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flash back to the flashpoint [TJWC]

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 08:53 PM
Hello ladies and gentleman of the year 2012 according to my holotab.

This is my last testament due to my body shutting down from the travel I have gone through. Before my body shuts down I want to inform the reader, that time travel does exist, however our human body cannot withstand the forces exerted during as we call quantum time jumping. I have risked my life in order to make the reader, and hopefully the rest of humanity, aware of the coming near extinction of the human race.

We humans are a cruel race. We like to think of ourselves as civilized and non barbaric. We are far from it. Our numbers are much fewer than where your population is at the present time, however in our time which is the year 2190, we are cloning from the natural DNA that still exists. We are facing a major extinction if the natural birth rate does not climb at a steady rate. however there are few naturals, and much of the earth's surface is radiated.

I risked my life to warn of the near extinction due to what was called World War Three. False flags as they were called, we're used often so that the military industrial complex as well as corporations, could benefit from the sales of arms and the destruction of parts of the population. This was repeated throughout history. However, during your world war three, nuclear arms were used among other devastating weapons. Thousands of nuclear missiles were used, not only destroying humans, but also destroying 2/3 of fertile land. Almost all major cities of the world were wiped out in the first stages of the war. During the second stage, biological and chemical agents were seized upon by rogue groups and used on smaller, more remote populations. My great great grandfather, who was a brilliant scientist, went underground at a facility known as Mount Weather. He brought his wife with him.

I wish I could go on to tell you so much more but I am having a hard time breathing.

So I leave you with this, and I beg you, the current residing population of the earth, to stand up, to take up arms if you must, but you must put a stop to the tyranny and hijacking of your government. They are leading you toward destruction, and I promise you that if you sit back and not lift a finger, you will not live to see your children's childr... ... ... ... ...
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