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Israel military chief: Iran bomb plans must be disrupted

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 04:59 PM

Israel must exploit its offensive capabilities in the battle against its enemies and "adapt our patterns of operations" to contend with new challenges, the country's military chief of staff said on Wednesday.

Benny Gantz, Israel's most senior military officer, said there was no doubt that Iran was striving for a nuclear bomb, and this was a problem for the whole world and the Middle East region. However, he added, the state of Israel was "the only state in the world whose extermination is being called for".

Speaking at the annual Herzliya conference, which focuses on security issues, Gantz said Israel should work to "disrupt the actions" of the Iranian nuclear development programme. "It is important that we exploit the full range of our capabilities," Gantz said, while describing the state's military strengths.

He said the world had to bring about the isolation of Iran, and that economic pressure and diplomatic sanctions were showing signs of effect. But Israel must be willing to employ its "impressive military capabilities" if needed, he added.

This Isreal/US - Iran war is looking more and more inevitable as things are escallating very quickly. "It's important that we exploit the full range of capabilities" - full rage of capabilities? - does this mean nuclear capabilities? "Impressive military capabilities" - trying to show off their power a little bit? This is going to go down soon my guess is sometime in March or April there will be some type of first strike that pushes things over the edge. There is no stopping this.

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