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Couple Questions About "God" and Religion - All Folks Welcome

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by Confusion42

Originally posted by Confusion42
So, you think human's are the TOP of the WHOLE Universe's "evolution"?

Now, ok, let's assume there ARE (let's just assume, I do not want to argue or anything, I am just curious, that's), so let's assume that there ARE aliens out there that are at and above human-level intelligence.

Based on your belief in Jesus, what the hell (excuse the pun) happens to all the alien's out there?

Does your belief system include a provision that Jesus visited all the "intelligent life" planet's?

So, the question is, please, if you can, explain how your belief system and the exisitance of intelligent life alien's, can be reconsiled, (unless all alien's go to hell?) ?

There are many different ways to judge "superior levels of evolution", but yeah, as I said before, I don't believe in alien species with near level intelligence, and Drake's equation mostly agrees with me. I don't know why I should have to ASSUME anything, you might as well be asking if gophers had a gopher prophet that taught them about God.

IF human-level intelligent extraterrestrial life existed, (which as I said, I don't believe it does), I am sure God would be capable of giving them the message as well.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by Confusion42
reply to post by Akragon

So, let me ask you.

Let's assume there are many planet's out there filled with intelligent life. Let's assume that, within 500 - 1000 years, we will make contact (publicly) with 4 different alien's civilizations.

Each of them as 1 trillion people.

Ok, obviously the above is just a scenario. But such a scenario, sooner or later, (unless we blow ourselfs up), will happen. But, let's just assume for sake of education here that the above is true.

How can one say that a certain God, Jesus's Father, is the true God, if all those aliens (4 trillion) never heard of Jesus?

What I am trying to get at, is all the event's that happened on Earth, all the history, all the scripture etc. was done on Earth. Thus are your beliefs and such are based on everything that happened on Earth.

I am sure you would agree with the statement that your belief in God, as in Jesus and Jesus's father, is based on all sorts of things that have one thing in common - Earth (and the history of the people on Earth).

So, how would this belief supersede the beliefs of the countless alien's civilizations out there?

Jesus is just the messenger my friend... the messenger to our race...

I believe whatever alien people we might meet would also have their own messenger as well when and if their race has the need for said messenger.

Perhaps these "aliens" already understand love completely... perhaps they know God completely, even more so then we do... perhaps they live in harmony with the rest of their planet unlike us... i don't know.

I don't really deal much with the idea of Aliens honestly... but IF they do come... and we can comunicate... and they have their own "religions" and beliefs... We can test those beliefs with the truth, the life, and the way.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by WarminIndy

Excellent! I did not know that, thats really amazing and interesting!

Thanks for sharing! Every day is a new wonder, isnt it?

and I completely agree that God manifests in the language of the listener.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by interupt42

Originally posted by Sahabi
reply to post by Confusion42

Peace be upon you my friend. I have not come to argue, debate, or convert. Only to answer the questions of your op.

Thats to bad, cause its healthy to challenge ones views which could lead you to the truth or reinforce the truth you already know.

You didn't mention your religion but I'm going to guess Hinduism? BTW Hinduism makes more sense to me than the others.

I was looking at back posts I made and I sounded like an ass to Sahabi so I apologise.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by Confusion42

1- Does a person (soul, etc.) exist 1+ years before a person is born? Where are "people" 1+ years before birth. What is the difference in the "state" your in when your die, and 1+ years before you're born?

No religion. God = May the Force Be With You. Also: I do not know for sure. I AM sure that people who proclaim they DO know don't. Never believe anyone who says there is only One True Way. They are brainwashed at best and certainly not deep thinkers.

I suspect before we are born we exist in some sort of "oversoul" state where we either decide, are persuaded, or are forced to experience a new life. As we reincarnate our memory is temporarily erased so that we might [insert whatever we are supposed to do here] in a pure, uninterrupted form to see if the lessons "take." Earthly ideas of what is "good" or "bad" don't apply. The lessons are far deeper than that. When we die we return "home" and learn what it is we were supposed to do, reunite with loved ones, and experience a much broader existence than we had on Earth. At this point we may become oversouls ourselves and change roles so that we send out our own "avatars" to experience life. At this point our vioew shifts. After all, in World of Warcraft, do you care about the feelings of your avatar? Or is it simply a means to an end in the game? This cycle repeats and that's how things move foreward.

It remains to be seen whether you can get out of this cycle. That may have been what Jesus meant when he said to follow him. He meant, "Follow me and I can get you out of this cycle of reincarnation." Naturally, this idea has been suppressed.

2- Due to the fact that there are trillions upon trillions of stars out there, and most have planets, let's assume that LIFE exists outside of planet Earth

How does this square with your God / religion? For example, for Christians, how can "Genesis" be correct if there is other planets with life? Does everybody not born on Earth go to hell? How can anything in the Bible be God's word if there is intelligent life outside of the world?

Irrelevant, really. Genesis is an allegorical story representing the soul being reincarnated on Earth. In the "Garden of Eden" life was good, but we are thrown out and come to Earth where life is a whole lot harsher. Why do we do this? because we want knowledge, so we ate the apple and now, here we are. The Bible was written by men, not God, and though it has some cool stories, it is not meant to be taken literally as "The word of God." That's absurd and a fantasy. For us here, life existing somewhere else is really immaterial.

And if you are going to say that There Is No Life Outside Of Earth, specifically for people that are about to say this, if you belief there is no life outside of Earth, does this mean that if life is discovered outside of Earth, that your religion is false?

Of course not. That's a very superficial view. "God's house has many mansions" and all that.

3- Most of the people on Earth, are split between Christianity (or catholic), Islamic (Muslim), and hindu.

For Christians, does this mean that all non-Christian's go to hell?

Terribly mundane stuff and not really true. Even demographers aren't so superficial. There are fundamentalist believers of all these religions, people who kind of "go along" and call themselves whatever, and people who believe the whole thing is a crock. These people are rarely counted. Nobody is "going to hell."

4- And last question. How do you know that your (insert God) and your (insert Religion) is not an Alien, or Aliens, ?

The question doesn't make much sense to me. If there are aliens (and there probably are) that doesn't mean they are "God" and certainly a "religion" is not an "alien." There is a school of thought, fortunately a small one, that believes "aliens" created us, but there is precious little evidence that is so and a ton of evidence suggesting we, as a species, evolved here, just like every other species.

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