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I am progeny

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 12:36 AM

I am Progeny


Ken Hatfield

I'd always wondered who I was. Lying in the back of my parents station wagon, with a glass roof, I'd try and comprehend the vastness of the stars. I was confronted with my insignificance.Spinning through this infinity I wanted to know where I was. I was young. In this two dimensional world I was struggling with not being able to truly grasp anything, except speed and velocity, x and y. I was adrift on an ocean without quantity. Why did my touch and sight tell me things were real? Why were my thoughts so big in my small head and from whence did they spring? I was seven

Pi 1 (n-1) to the power of true zero left quadrant circle side removed forward left down twist 94% quotientality(adjusted for Philadelphia Experiment Fourth generation) 4 4
x 2
7 4
x 2
13 4
x 2

I told her I was the Devil. She was picking me up from work , at a job where the girl I had dumped her for worked, and taking me home. I was now dumped by said other girl, karma can be a bitch. I didn't care, I was getting laid this evening. I had told her this on the way to feed on her chakras, I believed it.

Blues absorb Ki, Greens emit Ki, Reds amplify base resonance 17 degrees , Transparents hold residuality for n- Pitruezero. + operatives forward. - operatives timeframe true. I can't post more now, my silver thread is pulling me from trueharm, will post again when the construct isn't filtering.

I was back again, I had just split a one by six fence board with a sun punch. It was reactive, and in anger, and as I slipped the parameters I understood a bit more. I felt exposed as I for once realized that I had given away my position to the enemy, that it truly was war.

Opaque nullify. right digress timeframe false.,-2 . They are getting closer.Overvoid . Two days

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