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99.7% of humans have an above average number of limbs : discuss

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:49 AM
OP, even though most don't realize, this was a very thought-provoking thread, and I appreciate it.

You've clearly showed us how the term "average" has been used as a tool for misinformation, and leads people to assume things that are not.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 08:16 AM
hi all - appologies for not resonding earlier - but i delibereatly ` let the thread run ` to guage peoples replies

and the results astounded me - out of 70+ replies from different ATS members - only a handfull got it

with a shocking number just closing thier minds - unwilling or unable to think

now of course the "answer "

predictably the key to the answer is the implied question in the statement :

"99.7% of humans have an above average number of limbs "

despite the insistance of many - the answer does not require any knowledge of the number of humans who have a given number of limbs

the key is realising that the question that must be ansered is :

what is the average NUMBER of limbs ?

now - basic statistics :

an average is the sum of all variables , divided by the number of variables in the sample

what are the variables - obviously the number of limbs possesed

which can obviously be :

0 - no limbs

1 - one limb

2 - 2 limbs

3 - 3 limbs

4 - 4 limbs

5 - 5 limbs

thier are no recorded cases of a human with 6 limbs ]

thats it - the summ of the variables = 15 , and the number of variables = 6 , ergo the average number of limbs =

< drum roll >

2.5 simples

now where did i get 99.7% from - i read it on the internet - in an unexplained uncited blog entry

the % is probally mae up - as i can find no agregated demograpics for mimb ansence for every country in the world

% amputation for various militaries are availiable , as are the percapita cases of various congenital defects responsible for limb absence

and the predictable fact that cambodia has the largest per capita traumatic amputation rate

but the exact per capita rate of limb absence is largely irrelevant to the point of this thread - it was all about thinking - not a precise percentage

though you were expected to calculate what the average number of limbs was

however the actuall % is probally close to 99.7% as limb absence fro any reason is rate

there are < 5 cocumented cases of 5 limbed humans

the hast majority of the population are whole with 4 limbs

and single limb amputations [ traumatic or surgical ] are by far the most prevelant - and the numbers shrink with every stem ie two limbs missing is far rarer than a single limb missing

and 2 limbs missing is far more prevelant than 3 limbs missing

so 3 + 4 limbed individuals make up the overwheming bulk of the populsation , which was the entire point of the " excersise "

so thankyou for your participation - and thanks to the mods for permitting me to post the vague question with no explaination in public

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