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Hugo Chavez: Warming Americans' hearts

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by nightbringr


and thanks a lot for defending me! (ATS needs an Angel emoticon, insert here)

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by nightbringr

and Im here to enlighten anyone.

I tell EVERYONE! Ask me Ask me anything!

I have been to demonstrations, I have really done things there and I fled teh country. My sister got kidnapped because they liked her adidas shoes. It was very late and my mom called, the kidnapper was teh one who answered and said: "I got your daughter, you cant talk to her" and hang up. It sounds like a crazy movie but it happened. Thank God that nothing happened to her and Thank God she has a European passport. She was sent to Europe the next day.
I was chased up by a guy with a massive glass bottle and had to run... I hid behind a wall and saw how he was looking around for me.
My friend has been kidnapped 4 times already. A friend's cousin was killed because the criminals wanted the car, he refused, they killed him and ran without taking the car. My cousin also got kidnapped for a bit (its called Express kidnapped when they kidnapp you by when the streetlight is red) and they wanted to know who she was.. obviosuly she diidnt have any money. She was dumped in a horrible palce very far from Caracas and they took her car. She is also now in Europe.

On the 4th of February of 1992, he did a coup against the president at that time, Carlos Andres Perez and now he is saying that it wasnt and that it should be celebrating. How much will it cost? 20 million dollars. For us, that much money is a lot of more money that it is to your because of our extremely low currency... and how many things can he do with that money?

I do tell you, when Chavez became popular in 1998, he was very well recieved. Why? because I do say, we have the best constitutions written and many venezuelans will sya the same. But! They dont follow the laws, ocne you are a monarch you can do whatever you want.
The National Assambly is Chavista
Most of the governors are Chavista
Most of the deputees are Chavistas
The whole goverment judicial and legislative is Chavista


Even if we win teh elections, Capriles Radoski!
... You have the other sectors of goverment Cahvistas so it will take a long time.

Look at this videos and I translate what they say:

Thsi video is about a debate where two students are talking about anti-imperialism and the host gets annoyed at them becaus ethe two students are dressed with Nike and Levis. She goes on saying that Socialism would be great if the brands we would be wearing are venezuelans, teh shoes, the shirts, cars and that they would be produced by Venezuelan cooperatives

This video its about a journalist from the BBC asking why do you have to go and help otehr countries instead of helping your own country? and Chavez answers: "That is a stupid question" Journalist: "Well, that is a question that then opposition asks and I want to know" Chavez: "well, Im not going to answer stupidity because I will end up being a stupid as well. It is not worth answering because there is nothing to answer and whoever tries to answer it then he will become a stupid person"

Why are you so scared of answering? Chavez gives money to Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador. Chile is the one that gives the palm to them and Chile is the bets country if not in Latin-America. Brazil still have a lot of problemw tihs society and the economics peaks and goes down and so on. The Chilean has been through a horrible dictatorship poor people and now they think forward. Chavez helps Cuba craaaaaaaaazy man the amount of money they give to them. He helps Iran and Russia and also the caribbean countries. Why do you think they dont say anythign bad about him? There was a case of a suitcase in Argentina tthat had millions of dollars and it was being traffic by the actual goverment fo this countries. They are a mafia, my country my continent is a f***ing mafia. he controls FARC gave them more than 500 millions of dollars in 2010 when they found the laptop of one of the FARC people who got killed by teh Colombian Army. Russia gives many manya rms to venezuela, to arm the criminals.

Indigena girl compalins to Chavez:

Chavez: Do you live in a palafito?
Indigena girl: Yes we liv ein a palafito and we invite you to La Laguna to see all the problems we have there.
*audience laughs*
Indigena girl: Another thing president please, approve the bolivarian school project of Sinamaica becausethe school is falling down.

"I am not a Socialist"

"Intresting the question Jaime (the interviewer), of course Jaime you have read many things about me, I am not a Socialist. Latino America needs a jump forward, We go beyond Socialism and even Wild CApitalism as John Paul II calls it, I believe in aproject and thats how we call it here, Humanistic"

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