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It is More Like ‘Them’ vs. ‘You’

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 05:15 PM

The Decision-Makers-of-Wars have decided to end one in 2013. That is, after twelve years, after they made the decision to make that war in the first place. No talk of terrorists, wins, or liberation – no more. At least on that one. Same as the other one. The one that they ended with no WMD, no terrorists, and no democracy; only with added massive civilian casualties, fallen and injured soldiers, and loss of billions of dollars- leaving behind a civil-war-torn nation in rubbles. And it looks like the Decision-Makers-of- Wars will be announcing another war to make. Just like the other ones, and the ones before that. And then there is you, my friends- my loyal patriotic American veterans and all those-that-are-yours.

I want you to take a few minutes and take a look at those involved in making decisions to make wars and continue those wars. Please do it. You don’t have to place them under a microscope or analyze them for hours. Just engage in a cursory evaluation. They are alive and well. They still have their legs. Yes. They all possess two legs. They still have their arms; and, their eyes, ears, and all ten fingers. They still get to see and be with their sons and daughters- that is, fully alive offspring. And their children too have their arms, legs, eyes, ears, and all ten fingers. Their wallets are thick, very thick, and have been getting thicker; nonstop. They are all much richer than they were before each one of these wars.

Now please look at the pictures of the loved ones you once had. The ones gone forever for the wars that made those who made them happier, healthier and much richer. Please take a different look at your loved ones missing arms, legs, or eyes. Then, think about the Decision-Makers-of-Wars ‘loved ones’ arms, legs, and eyes; still intact. Now take out your wallet and measure its size. Once you do that, compare it to the size of those who sent your loved ones to the wars they decided upon. Think about how it is that you get to pay the suckers’ price; twice. Once with the lives and body-parts of your loved ones, and then one more time with your wallet.
You see, there is ‘you’, and then there are the Decision-Makers-of-Wars. There are those that are ‘yours,’ injured or gone- forever, and then there is the safe and prospering that are ‘theirs.’ There is your shrinking wallet and diminishing future, and there is ‘their’ thickening wallet and ever-brightening future – thanks to you, your loyalties, and patriotism. It boils down to you and them. And it is not one and the same. It is more like ‘them’ versus ‘you.

I think most people using ATS understand the 'us and them' concept, the 99%, etc...I really liked this article because well it tells it like it is. We have no say on the wars our country fight, we have no say in peace or war. People die fighting for the 1% to get more power and more money and after coming home from fighting there's a good chance that solider will be unemployed or injured and not able to work and getting crappy health care for risking his or her life to fight under a fasade of freedom or the fear of terrorism. When really our leaders that make these choices to kill are sitting fat completely out of harms way. Makes me sick

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 05:29 PM
its also sickening that the majority will still send their sons and daughters off to fight the corporate wars without thinking twice.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Shadowlord

Well brainwashening is a powerfull tool, the American government always tell other countries that Patriotism and Nacionalism is bad and it will only lead to war , tentions and suffering for the ordinary people.

But every single war that hase been lead by the American govermnet have been pure nacionalism and patriotism .

Either of Oil, Occupation to station more soldiers near other countries borders or "FIGHTING COMMUNISM BECAUSE WE ARE RIGHT!" (im either communist or republican or democrat or whatever)

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