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Many Strange Sounds Whether Hoaxed or Not, are Subliminal Illuminati NWO "Call to Prayer"

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 11:17 PM
most but not all of course, some are just that some people get off on fooling others,

but that exactly. in my dream which i tried hard to remember but forgot most, we heard it outdoors in a park setting at twilight and i was able to "float" up into the air and huvver a few dozen feet above shrub and between trees looking at scary/strange stuff in the forest.

i woke up before i found the source (or i don't remember thereafter). my gut instinct upon awakening and since then, has been mind control. no not a supernatural one or anything but a religious cult one that has already infiltrated and installed itself in may venues of society/culture, including leisure/entertainment products, some pop music, television entertainment, an even using random civilians unknowingly to perpetuate it. again, not supernaturally but by mechanisms of psychology as simple as, but not limited to, the power of suggestion, for example.

do you think my dream/theory is too bizarre, or feasible explan to the underlying reason (and future of)) strange sounds and ambient anomolies looking forward ?

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