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Iran War Speculative

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 10:29 PM
Diplomats from the International Atomic Energy Agency have claimed that Iran has blocked them from accessing a suspected nuclear site, raising claims by TPTB that yes, indeed, Iran has something to hide about their nuclear program.

Now, the war drums have been beating for some time. Iran may be trying to assemble a nuclear weapon, or at least trying to create the processes and highly enriched uranium and plutonium needed to do so. Much has been made about the dealings with the United Nations and Iran to trade peaceful nuclear power secrets for Tehran's intelligence, and how Iran got the short end of the deal. So, yes, a devil's advocate appears on both sides of this conundrum.

However, Iranian president Ahmadinejad has called for a "new world order" of justice-seeking nations recently. Regardless of hs intent, something could be seen as woven into his rhetoric, as Bush41 so blatantly told us decades ago.
(I know it's presstv and I can't find a direct translation of his speech, but he has said similar things in the past)

To digress momentarily..

A number of "special" families were engaged in both sides of many international conflicts to date, and even given immunity by different administrations. It is a fact that the Bush family (spearheaded by Prescott Bush, Skull and Bones heavyweight and father/grandfather of the US presidents) was given this power by FDR and engaged in facilitating both sides of WWII by selling machinery and oil to the Germans, Japanese, and the West.

If a war with Iran happens, would it not seem that it would just be a ploy to conflagrate a greater, broader war, drawing in Russia and China, even Pakistan and India (who are very nearby and rely heavily on Iranian oil)? These are all still nuclear powers, correct?

The US didn't turn North Korea to glass when they tested their nuclear missiles. Perhaps this is because of the impoverished nature of this country, the Western powers do not see them as a threat. Unfortunately, Iran has great resources and a "forward" type of society (however many problems can be seen in its shortcomings as far as government abuse of its people) that are relied upon by the world, even by, yes, the US, UK, Israel, France, Germany, and so on.

So in these times of seeming imminence of a bombing campaign or even all-out war with Iran, and the calls of Ahmadinejad for a "new world order" wouldn't it bear to discuss the fact that maybe Iran's government is part of a broader conspiracy to create this war? They could be the "soft kill" by setting themselves up as the enemy of the NWO chieftains. Something that would destroy many parts of the most populated regions of the world and kill billions of people if the worst were to really happen? Something that would, as it has in WWII to get out of a global depression, get us to pump out weapons and machinery to "stimulate" a dead economy? Hey, the more people die, the less supply/demand, the less pressure on the whole system...

In conclusion, I suppose that I am calling on all of us to step it up. Many of us do make political signs, do attend or host meetings to spread the messages we can all see to be true, and do spend time introducing these ideas to our online world.

I am calling on you to finally, as our predecessors in the 1960s did, to BOYCOTT establishment. We can show them what we want to do. If you have a bank account with any undesirable entity, pull out your cash, close your account, and trash their evil like it should be. Not everyone has the opportunity, but take public transportation instead of filling up your gas tank every week. Stop going to Wal-mart and McDonalds for the odds and ends, buying cheap Indo-China goods and food because it saves you a buck. Times are tough, but think of that extra 50 cents you spend for a locally produced meal as your middle finger to the establishment. Prepare your own food ahead of time. Don't see a movie that's produced by Disney or Universal or anyone integrated to the disgusting, hateful powers that be. STOP BEING LAZY! There are many ways to do this.. perhaps replies can suggest some more.

I always support non-violent demonstration, especially at a time when even this right is being stripped away.

This is how we will stop the war. It's time to put our money where our mouth is. As always, peace and liberty.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 11:44 PM
If I recall Bush Sr. was the first to call for a New World Order. Iran does not have a history of attacking first - Not like the USA does. Most other countries in the area have Nukes. Iran should be able to defend themselves - even if it's against US. I say let em have the nukes. We bomb the heck out of them and all they need to do is pop off a nuke in Chicago and Los Angeles and we;ll back down.. after all, it worked for the American Terrorists back in the 40's

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