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Dumb Excuses, What are some dumb excuses you've heard?

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:07 PM
Thought you all might get a chuckle out of this one:

Home U.K. Home News
Forecast 'Not with these big boobies': Woman claims she failed sobriety test because her large bosom threw her off balance
By Michael Zennie

Last updated at 10:29 PM on 3rd February 2012
A woman in Florida claims she failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for drunken driving because her 'big boobies' got in the way of her balancing.
When officers didn't seem convinced of this explanation, Maureen J. Raymond, 49, tried to show them what she meant by trying to take her top off. They quickly put a stop to that, according to a police report.
Police in Jensen Beach, Florida, stopped Raymond Sunday night after she was speeding and swerving through lanes of traffic.
Big problems: Maureen Raymond, 49, faces drunk driving charges after she failed a field sobriety test
Before she was asked to perform any tests of whether she was sober, Raymond told the sheriff's deputy he 'needed to understand that she is big-chested and if I asked her to close her eyes and balance, she is not going to balance well.' 5ft 6 and 210 lbs
Deputies already suspected she was intoxicated because she wasn't listening to their instructions, her eyes were red and glassy and she had liquor on her breath..
Despite her 'warning' deputies took Raymond through a series of field sobriety tests, all of which she proceeded to fail -- and most she blamed on her ample bosom.
When she failed to walk a straight line she began, to dance. When the sheriff's deputy asked if she wanted to try again: 'She stated, "Hell no, with these," telling me she can't do it, not with her big boobies.'
Later, when she failed to stand on one leg, she told the deputy she was off balance and that she would show him why. Raymond proceeded to take her clothes off to show the deputy her breasts.
When she was asked to count from 60 to 90, the deputy noted that she seemed to be singing the numbers.
Convinced that Raymond was above the legal blood alcohol limit, deputies arrested her and took her to the station for a breath test. When the breathalyzer machine was ready, the told the officer to wait.
'She told me she was praying and that I need to relax because she is praying and God is first,' the officer wrote.
She failed to provide a valid breath sample. Raymond was charged with driving under the influence and having an open container of alcohol.
Do you all think she'll find an attorney who will help her win her "argument" probably so unfortunately!

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by 1loserel2

Personaly had I been the officer, I would consider all evidence and accept the duty of inspection as I am rather fond of boobies!

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:33 PM

Originally posted by ajay59
reply to post by 1loserel2

Personaly had I been the officer, I would consider all evidence and accept the duty of inspection as I am rather fond of boobies!

5 foot six and 210 pounds. Whatever turns you on, pal!

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:38 PM

HAHHA, Women will try anything to get out of a ticket. Heck, I've done it.

I use my air headed good looking charm. Seems to work.

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:39 PM
eddie murphy " i was giving the poor hooker a lift home as an act of kindness''. yeah right.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:49 PM

Tom Sizemore: The Whizzinator!

The actor was jailed for violating probation after being caught — a second time — using a prosthetic penis known as the Whizzinator to cheat on a drug test. The device attaches to a user's underwear and is filled with "clean" urine. Sizemore's pee, unfortunately, was not warm enough to pass for the real thing. Regarding the Whizzinator-laced underwear, he later told the court, "They're not mine. They're Calvins. I wear Hilfigers." The judge found that hard to believe. Looks like the Whizzinator wasn't so hot, after all.

Tatum O'Neal: I'm Researching a Role

The Oscar-winning actress was caught red-handed buying drugs from a dealer on East Broadway in Manhattan. When questioned by police, Tatum claimed she was "doing research for a part." Lucky she wasn't cast as a serial killer!

HAHA! That's the same excuse Winona Ryder used when she got caught shoplifting.
Lame Celbrity Excuses

Ooooh, here it is!

Winona Ryder: I'm Researching a Role, Too

In 2001, Saks Fifth Avenue Chief of Security Kenneth Evans testified that Ryder stole $5,560 worth of merchandise from the Beverly Hills store. After initially denying the theft, she pleaded, "I'm sorry for what I did. My director directed me to shoplift for a role I was preparing." If he told you to jump off a bridge, would you have done that, too? Did you have to battle actual UFOs in preparation for Alien: Resurrection?

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:49 PM
How come you were late coming home from school?She said,"We were trying to keep up with the earths spin dad"...grrrrrrrrr

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 05:45 PM
I was in the car with my friend who was going about 85 mph on I95 naturally we get pulled over by cop. my friend says dont worry I got this covered. When office comes to car and starts the procedure asks my friend if she realizes she was going 85mph and she replies that totally impossible because her tires are way to small to go that fast officer starts laughing and lets her off cause it's the first time he ever heard that one.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by ajay59

Go to Home mail online US. version tried to get her mug shot in with the story it didn't want to come up, you'll see why the officer stopped her, her boobies may have been big, but I bet they were sagging big. I bet the officer thought I really don't want to go there.

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