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Police Kill Two Protesters As Egyptians Unleash Fury Over Soccer Deaths

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 02:35 AM
link 2/02/04/world/middleeast/egypt-2-protesters-killed-in-fury-over-soccer-riot-deaths.html?_r=1

The police in several Egyptian cities on Thursday night battled with thousands of die-hard soccer fans angry at the military-led government’s failure to prevent dozens of deaths at a soccer riot in Port Said the previous night.

Many protesters said they believed that the Interior Ministry meant to retaliate against the Cairo soccer fans because of their leading role in several violent battles with the police at protests over the past three months.

“They’re very stupid,” one demonstrator said of Egypt’s military rulers. “They turned the biggest fan base in the country against them.”

So if the Egyptians that were supposed to be responsible for this are denouncing the act as a military flub up...

What do you think?

True soccer riot? Or government provocateurs?

This would be the perfect venue to stir up civic unrest... don't you think?
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