

O Rh - is not that uncommon and its not special. I know this from first hand experience.

The answers to your questions will be elsewhere.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by justwokeup

Hi,thanks for replying,im B neg,btw,and so is my 14 year old oldest daughter and my l'il son are O neg.I dont know if answers will ever be found..all the relevant parties are longtime dead now,my adoptive mother always denied everything she did,or had in her posession,and the Freemason guy gave me the creeps,always skulking around when i was a kid,with his piercing owl-like eyes..i would,nt have had the guts to ask him anyway.I just want,for interest sake,to find out if there is some kind of pattern,or folks like me,who DID manage to find out something.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:59 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Hmmm... very interesting story. It seems obvious to me, you're an alien!

I'm kidding. I don't think I can offer much help, but I'm pretty sure there are lots of threads on ATS about the Rh- blood type. Some of it is really out there stuff too. Let us know if you discover anything interesting in your research.

This might be a good place to start looking: Negative Blood Type (RH Factor) and Alien History
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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by ChaoticOrder

Thanks,lol,yeah been reading bout how we are the missing link,reptilian,etc..will check out this link too,have a cool day!

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Interesting story. My mother's father was B negative blood type (also in the military/navy) and his paternal grandfather was a Freemason. His grand aunts promised their mother to never have children and most of them lived to 100+ years old. My understanding is that their father (the freemason) treated the mother so badly that she made all of her daughters promise to never get married or have children.

My grandmother has O blood type (not sure whether positive or negative), but my mother was born bleeding from every crevice in her body and the doctor's had to give her full blood transfusion to save her life. My grandmother didn't see my mother for a full week, but my mother told me that her blood type is B positive. A year after my mother was born, her father was stabbed to death.

My brother was also born under weird circumstances and died in a weird way. In general, my family has a history with religious/supernatural happenings.
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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 05:24 AM
Here's something else,thats always bothered me,its a hurtful memory,but in case some one else had something like this-i was almost 21 when i lost my first child,at 5 months foetal water started coming out,and they told me they had to induce birth,altho the baby would not survive,of course-otherwise infection could enter my body and kill both me and the baby..i cried bitterly and begged the hospital staff to try and keep it inside me,id be willing to spend next few months in a hospital bed,under sterile conditions,but they said it could'nt be done(Which was strange,the hospital where this happened,outside Bellville in the Cape Province,was in those days one of the most advanced State hospitals in the world,with 1st world facilities and technology and brilliant surgeons,etc,people flocked there from all over Southern Africa for treatments and procedures they would else had to have done only overseas,all of the best) Anyway,they did induce the birth,which was physicaly agonising and emotionaly just devastating,it took me 2 years to get over that loss,that was,before i could even speak of it without crying my heart out) When the baby was out,i immediately tried to sit up,and asked;"Can i at least see it?Please,just to see it once?" but 2 of the 4 doctors in attendance,all elderly men who looked like very senior surgeons,shouted:NO! and forcefuly pressed me flat down on the bed,while the one of the others wrapped the baby in BROWN PAPER,LIKE A FREAKIN BUTCHER DOES WITH A LEG OF LAMB! and instructed a nurse to take it out of the room..then they ignored me further,except to study what must have been the placenta,with much nodding and low-voiced diascussion,and then they left with that,leaving me alone with my adoptive mother,who was sitting on a chair nearby watching the "birth"..

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

I am an adopted person with a less than loving and secure childhood - I decided when I was about 15 years of age that I did not want to bring Children into this world. If I did not have access to my medical history then I was not going to play russian roulette with the health and well being of an unborn Child.

Just my way of managing my situation. I am sad that you suffered such woeful treatment at the hands of so called medical experts. I hope you have had support and counselling to help you work through what was done to you and your unborn baby. I hope they are ready when their judgement comes - I will stand beside you - the way you were treated was unforgiveable.

Much Peace...

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by Amanda5

Thank you,Amanda5..i comfort myself with the fact that my childhood has made me very strong,and experiences like that birth..its not a good way to achieve strenghth,but being able to survive awful things does serve a purpose.Also,i believe some folks who hurt one terribly,are nothing more than puppets and marionettes,being try and destroy one.This will make sound super-paranoid,but i do believe also that there is some kind of agenda,against certain people,from an unknown faction(s),for whatever reason.Im leaving myself wide open here to be dismissed as overly paranoid/delusional/mistaken cus of lots of suffering twisted my perception of the world..but i realy have to say,i have felt this way since i started realy thinking back on my life,and the lives of some other folks ive met-just a bit too concentrated,the hardships,abuse,mysterious happenings and troubles,without the point where it does begin to seem like a deliberate campaign.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:00 AM
I am AB neagative and I think I am human

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by MaryStillToe

My American friend's biological father,the mysterious Peter,was in the army..when her bio-mom spent a quick hour with him,and she was for me,i dont know if there's any army connection,but South Africa WAS chock 'n block full of Army bases in those days,when i was born-it was around the start of the Border War,which went on for many years.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 03:36 PM
I am B neg, too. I am also the ONLY person in my biological family with negative blood. Come to find out, much later in life that my mom was different from my bro and sis's mom. There is also a possibility that my REAL father is different from my bro and sis's.

My mom said I was a twin and that my twin "disappeared" at birth. Supposidly absorded in her body, which we know nowadays, is impossible.

I have always thought and believed that their was something "special" about me. I do possess gifts in a intuitive spirit and in telepathy.

I was told my an old medicine man, when I was about 30 (now 54), that I am not of this earth and that my "spirit" is very old. That I am a healer (of a different kind????).


posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:00 PM
I don't believe I am adopted but once I was visiting my GP before the files went digital, I saw the front of my notes and the word ADOPTED was written on the top.
I know I am not adopted as my mum and dad had to get married because I was on the way!
My mum was O Rh neg. Her dad was a Freemason low degree and my dad was in the UK army in Germany, when I was born till I was four.

But the post about;

I do believe also that there is some kind of agenda,against certain people,from an unknown faction(s),for whatever reason

..strikes a cord with me, I have had GPs offer me Gallstone surgery I didn't need and then a few years later, after seeing blood in my urine, refuse to treat me. Other events too many to mention. I won't see dentists or Drs now or take Pharmicopia.
You are not paranoid.

I have deactivated my implants and my childrens', so they send 4 personnel to beam into my bedroom at night. The only reason you beam 4 in at a time is assassination. That nihgt I had heard 4 knocks and I woke up and saw a green oval light above my wardrobe and 4 shimmering figures. So I thought of someone I love and breathed the Name of God=Yehovah and waved them away. I think they are still wondering how I did that. LOL

I know my phones are monitored. Don't talk about alternate timelines or they cut you off.

I have no idea why they are so scared of me?
But I have found out my bloodline is very psychic, and in doing a genealogy, I found out we are from Roma Gypsies. I have cheated death many times, so I know someone up there is looking after me, and that is the only reason I am still here.

I was also abused as a child and I have lost 15 foetuses but only 1 made it to 13 weeks and that one really upset me, as I had done a late pregnancy test. One day I woke up and 'knew' I wasn't pregnant but there was no foetal matter.

Stay paranoid, it'll keep you alive.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Thanks for your comment..may i ask,what are the implants you are referring to?

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by justwokeup
Thats a sad tale.

Your unlikely to find an answers pertinent to your story on here.

O Rh - is not that uncommon and its not special. I know this from first hand experience.

The answers to your questions will be elsewhere.

OP, this might help. I try to link all of the related articles in a post within each thread to make it easier for those seraching for info to locate it.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:13 AM
Interesting history! When you met your birth mother, did she ever say why you were placed for adoption? Any chance the biological father is listed anywhere? be very interesting to see who that was! Or, can you still ask the creepy uncle anything? Can't blame you for being curious! Really sorry about the baby. Know how hard that is, though my lost ones were much earlier along. Didn't expect to ever get the later ones, but it can happen!

That business someone mentioned about being a twin is VERY interesting. When I was a kid, my mother mentioned that they though I was one at one point, heard two heartbeats. She tried saying that they were mistaken, and one was hers, but I know the docs won't make a mistake like that, because a fetal heartbeat is so much faster. I am not listed as a twin on my BC, though. Strange thing, however....when I applied for a driver's license here in the states, after returning from Germany, the lady at the DMV there asked if I HAD a twin. Apparently, there was a woman in the system, with a very similar first name, same last name (though, oddly, my married one...), and a SSN ONE DIGIT DIFFERENT from mine. She would not say which digit, but from her reaction, I figure the last one. Odds of that seem VERY small. That wasn't the state I was born in, and the last name was that of my husband, not my maiden name. Yet the first names were CLOSE. Always wished I could locate that person, see what she looked like.....

Cut off phone calls......know that game! Have had many a long late night call with my brother. We discussed (and still do) a wide variety of topics, some quite unusual. Anything from UFOs to cryptozoology to ghosts to conspiracies, etc. Got really interesting for a time. Every time certain subjects would come up, and NOT the ones you would think, the call would drop. We could call back, but it happened a lot. Got to be a running sort of joke. he would rattle off a lot of "catch phrases", meant to attract attention, and we would comment to the effect of, "if you are going to listen, start now, and don't drop the blasted call!". Oddly, when we did that, the calls didn't drop. Go figure. Total coincidence, I am sure....

Note to the OP. Army connection? Another interesting point..... My dad was in the Army before I was born, some "clerical" thing, he said. Interesting thing, though, his death certificate lists that he never served. Go figure. He could be pretty cryptic, too, in conversations.

Curiouser and curiouser.....

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:20 PM
Maybe a little late to be posting here, but regardles...

I had to reply, as I have similar questions of my own, and I dare not ask anyone in my family about these.

I have O negative blood myself, first of all.

My entire life, I have dealt with the paranormal. Ranging from seeing the ghosts of my relatives when I was young(I don't actually remember some of these stories but my family members still talk of them to this day) to even being possessed by them.

I have also seen things that are beyond even paranormal for me, such as this ball of blue light/energy following me. Specifically one night I was in the woods with two of my guy friends about to smoke around a bonfire and we'd all seen it. They freaked out and said they had never seen anything like it before, but it was a familiar sight to me. It passed us, stopped to look and then went about it's way. And we seen it again that night driving on the road, it was traveling down the same road we were. That was the first time I'd seen it twice in one night...

Along with many other experiences...

I don't look like either of my parents. Could be due to me getting a bunch of recessive genes, and maybe due to the elaborate mix of races I am. I'm not sure, but both of my parents have brown eyes and I have bright green. People always mention something about them too, ask if they are contacts and such because they are such a ridiculous color. Unfortunately, they are not contacts and just my natural eye color. Everyone else in my family either has brown, or blue eyes. I'm the only one with this color. Strange, I think. Even both of my sisters have the recessive blue eyes that run in my family, and somehow I ended up with lime green?

I have strange abilities with young children and animals aswell. I can make even the most unruly, arrogant child behave and obey as they look upon me with an "awe" in their eyes, to the point the parents ask "Wow, how did you do that?". As with animals, I can make any stray dog/cat/rabbit/anything come to me, and it will follow me as if it were my own pet. With people's animals, upon first entering their house the animal inhabitants all come to greet me, regardless of the owner saying "Oh that cat is mean" or "Oh that dog never sits still" and they will lay right on me and sit right in my lap and look straight into my eyes. People are so amazed and say "Wow, I have never seen him do that!" etc

I have always felt out of place amongst my family too. I just don't act like them or fit in any way. I know a lot of people are this way too, but it's hard for me to really relate or connect with anyone. I would never dare questioning it though to my parents, as I love my mother dearly and wouldn't want to upset her if I were to ask questions but I just wonder sometimes.

A few years ago, I got into my first real relationship. Come to find out, this man was a mason himself and claimed he had never been attracted to anyone else in such a strange way. He said I was "addicting". Things got bad, eventually of course as he was to controlling my every move and was basically brainwashing me to be racist, even against my own racial roots, and very sexist against women about certain things they do and such, even though I am a woman myself, his grip on me was extremely tight. It was so bad, he was even jealous of me being around my own father and stopped that, and of course he drove every friend I'd ever made away. So badly... they still won't speak to me to this day. He had me totally isolated, but I broke free, and since then - I have noticed even stranger things happening to me, and certain people I meet saying strange things to me. And I'd rather not go into much detail of that... as it truly frightens me.

I also have strange dreams. I am sort of dream interpreter myself, and I know that dreams are usually just symbolic, and not prophetic or accurate but I have been having this dream lately where I am with two others, a black woman that resembles somewhat of Tyra Banks, and a white male who's face I can never describe or make out once I awake. In this dream, I am going into stores with these two people, just simple Wal-Marts, Dollar Stores, etc that surround my home and everywhere we go together people drop their items and say "It's you! You are the savior!" and it starts as a domino effect and soon, everyone in the store is harrassing us and we have to leave. We enter another store, same thing. I was thinking maybe this dream symbolizes my desire to save and fix the world being unfulfilled in reality? I'm not sure.

I am not sure what to make of any of this, I know people will laugh and say "You're an alien!" or "Stop looking for a conspiracy" but I look for neither of those...
As I said, I am just unsure what to make of all of this. There is so much more to why I question my birth but this is just a general summary.

So it is comforting to know someone else has had strange events aswell.

Goodluck in your search of truth!

Warm regards,


posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by GreenEyedVixen

Oh and another thing regarding my upbringing that may be strange. I was adorned with butterflies my entire life, or fairies. Basically, I didn't leave the house without my butterfly rings, necklaces, clothes, etc. She'd also always buy me butterfly and fairy picture books/drawing books for Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

All of the gifts I recieved from boyfriends growing up also were butterflies, butterfly earrings, necklaces etc.

To this day, I do not leave the house without my silver butterfly ring my mother gave me and have kept all of my jewelry.

Another thing - when my baby sister had passed away, she was wearing a butterfly onesie that day... I didn't even think of any of this as strange until I had read online about the "Monarch program"

My biological father also abused me for as long as I can remember, in every way shape or form you can imagine(yes, any way) thus turning me into a pacifist for most of my life until I ran away when I was 15. It took me awhile to break free of those habits, but I am now my own independent person. But, I'm sure it goes without saying, the type of abuse I recieved made me act a certain way towards men and be submissive as all hell.

Currently, I have forgiven my father even though he has done truly evil things to me. I sweep it under the rug as "He was too young to raise a child properly, he let his anger and stress get the best of him" I feel as his daughter, it is my duty to forgive him... We still aren't as close as I'd like to be, but I guess it's too awkward for him anymore. I guess he can't look past what he's done, or maybe he just hasn't changed at all because to this day I can't stay around him for long because he gets really loud and starts verbally abusing me again until I have to leave the house. He ruins many family events in doing this, but I forgive him for that too. He cannot help but be himself as I cannot help but be myself...

Probably still not that strange, but it could be?

I'd like to believe this is all my imagination running completely wild, but is it really? Am I just that crazy?

Is everyone else who's posted similar things, not limited to this website, completely crazy? I wish I could believe that, but it doesn't feel right to call it "crazy" in my heart. So, I won't.

I'd like to believe life is as simple as me waking up ----> eating breakfast ----> going to work ----> having lunch ----> coming home ----> watching TV/relaxing/spending time with friends etc ----> going to bed -----> repeat
....but it's never just been that simple for me. It's event after event after, strange event, after weird event. Like a damn movie or something.
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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:42 PM
Cool post~

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:49 PM
I don't even know my bloodtype.

Interesting story; thanks for posting it...

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