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Crystal Skulls, NatGeo, faith...and more

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger
One day my brother in law was telling me about how he had some special membership with History channel. He became rather unhappy when I told him he should burn it.
Propaganda, hello, don't watch it.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by jmdewey60

HA ha! Touche my friend. Touche! I still enjoy all the "informational" channels. I just have to watch them with a suspiciously squinting set of eyes. I still like to learn. I wonder sometimes just what it is Im learning...and from whom!


posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Oh, yes, I remember those days well...
was enjoying reading the BTS thread going down memory lane for those of us "baby boomers"...

it has changed SO MUCH...
it's mind-boggling.

After I logged off yesterday I was thinking some more about Nat Geo -- the magazine -- pre-internet presence...
their ads were for nice Cameras, cool vacation ideas, ....
I have here on my desk now six issues I grabbed from my piles randomly, based on dates of several different decades. Let's have a look at the advertisers:

First the back covers alone (high dollar placement):

First one is dated June 1969. Mazola corn oil and margarine with a pic of a happy, perfect family smiling at a basket of fried chicken, headlined: Look! The whole Smith family is Polyunsaturing in their backyard...

November 1979: Krementz jewelers

Sep 1987: Kodak film

March 1990: Toyota Camry

Feb 2002: Toyota 4Runner with a clever shot of one off-roading, and a bit of copy that looks like a piece of paper that blew across the road behind it saying: Over the river and through the woods and across the rocks and down the canyon and into the gorge and up the mountain and under the cliff and between the boulders and past the switchbacks and into the stream and beyond the ridges to Grandmother's house we go.

Nov 2007: The new Imac

Inside front covers:

1969: Masthead. First page Cadillac, facing page Aetna insurance

1979: Masthead again. First page Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese (no thanks, I'm good
), facing page Magnavox color tv We make staying home fun and pic of a football player running with a ball and superimposed is a tv with the same 'shot'

1987: U.S. Committee for Energy Awareness Nuclear energy ad .. mentioning the 1973 Arab oil embargo and saying nuclear is what we need. First page: The Franklin Mint sculpture of a bald eagle about to grasp prey, beak open, talons flaring, eyes deadly

1990: Inside front cover and first page spread: The Mazda MPV Who says there's no place like home?

2002: Inside front cover and first page spread again: Dodge Caravan What idiot coined the phrase "stay at home mom?" in enormous lettering.

2007: and again, spread: Honda Accord

And finally, Inside back covers:

1969: Lincoln-Mercury Continental

1979: Oldsmobile Cutlass Brougham Sedan with a bunch of middle-class office-type gawkers admiring it

1987: AT&TSuddenly there are 250 million more computers in America touting Unified Messaging, a new was to check your 'electronic mail' over the phone. Shows a cardboard template to be placed on a push button , corded desk phone face

1990: Kellogg's All-Bran cereal. Pic of a life-size bowl of cereal.

2002:Tylenol PM First drug ad in our sequence! b/w shot of a woman gazing over a railing onto a lake. what would you dream of doing tomorrow if tonight you had the best sleep of your life?

2007:Nikon D40 digital camera (SLR, I think). MSRP $600.

Hmmm. only one pharma ad, for sleep aid. no anti-depressants, no massage therapy. what DO ya know...different audience much? The print version of NatGeo seems to have vastly different advertisers. What gives?

Oh, right. People who don't read but prefer TV. Different audience.
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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:43 PM
And having reviewed that, sequence of ads in the print version one has to notice the 'social issues' going on at the time of the publications.

Nuclear energy, after the 1973 Oil embargo. I remember it well. Arab oil was scary.
2002: In the wake of 9/11, people were losing sleep? Ya think?

I stopped my subscription last year, now I do Smithsonian...
but to stay on and belief, that is....
the print version of NatGeo deals with travel, history, archaeology, science, world issues, cultures, environmental change. And a print advertiser on a back cover isn't as 'linked' to one 30-minute program on a specific matter of "crystal skulls" being magical relics of monstrous potential...(a faith) .

Anyway, I just thought it was weird; I always imagine hospital patients to be big watchers, esp of day-time tv, so I get all the lawyer ads and drug ads in those cases...but nighttime NatGeo?
And the episode was only 2 months old, according to NG online...

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by wildtimes

Well now! You said it all! Now Im very, very tired!!!

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by wildtimes

Ay i just purchased one of those crystal skulls from that Chinese firm that makes them and i HIGHLY recommend them this skull is awesome period! It is a 2.5 in. amethyst skull and the realism and detail is phenomonal, there artist hand craft each skull and they are gem stone quality, and the prices are great too, and the cool thing is the artisans are from all over the globe including the U.S., Europe and Australia to name a few, really cool eh! Ay comeon ATS family get your shakras and minds eyes strengthened with one of these bad boys they really do have healing property's it's been known for thousands of years, well at least i believe in that and even if you don't you should still get one because they are the best most realistic crystal skulls on the market without a doubt. I have been looking for one for years and these folks create the absolute best!

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