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Fractal Infinity & The Macro-Quantum Factor

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:05 PM
Absolutely i can deduce to 100% certainty that I exist now whether impart of god or the shared dream we call reality that maybe it hell or the freaking matrix itself
I don't know 100%
But with absolute 100% certainty that I know I exist
everything else I deem to be in existence is in truth within my mind alone for certain.
If i exist and their are other things that exist without me then i can deduce that from my perspective there must be things that are existent and things that are non-existent that doesnt mean that they will never exist or cant come into existence it just means that they are not existing to me yet or that they never will be.

Originally posted by TiM3LoRd
reply to post by IblisLucifer

Because you cant have existence without non-existence

That sounds like an absolute...

Really? How can you prove this statement? Apart from hypothetical concepts based on limited understandings of reality?

If you know that you know nothing then you obliviously know something then correct

To know All is to be all knowing but to be all knowing is to be god
to have god you must have creation to have creation you must have a goddess
if god conceived light within the goddess it has been begotten
once begotten it must be birthed thus beginning
But once it Begins it is the beginning of its end
Everything that has a Beginning has and End
And all that is begun has been begotten by those who as one conceived it into being

"Maybe our world is but one note upon the mind and played throughout making our life simply living within the fading of a soulful song one note, that which seeing cannot describe, nor listening can all be heard but in feeling can every note be understood in the songs sung to all composing one note, born a new from within, its own vibrations that make realization within it all, just a part of one immortal soulful song"- KHM

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 06:16 PM
Any First Year Astronomy or Physics student knows this and knows what they have been told

As to the rest of your statements you are just fooling yourself.

Do some of the thinking yourself if you don't believe me! and

Why Split Infinity? sounds silly try taking infinite darkness and combine it with infinite light
At the same time pull them apart you should get reasonably infinite possibilities
or don't and keep kidding yourself kid if you want santa claus to exist thats your choice
but eventually you will realize who and what saint cause and that he doesn't exist without saint effect

Originally posted by IblisLucifer

How can something be infinitely close and infinitely far?
How can it not be?

Outside of 1 there are infinite points
Inside 1 is just as many
Some where inside +1 -1 = 0
outside of either side of the 1 there is no 0 except when placed behind a number 1-9
just like when you put ( . ) 0.1 - 0.9
A decimal point is just the same as a 0 only its not a void place holder

In infinite ways.
all within reason

Space is space it is infinite in every way but space itself is unchanging and endless
it is void and seemingly empty only there are places within this infinite space that are full of energy this energy in the form of matter is constantly changing its form flowing into and out through space this makes it appear that matter warps space around it but it is matter (which being energy) that is warping itself as it fight to exist for as long as possible This energy flows down through space like high pressure moves to low pressure it gets sucked down losing energy along the way

The more matter or energy that is present in any area will determine how much faster it can flow since there are basic things holding it back or slowing this energy flow down like the strong nuclear force the weak nuclear force and the electromagnetic force all of which hold up the energy that comprises the world we are with on from collapse under the vacuum effect of gravity

This is why a black-hole exists as a singularity it had enough mass to break the bounds that tether matter here and push through to the source

While most matter will take so long to break across this plane of existence that it may seem like an eternity compared to the life of a person it is truly not because just like the earth lives a life and eventually will die under going geological changes over the course of its life which to use takes million and billion of years which is just the circles around the sun it completes

The sun intern circles the galactic center also live a life that ends once it exhausts its fuel or food that it needs to continue breathing and exhale light this causes it to suffocate and implode in a massive explosion that depending on the composition and mass of the star will leave behind new elements gases and maybe a white dwarf or neutron star perhaps if massive enough it can collapse into itself and form a black hole

The composition of the visible universe from what we see as big to that we think is small is constantly changing from one state of energy and vibration to another
It can BEND, WARP, STRETCH, or COMPRESS....etc. bending spreading or condensing, thru the space it is moving within and flow out too by rhythm and tune of reasons possible for it to go thru any given space how it BENDS, WARPS, STRETCHES, COMPRESSES....etc. is determined by both the movement of the outward and inward direction it takes to do this

Space can never change its form that is not its essence
it has no reason to change its form
Information changes form that's the essence Knowledge

Space is in essence wisdom being that its reason is to hold the form of knowledge
by taking in new information

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