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Just fed up...

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 02:51 PM
Mods, I don't know where to put this so sorry if its in the wrong spot but I am sick and tired of all this privacy nonsense and I need to rant. Particularity about all this Google usage migration going on which on the surface appears pretty innocuous and it probably is, or at least in the sense that it will most likely not have a huge impact on personal security or integrity (much). I say hogwash. I say that security be da--ed there is more under this bed sheet that doesn't really spook me as much as it just plain erks me.

It used to be that people got paid to take marketing surveys, were hired to express what they liked/disliked about their pathological consumerism and marketing companies paid out BIG MONEY for that information (still do!)

Having consensus opinions about which dish-soap was the collective masses new BFF and what sitcoms they really felt ecumenically connected too was gold to these companies because it gave them an edge. If they were not outright paying for the information straight from the horses mouth, they were calling people through telemarketers ...remember those guys?... and asking you to volunteer that information which still gave you the right to say thanks but no thanks and hang up.

Not any more! Now they just make a few quick keystrokes, pat you on the head and tell you that, "its going to be OKEY DOKEY big fella," they just want to 'cater to you' make you feel like the information super highway knows your name and favorite coffee drink, like that cute girl down at the mocha shop who always dusts your espresso with a little cinnamon and serves it with a smile to match her well caffeinated, too-early-to-be-that-chipper, twinkle in her eyes. Remember? Life is like cheers and the good ol' internet is that plucky bartender Sam who wants to clap you on the back and serve you up a cold one of your favorite flavor. BS!

What they want is to catalog your use habits, where you bank, shop, surf, who you talk to, your age and economical profile; everything they can find out about you so that it can be sold off to the highest bidder like some preternatural human based Ebay auction and all for what? Commercials? Product placement? The honing of their already inundating, invasive product proselytizing? Sure. Maybe the NSA wants a piece of the demographic pound o flesh pie so that they can keep tabs on trends and individuals. I don't care about that. They are already doing that have been for years and yeah it sucks like a hoover fresh out of the box but good luck changing it, right? At least they used to Try and hide such invasions of privacy...

What has me more ticked is that this sort of invasive SPYING because lets not sugar coat it, that is what they are doing, used to be against the law. If they wanted you to volunteer information they had to bloody ask you for it or pay you for your time. Now they simply put up an annoying box that flashes every time you click a different link in efforts to assure you that its good to know information and that everything is juuuuust fiiiiinnee. Have another cup, you workin' man you, and leave the worrying to us. Your data is safe(ly in a large spreadsheet that we are going to sell and make money off of) but you don't need to know that. Look over there! See?! Its a cute kitty playing with some have nothing to worry about.

Well I feel a little better and Ill suck it up like everyone else and deal with yet another kick from central control, but I don't have to like it.

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Probably should be in the rant forum.

When they talk about security, they aren't talking about "our" security, they are talking about their security... from us. The more ridiculous the inflation, unemployment, taxes, and laws oppress and piss off the people, the more "security" they need to put up to protect THEM from us.

"Whatever keeps me safe" is a mental infection. Whatever can happen is treated as it will likely happen, giving gov't the excuses to exercise extra security under the guise of our protection.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 03:07 PM
But hey what do most people care all they wanna do is get home and socialize online or watch their favorite tv channel..and driving today more than %80 people driving were looking down at their phones while I passed them seriously its too much this world is a joke right now.

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