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Aliens Among Us ...Video

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 09:10 PM
How many times has this video been posted to ATS, I wonder... 30?

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:38 AM

Originally posted by AwakeinNM
How many times has this video been posted to ATS, I wonder... 30?

Really ? .... Maybe you could post a link to to one of those many threads because I did a search before I posted and couldn't find 1 .

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by BulletShogun

Nope. There is absolutely no proof they are real. No data pertaining to anything.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 07:13 PM
I don't think the Lazar video is that important in itself, it is quite old, Lazar as was seen many Moons ago. The Robert Oechsler interview, was interesting and yet anything either of them say is considered 'highly suspect' mainstream without mainstream putting much meat on the bones. They both talked about anti-gravity, but specifically gravity amplifiers, WTF are those, why not anti-gravity amplifiers if you want to idly coin a term? Then there are all the historic conundrums all around the world, take South America and Egypt with all the huge structures that are there, (I suppose you could throw Coral Castle in Florida in there too), all with no real explanation as to how they were built, just theories and none of them include anti-gravity, except, and possibly remarks about Coral Castle since that came from the horse's mouth, Lativian Edward Leedskalnin, who built the place. All that would be highly embarrasing to something like NASA who, on the face of it, only know how to utilise brute force to make even a paper cup leave this planet given whatever tasks they have undertaken so far. So, there is gravity and mass bound together as we know it, but in only one sixth of the universe and the rest is 'dark matter' with er, um, no mass....

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:18 AM
for me...the greatest part of this interview is the confirmation of other stories I've heard in the past...the part about abducting humans and putting them into "emotional" situations is one of the most fascinating parts of the abduction phenomenon and I've heard it over and over again from countless sources. great interview.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:17 AM

Originally posted by wlord
if they have amazing tech why not release it already

i believe they are..slowly. the amount of new technology that comes out nowadays is amazing. they'd rather release it in the form of some useless gadget like an iphone or some advanced tv, so that *eventually*(and i say that in the loosest term possible...we might be 50-100 years away) they can say "hey, aliens exist...and all of this fancy technology everyone uses came from them so they must be good!"
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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by randomname

Originally posted by dplum517

The notion that the government wiped his CIVILIAN records clean is absurd. I checked with the Legal Counsel at MIT — no way to wipe all his records clean.

The fact that Stanton thinks this makes me question him. me...the notion that the government wouldn't wipe his records clean is absurd.

i agree, all the government has to say to mit is that they will never get another defence project as long as it exists.

they can cancel funding, or get them out of the loop.

it's all irrelevant anyways, there's no way you become head of mit without being one of them. so all those options are unnecessary.

Seriously ?

Think about it, not just wipe the record clean but cause tutors and students to also lie, cause photos to disappear and remove all trace Lazar should have himself of his academic record ?

To do what anyway - discredit the man by removing record of a qualification he has claimed. Of all his claims this is not one that needs discrediting by any of TPTB and too hard for too little gain.

Without wanting to turn this into another Lazar thread my personal view is that he exaggerated his qualifications to get himself a position with LANL through a recommendation from Teller, normal employment checks not being carried out. That he did work there appears to be a fact and it is what he claims from that point on that is the important part although coloured by the fact also of his earlier exaggerations.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 10:23 AM
Im sorry I didnt read through every single reply on this thread so in case someone else already mentioned it I apologize.

Did anyone happen to notice his Employee Number or rather the number above it E-6722MAJ

I wonder if the MAJ is for Majestic.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:14 PM
I'm willing to think that Pleiadeans or whatever they are called are from the real and existing entities, let's say you asked me - who exist? I for example would rather disagree the 'Reptilian' stories nor from the Sirius system because Sirius is a binary star and as far as I know, no planets have neen found around them. The same could be said about Pleiadeans but I've known a case not far from where I live where excavation was made and while it started from the ramblings of some telepathy woman who claims to have talked to Pleiadeans and around her telepathy she directed where they should excavate to find some ancient tunnels or something, they did come across artificial tunnes when they started digging. Also UFOs have been sighted around the excavation site. The project was later abandoned on not having enough money to continue and the place - sealed and burried back..

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by gortex

Read my ATS name................not chosen lightly.

Don't let the trolls and naysayers tear you down, ignore them and go on.

That red pill is a twitch to take and some people, with all the credible people coming forward still debunk this.

Most people think in 3d human terms as far as warfare..................overt, in your face, lasers and tripods

No, true conquering of a people is via mingling their DNA with yours and assimilating them.

They are here and walk among us.

Notice how our earth's climate, atmosphere, soil, oceans are changing over?

Just accident, just coincidence or another cycle? Could be......................could be re-terraforming.

Wild ideas, but than again a couple hundred years ago if you told someone you would be able to fly around the planet, or the Earth was not the center of the Universe, you would have been burned at the stake.

"Magic" and "Science Fiction" today are tomorrows realities.

Thank you for sharing.


Live long and prosper.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 03:33 PM

Originally posted by The Shrike
I'll be honest, I didn't see the videos because by the mention of a few names, particularly Stanton Friedman, I know for a fact that a lot of bs is going to be offered and nothing in the way of credence will be presented aided by the total lack of one iota of evidence.

You mentioned Stanton Friedman. What a great researcher he is, don't you think?
Stan Friedman is also called "The Father of Roswell". You should check out XCon 2004 - Stanton Friedman - UFO Cover-Up - Debunking the Debunkers and The Cosmic Watergate. These conferences with Stan Friedman are great

What a shame you don't bother to watch the videos at page 1 this thread. You missed the part where Bob Lazar told that Shadow Government agent looking dudes THREATENED his wife!

Cliff Stone told that a Shadow Government agent looking dude came and pointed a gun at Cliff Stone's head saying >>Look, we can make it look like a training accident if you don't keep your mouth shut!What are you gonna say in there?>I'M GONNA SAY A LOT!!!

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by gortex

Excellent thread Gortex !!

I enjoyed the Lazar video a lot. I always thought that there was some truth in what he claims yet I think that he did exaggerate at times. The Element 115 comes to mind. But I enjoyed. Didn't know that John Lear was with him that night in March 89 when he started to trek inside the parameter. I think he knows way more than what he said and that threats were indeed made. Which brings me to Friedman. I always liked the guy. But I also always felt that he knows way more than what he tells. But not out of threats like Lazar but out of loyalty to his ancient peers. The reason why he would also discredit Lazar. One - it keeps Lazar in a safe spot, two - Friedman saves face. On all counts. Everyone's happy.

First time I hear of Bob Oeschler and wow... Happily surprised. I looked into him a bit after listening to his story and apparently he was caught in a hoax about "The Guardian"... Dunno. But will look further into him.

S&F !!!

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by MainLineThis
I mean geez, have you heard some of the hair brain things their astronauts say?

Is it really "hair brain" to you? "Hair brain" to your or not, while walking on Lunar surface, here is Armstrong's voice saying >>God, what is that out there?... What the h... is that??? But this is unbelievable!>Whats there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11...>Whats there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11...>These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, Lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!>What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?>It was incredible, of course we had always known there was a possibility, the fact is, we were warned off! (by the Aliens). There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city.>How do you mean "warned off"?>I can't go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology - Boy, were they big! and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.>But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?>Naturally - NASA was committed at that time, and couldn't risk panic on Earth. But it really was a quick scoop and back again.

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 03:10 AM

Originally posted by Rapha
aliens amongst us before. And always, the first thought that comes to mind is why?
If the aliens are so advanced, why are they living with us? According to "Pleiadian contactee" Colleen Thomas told that the Pleiadians shut down the California missile, she says that they are here to rescue humanity of the Earth from the bad Reptilians. And according to EVP expert Peggy Kane the bad reptilians have been defeated, and according to "Andromedan contactee" called 'Tolec' the alliance of bad Greys and Bad reptilians should have been defeated by now.
Equador's Embassy in Peru claim to have been visited by Galactic Commander Banyú. And Pleiadians also reportedly tried to warn President Eisenhower gainst the 'Big Nosed' Greys, and suggested the President to stop the Americans' nuclear weapon program, but Eisenhower reportedly refused to listen to them, and instead reportedly prefered to listen to the "Big Nosed" Greys who reportedly suggested the President to let American military and scientists to learn about alien technology, in case they let them abduct the American citizens. According to some whistleblowers, the abductions got out of control, too many abductions and some abductees reportedly never returned to their homes, and military personnel and scientists reportedly complainted about lack of teaching in alien technology.
CNN Larry King Live - UFOs shut down nuclear warheads, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Back in the days on Enoch they 'mixed' with female human women. The human DNA was then 'tainted' with angelic/alien DNA resulting in the birth of the nephilim.

According to Cherokee indians their story tells of Pleiadian star people coming to Atlantis in ancient times, intermingling with Earth inhabitants, and having children with the beginnings of higher consiousness.

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

The war between Atlantis and Lemuria

The Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture and wanted to eliminate Lemuria so that they could become the mother country. The Atlanteans began forming alliances with renegade Pleidans and Alpha Centaurians which had Hierarchical systems of government . They accomplished the destruction of Lemuria by taking the Earth's moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria, but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates : resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian continent.

Atlantis formed 10 ruling districts, each with their own king. These kings together formed the governing council of Atlantis.- The royal governing council of Atlantis decide that a new form of government was desperately needed in which a superior ruling class could be established and sustained by their pretense that they had been empowered by a God-Force. Autocracy was thus born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability. To achieve control over the populace, they started experiment with the people's DNA and genetics . This resulted in the peoples consciousness being reduced, life spans contracted and psychic/spiritual abilities dramatically decreasing.

Throughout the years there were many wars among the various empires due to underground movements of people that wanted to have the Lemurian "philosophy" back in place (i.e. no hierarchy). These wars led to vast destruction. As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the opponents crystal temples (which were responsible for maintaining two frozen layers of water about 15,000 - 30,000 feet above ground which protected people on Earth from the harmful sun's rays and also ensured a stable weather pattern at all times)

Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the Firmament (the water layers) to be broken down and thus millions of gallons of water thus poured down onto the surface causing what is known biblically as "The Great Flood" .The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing and also the many climatic variations we have today to form.

- Only about 2 million people survived the Flood from an original 65 known million. Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans that had been genetically altered by the Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness. Also, the fact that the firmament was now no longer in existence resulted in the DNA and thus consciousness breaking down even further. A few different renegades from Pleides, Alpha and Beta Centauri came to different places on Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired ideologies and also be seen as "godlike" and thus reverenced. Being already genetically altered, the surviving humans were therefore easily controlled by these renegades.

- Since no form of disobedience to these new "gods" was allowed, the concept of ruling by "divine right" became inculcated on Earth. This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times. Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite they themselves worshipped were superior to the elite of the opposing faction.

- We are now in times, though, that will finally bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of "semi-consciousness" and regain our full consciousness that we deserve. This will be due to our entire solar system coming into contact with what is known as the "Photon Belt".

"You were mutated into limited conscious Beings and your cluster of realities was also affected. Suddenly, a new paradigm was adopted that favored lack, limitation, power and division. You lost your connection to your history and to a sacred set of beliefs, which the Anunnaki and their carefully chosen minions replaced with a new conception. As a result, they ruled you as your 'gods' and 'goddesses'. They brainwashed you to believe that they were your 'creators' and that the past wonders of Lemuria and Atlantis were myths. They ordered their minions to institute 'writing' as an agent of their own glorification. These acts are recorded in the ancient tablets of Sumer, in the steles of ancient India and in carvings found throughout Europe, Australia, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Now, as your consciousness expands more quickly, you are coming to see these tales for the elaborate fiction they truly are.

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation. Yet, you have achieved more than to travel a mere 26 Light Years to reach your present home. Many millions of years ago, you became part of a vast rebellion by the Light against the dark in this galaxy. The uprising began in Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings ('constellations'). Eventually, this rebellion led to the formation of the Galactic Federation of Light, over 4 million years ago. At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Of these, Sirius is most sacred and the place where the Great Blue Lodge of Creation has chosen to enter this galaxy. Originally, it was defended by a Lion people who decided to settle only on two planets in the Sirius A star system. Later, with their permission, Humans from Lyra were first to colonize Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D.

The Pleiadians reportedly travel in a "Split Second" between the wast distances in space, for example from the Pleiades to this starsystem at a distance of about 420 light years, or much larger distances. Also Andromedans (the quiet science of archeology has and will discover more and more of ancient history, including ancient Extraterrestrial civilizations, there is going to be aknowledgement of a temple complex that belong to ancient Lemuria that is apparently still intact lying approximately 150 miles southwest of Easter Island, Alex Collier is told it's huge, he's also been told that the Russians already know it's there, they have photographed it and exployed it in many submarines, and underwater structures near Okinawa have already been filmed/photographed by divers) reportedly travel wast distances in space in a "Split Second" for example from one end of the galaxy to the other end of the galaxy, or from galaxy to another galaxy, and yes, still in a "Split Second".

In this conference about "Starchildren" Mary Rodwell work with about 1600 world wide cases of "Starchildren" were adults contact Mary Rodwell who explains to her that their children claim to be in contact with aliens from outer space, claim to go at ET "highschool", children that reportedly read other people's mind, reportedly have Telepathic skills, reportedly are able to move objects through the air by using mind-power, reportedly also have healing skills, and other unusual skills.
Mary Rodwell mentioned the "Indigo child" Boriska, yes, and he reportedly mentioned his 9 meter tall Lemurian friend in his past life, as he said. Lemuria is said to have existed at the middle of the Pacific Ocean several thousands of years ago.
From about 8:12 in this 'conference', Randy Winthers mention that the ancient Lyrans who visited Earth in ancient time were from 7 meters to 9 meters tall.

And speaking of giants, adult Pleiadians are said to be from 6 to 8 feet tall some of them maybe up to 9 feet tall. Since other human looking star races reportedly are for example 7 to 9 meters tall may have a homeplanet in their starsystem that have a weaker gravitation force than that of Earth's gravitation force. It is speculated that the reason why the huge dinosaurs and huge insects like the ancient Dragonfly with a wingspan of 70 centimeters wide is that in ancient times the Earth gravitation force was weaker and had higher oxygen atmospheric levels in the atmosphere, it's also speculated that planet Earth was smaller in ancient times, and grow bigger and bigger through time and the gravitation force get stronger and stronger.

The Pleiades Star Cluster reportedly consist of 3000 stars. The Pleiadians reportedly live on the Pleiades, Planet Erra as one of the planets orbiting their sun Taygeta. Planet Erra reportedly have many similarities with Planet Earth, however, some reports shows that Planet Erra's surface gravity is reportedly slightly less than on Earth, while other reports show 1.0003 Earth gravity
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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by AwakeinNM

So you thought it best to bump it to bring it back to the front of ATS?

I think this is a verry good thread and have never seen the radio 1 interview. Thanks OP.

By the way? Has anyone dug up any info on who the nation/race might be who is supposedly in control of some of these aliens?
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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by MainLineThis

Originally posted by Starchild23
I would love to say, "YES! See? See? There's your proof! We have NASA confirming it!"

But you know the debunkers are gonna tear it all down, and that just takes the thunder away...

Well, you would be wrong on the first count. It is not NASA confirming your wildest dreams here at all, it is a human being who happened to have worked at NASA. Lot of people work for NASA, and within that group of thousands of people you will have the same idiocy that you see in the general population. Just because he worked at NASA doesn't mean the guy knows anything. Yup, who would have though that there are wackos that work at NASA, idiots that are cops, pilots who can't figure out what to do at a 4-way stop......they are just people. Their word carries no weight, because it lacks a shred of evidence that amounts to anything more than a hill of beans. I mean geez, have you heard some of the hair brain things their astronauts say, lol.

Now, I firmly believe that some of the very shreds of evidence even showed in this old docu COULD amount to more than a hill of beans, but it would require the majority interested in this subject do their best to not make us all look like idiots every time they open their mouth. Once this subject is lifted out of the ignorance it currently wallows in, them we will be able to take those shreds of evidence that are out there right now but currently unusable because of the climate we have allowed to represent our interests to the average Joe and get somehwere with them.

Amen to that 8-]

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 08:02 AM
I’ve been introduced to beings which we refer to as the “fallen”.

These beings state that they are not really the “fallen” but that they are aliens masquerading as the fallen in order to exploit religious divisions on earth.

Whatever, I’ve had so many encounters with aliens and those whom I consider to truly be members of the fallen that I just don’t care anymore.

Either way, aliens or fallen, the motto with them is “Divide and Conquer”. Whether this credo is with political divisions between leaders and followers, societies, or our DNA they are succeeding in some ways and failing in others.

Time and again I’ve asked how these beings can be revealed.

The answer I received is “Film in Sound” it’s always the same answer…. “If you can film us in sound, then you will see us and far, far more”.

I’ve asked further what does this mean and the answer is that everything in the Universe vibrates at some special frequency to it, including ourselves. If we can produce a static image of the vibrations, and a new vibration enters/appears, then you would “see”. This is how we are able to “see” into the plane of existence which the aliens travel within. This evidently is the same plane of existence which the spirit world utilizes, so this must be here with us and we just cannot see it, a wavelength that our eyes cannot “see”.

I believe that the explanation provided is similar to the way we used to program raster graphics. We would have an image of a room and objects within the room. Rather than redraw the entire image each time…we kept the original image on the screen and added new objects, only redrawing the new objects for purposes of movement. In example to have an “Orb” float through a hallway, we kept the hallway constant and only redrew the “Orb” from one position to another.

Is there any technology that would allow a room to be filled with microphones, or having some type of scanning 3D microphone? I know that there are 3D Lasers used for Engraving within Crystals. The laser pierces the crystal and at some preprogrammed depth the intensity of the laser will mark that specific 3D location and not the entry paths.

It has also been suggested to me that filming in sound can be done by using the Magnus Effect within a room. I’ve researched this and all I can conclude is that the Magnus Effect must present some type of frequency dampening to the general area, a “mask” so to speak and new frequencies must somehow present through this, or perhaps the aliens are unique enough that their “frequency signature” shows through…?

Can any of you talk to this further?

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by assempoint

post by assempoint
I’ve been introduced to beings which we refer to as the “fallen”.

Good for you

But that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread , please keep your Aliens are demons beliefs to the appropriate Aliens are demons thread and you will find

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by Anunaki10
The war between Atlantis and Lemuria

The Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture and wanted to eliminate Lemuria so that they could become the mother country. The Atlanteans began forming alliances with renegade Pleidans and Alpha Centaurians which had Hierarchical systems of government . They accomplished the destruction of Lemuria by taking the Earth's moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria, but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates : resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian continent.

From about 5:50 in this conference (Part 10) by Randy Winters, Randy show a picture of what seems to be the other Moon, and Earth in the background. That picture is allegedly taken by Billy Meier. Billy Meier was reportedly invited aboard the Pleiadians' spaceship, reportedly travelled back in ancient times, and Meier told that his Plejaren friends told him that Earth had 2 Moons in ancient times. But, from about 4:00 there seems to be a fake picture of "Asket" and "Nera", as Billy Meier claims to be altered by intelligence agencies and slipped into his collection in ORDER to DISCREDIT his UFO case. Some of these photographs reportedly have no connection to Meier whatsoever, and were reportedly produced by his enemies and critics in an attempt to discredit him. At least, there seems to be these drawings of Semjase, her father Ptaah, and her grandfather Sfath.

Metal produced via Cold Fusion

The metal alloy samples are said to have been given to Meier by the Plejarens and then passed on to Wendelle Stevens who then had them tested by chemist Marcel Vogel. Vogel said that in his view the samples could not have been made by means of contemporary earthly metallurgy as they were apparently produced via Cold Fusion. Vogel also stated that the metal vanished from the IBM laboratory not long after his work was completed which prevented other scientists from performing their own analyses on it.

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Anunaki10

Great another off topic post ....what has any of this got to do with the topic of this thread

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