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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 04:08 AM
What is Snip-Its?

This is the real Snip-its:

You know those yellow "sticky notes" that we all use to jot down notes and reminders? Or the typical 3 by 5 index cards? We use them all the time -- placing them in books, stuffing them into shirt pockets, wallets, tacking them to computer screens, placing them on telephones, filing them in a box, etc.

What I am calling a Snip-it, which oddly is remarkably similar, but different.

Those bits and pieces of flotsom and jestsom, that hang around for absolutely no purpose in your brain.

When I think of my brain, many of the really smarty pants people in here would say "you see a vast and empty plain".

Tucked off in a corner are piles of Snip-its. I am fond of mine and take them out now and then to mull as it were. They always make me smile or laugh, usually because they make no sense.

It may be a poem, I posted one on here called "The Date", did not intentionally memorize it, it just stuck.

Here are a few more examples to get you started: Snip-it from a book "they were cinders on the hearthstone of love".

Snip-it from a song: "she thinks that happiness is a mat that sits in her doorway"

Something someone once said to me: "do these stairs go down?"

What are some of your snip-its?

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 07:47 AM
[color=dodgerblue]My brain is full of things I say to my kids, things my kids say to me and song lyrics.

'Your shoes are on the wrong feet, quit picking your nose.'

'Don't blankey me up, mommy.'

'Without you, I'm a disaster. You're my ever after.'

'Hammers fall on all the pieces.'

'I was born to tell you I love you, isn't that a song already? I get a B in originality.'

'We're not going anywhere, Gilbert.'

'Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.'

'Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.'

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by daryllyn

lmao!!! your life sounds like a party! and your mind like Monty Python,

Thank you for answering, your posts on other threads are often funny and I enjoy them very much

Also admire your honesty
and everyday is a chance to turn it all around. Personal favorite, feathers up your butt

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by Iamschist

[color=dodgerblue]My life is far from a party! I am a mom and a college student so I am usually either busy with the boys, school or homework (or ATS

I am surprised there aren't more responses. I was looking forward to reading them.

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