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The Peak Oil Lie: Oil is NOT going to run out

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by theclutch
Every time I hear the words "fossil fuel" I laugh at ignorance! To think that they teach this tripe in schools.

The whole idea behind fossil fuels is that a bunch of dinosaurs bunched together in a big group around a big forest and they all died there "IN a BIG group" LMAO just so we could drill it out later!

In stricter scientific applications, biomass is measured as the mass of organically bound carbon (C) that is present. Apart from bacteria, the total live biomass on earth is about 560 billion tonnes C,

560 billion tonnes seems like a lot?

And that's just for today...

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by boncho

Originally posted by LightSpeedDriver
reply to post by Pimander

I'm with you on this one. If it really was running out, wouldn't governments and industries worldwide be attempting to decrease usage and dependence and finding alternative methods of power? I think they would. Nice post.
It remains a controversial subject but I think it must be a lie. The government gets huge revenues from taxes on oil while big business gets it at a cheaper price than the consumer (here in Holland anyway). A nasty scam.

No, they would be tearing up large plots of land to process bitumen, a nasty oil source that wasn't commercially viable for over half a decade. Then they would be building massive pipeline projects to transport that oil.

They would also be using technologies like fracking to get hard to reach natural gas.

The world is actively engaged in securing hard to reach and hard to process oil reserves. All the indicators that oil is just not flowing like it once did. But perhaps I am wrong... or am I?

Yes but tearing up large plots of land and Fracking were not viable until somebody forced the price of oil up to and over $100.00 a barrel.

If oil went back down to $30.00 a barrel you would see a lot of tearing up the land stop and stop instantly.

Great thread and S&F
Regards, iwinder

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 08:27 PM
Newsflash: Peak oil is not about oil running out. Peak oil is about oil production reaching a historic peak.

But the real problem is not about the peak it's about supply and demand. Since 2004 the world hasn't been able to supply the world economy with enough oil. This resulted in the price oil price shock that occurred 2004-2008. Actually the world crude production hasn't been able to increase since 2005 although the oil price has been at record levels. According to the Laws of demand this shouldn't happen, higher price should bring higher quantities. This failure in the supply and demand model is actually one reason that the world governments and corporations hasn't acted. The world has been fooled by the economists into believing that the market will fix everything.

But the real culprit for importing nations like the US and most of Europe is the oil net export market which has shrunk since 2005. Another problem is that China, India and other developing nations are demanding more and more of the shrinking export market. Due to the low (non-existent) price elasticity of oil this will mean much higher oil prices. In the US military simulation The Oil Shockwave a drop in supply of only 4 percent caused the oil price to rise 177 percent and sent the US economy into a recession.

Our economic system is another problem with peak oil. Since our society is very transport dependent our economy also is and it's hard for governments to decrease oil demand. And people don't like higher prices so fuel taxes aren't popular and neither are rising market prices of fuel. But the public need to realize that we don't have the fuel to keep our current society running. The only solution is to transition to a society that don't depend on cars for transportation. If we stick to cars it will get expensive.

The last problem with peak oil is that many believe in that new technology will solve everything and therefor none acts. However energy is not technology, and cheap high density energy is becoming rare. As the International Energy Agency put it in 2010:

"The age of cheap oil is over".

And from a scientific perspective one barrel of oil could be worth several annual salaries due to the high energy content, how easy it's to get and that it's a non-renewable energy resource. This could mean gas price as high as several $1000 per gallon. The problem is that the market has sold oil at a too low price from the beginning and the society has been built up on that low price. This is another failure of the market. However at the current pricing model we won't see any price near $1000 per gallon, however we will see higher prices and nations that realize the true value of oil might curtail exports which in turn will result in even higher prices.

Also most that is being said in the first post is not true.

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