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GM Foods NOT Served in Monsanto Cafeteria

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by Techy

Sounds like you're the one who doesn't know how it works. They don't insert the gene with ANY care or precision - this has been documented by a scientist who worked for Monsanto and DID it and saw it done. He says it's done so crudely as to likely yield a different result every time, changing the protein in ways that are unpredictable.

It is DOCUMENTED that cows fed GM corn went infertile, and upon stopping the GM feed, became fertile again. Rats fed GM soy, alongside rats fed normal soy: the GM rats were all smaller, and 30% of them died before adulthood. Dozens of other documented facts about GM are available if you look. It's not fear mongering when it's TRUE!

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by Techy

Originally posted by jude11
No. The thing that is really happening is that not only are there millions of people refusing to eat this crap but entire Nations are banning it. AFTER their scientists and higher learning institutes have investigated not only the GMO products but Monsanto itself.

But I guess millions of people and many Countries around the World are just concerned for no reason.

I'll take my chances on choosing to NOT consume something that even the staff of Monsanto don't want on their dinner plate.


Because of fear-mongering. Nobody can actually name any risks of it. The only reason GM foods are being banned is because of pressure from people who are scared of possible side-effects, although there is no indication and no cause for there to be any.

Remember that we've been eating GM products for a while now, and there still haven't actually been any negative effects linked to them.

You have GOT to be kidding! I understand the idea that it's stupid and lacking in foresight to be negative about something for no reason, but my GOD, have you been living under a rock? I used to think the same thing and none of it bothered me at all. Then I opened my mind and searched out any possible bad side effects - they're EVERYWHERE. Seek and ye shall find. Again, it's not theory in the least!

And hell, even if GM WERE good for you, the very way in which Monsanto FORCES the entire world to buy them due to their clout and billions of dollars would STILL be enough for me to avoid them like the plague. Their BGH hormone produces pus and blood in the cow milk - again - DOCUMENTED, checkable, verifiable. Go look for yourself!

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by Techy
But there can be no effects. You add a gene to the chromosome, that's all you do. It doesn't completely change the organism. It gives it one, single, specific property.

It doesn't just add a gene or 'give it that specific property.' It changes the structure of the protein and changes how that protein behaves. This is hardly insignificant.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 08:52 PM
Here's a study showing dangerous effects on liver and kidneys of animals fed GM corn - and the study was done by MONSANTO! They only released it because they were forced to.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by Techy
A gene is extracted from an organism with the desired property, placed into the chromosome of a single cell of the organism you're growing, and then allowed to grow into multiple cells, then eventually into a plant or animal.

Genetic modification can not possibly give an organism any unwanted properties unless it is done deliberately. However, when done right, it can give them brilliant properties that can server dozens of purposes.

The only thing stopping that happening is fear mongering from people who have no idea how it even works.

Ahh the beautiful Arrogance of science raring its ugly face again...

Some good reads on the Arrogance of Science:

You can spout off all the science you want at the GMO situation but you cannot take the "human arrogance factor" out of the equation. It is there as it has been from the get go.

I trust nature and how it does business a million times more than man and how he does business as one (nature) made life possible and the other (man) seems to create death more than anything.

Besides all this I don't trust people/companies/organizations etc that outright lie to people and tell half truths. Nature is about as true as you will ever get, and "man" is even trying to muddy those waters...

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 03:35 AM

Originally posted by RadioactiveRob
Contact Monsanto and tell them how much you hate them.

Good Idea!!
I just posted this to the devil, I mean Monsanto, um yeah, the devil:

Have you ever analysed/studied the effects of GM produce in small groups of humans worldwide, where a daily diet of GM foodstuffs was supplied for weeks to months, or even years at a time?

If the answer to that is no, and you can't even say you've tried it yourself, for years, then how can it be safe for consumption on a world scale? And how can it be safe for the environment, when it has clearly been shown to damage, not only the farmers livelihood, but more importantly, it damages the plants evolutionary tact and therefore damages the natural order of stable environments.

What is the point in reinventing something that ain't broke?? You’re a money making machine of greed and carelessness. To those dying in skin and bone alone from starvation, you are not a saviour, you're a scoundrel. And to those whom unknowingly consume GMO contaminated food, you would be thought of as no better than Nazi’s forcing the non-Aryan to the death camps.
*start sarcasm*Thank you for caring.*end sarcasm*

meh.. I dunno. This is a topic that kept me heated for a long time. You calm down over the years when you realize how little you can do
(don't judge me!:lol
I expect that because of RadioactiveRobs little activism, they must be getting a lot of conspiratorial hate mail, which makes me smile

Thanks for the idea RadRob
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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by jude11

Ain't it sweet how the Marxist globalist socialist oligarchy's genocidal . . . uhhhh . . . organizations

are soooooooooo chronically duplicitous and weasel worded.

May the lot of them fall headlong into the pits they have dug for the rest of us.

May . . . welll . . . some prayers in Psalms come to mind . . .

What a hideous excuse for humanity at the top of such organizations.

They really must have the delusional stupidity to think that

when they plant cacti they can harvest peaches.

Reaping what one sows is a universal law.

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by Jimjolnir

Well, for whatever it's worth, I just received a reply from Monsanto. By the short amount of time it took to receive a reply, I'm guessing this man must be paid to just sit there and deal with such mail. He seems to have it down to a tee. Though I'm not convinced.

Here's the reply:

Dear *******,

Thank you for contacting us. The safety and benefits of GMOs are well established. All of the products being grown by farmers have been thoroughly reviewed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The safety has been confirmed by national food safety agencies in scores of other countries, as well as international public health institutions like the World Health Organization. Hundreds of millions of meals containing food from GM crops have been consumed and there has not been a single substantiated instance of illness or harm associated with GM crops. Over 15 million farmers are growing GM crops in over 25 countries, and these products have been approved for growing or importing in 59 countries.

In 2010, the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences issued a report, “The Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States”, which concludes that US farmers growing biotech crops “...are realizing substantial economic and environmental benefits – such as lower production costs, fewer pest problems, reduced use of pesticides, and better yields – compared with conventional crops.” The report is posted online at

In December, 2010, the European Commission published a report summarizing the results of 50 research projects addressing the safety of GMOs for the environment and for animal and human health. These projects received funding of €200 million from the EU and are part of a 25-year long research effort on GMOs. In announcing the report, the Commission stated, “…there is, as of today, no scientific evidence associating GMOs with higher risks for the environment or for food and feed safety than conventional plants and organisms.” The report is at: here.

Sincerely, Tom Helscher

I'm going through the links he provided, when I have time to do so.. I'll only be able to peruse them again in a few hours. If any of you read through them let us know what you find and what you think.

Cheers y'all

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 04:14 PM
Environmentalism really is a new religion. People just eat it up as long as it favors their eco god.
For those of you who are not too busy in a monsanto induced text-based seizure rage, you should read this.
It’s 1999. Bill Clinton is in the White House. Sydney is preparing for the Summer Olympics. The world population is about a billion less than it would be in 2012.

A caterer in the United Kingdom tells the Independent newspaper that it doesn’t use GM food, which would have been difficult in the U.K. in 1999 since there wasn’t any to exclude, but that’s another story. The Independent reports it as “GM Food Banned in Monsanto Canteen.” GM critics have a field day.

Flash forward 13 years. Greenpeace, always interested in recycling, recycles this 1999 news story. People get excited, and tweet it as a current story.

The fact is, it wasn’t true in 1999, and it’s not true today.

All foods can be found in Monsanto cafeterias – conventional and organic. None of it is singled out as conventional or organic. It’s just food served in our cafeterias, the same food that everyone else eats.

In fact, the only time any food was removed from Monsanto cafeterias was a few years back, when a produce company announced a voluntary recall of spinach because of possible E. coli contamination. We remember it because spinach leaves suddenly disappeared from our salad bars.

Last year, there was a more limited recall of spinach because of concerns over possible Listeria contamination, but that didn’t affect our cafeterias, or most of them.

And, for the record, the spinach in question in both cases was – organic.

This is not the first time fundamentalist environmentalists have made up a story to please their eco-god.
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 06:56 PM
From what I gather Europe told Monsanto to go pound salt & GMO's are not in Europe. It's a matter of not buying their products & hit them where it hurts the old pocketbook...

Found this site of non-GMO foods.


posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:09 PM

Originally posted by BABYBULL24
From what I gather Europe told Monsanto to go pound salt & GMO's are not in Europe. It's a matter of not buying their products & hit them where it hurts the old pocketbook...

Found this site of non-GMO foods.


Because that is what the fundamentalist environmentalists want you to think, its religion. It does not have to be true to be believed.

(NaturalNews) Editor's note: We regret to inform our readers that this story is based on a Daily Mail article that we have now been informed is from 2003, not 2012. In their own search engine, Daily Mail mistakenly listed their own story as being published on February 3, 2012. We have a screen capture of this search to prove this, taken from the Daily Mail's website search engine...

...For our own story, we had relied on the Daily Mail's posted date on the story, which turns out to be incorrect. Daily Mail has since corrected this publish date, so it now shows the year 2003. This, in turn, has caused us to publish this correction. We regret the confusion. Even more, we regret that the good news we originally reported turns out to be old news rather than today's good news. At times like this, we all need some good news, but it seems our optimism in this case was misplaced...

Monsanto even went to the trouble to contact us and inform us that they have not retreated from the UK at all, and in fact, their business across Europe is surging. Sadly, Monsanto has not been defeated in the UK as we had hoped, and the threat of Monsanto's presence in Europe remains ever present. They are quite proud of it, in fact. In a phone call with NaturalNews, they went into great detail about all their "success" across Europe, describing all the GMO fields they have planted in numerous countries there.

Learn more:

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:01 AM
The Monsanto canteen (cafeteria) story has been debunked.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by EyeDontKnow
The Monsanto canteen (cafeteria) story has been debunked.

Yeah, scroll up a few posts...

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