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Lies! - Reactor 4 FULL Of Fuel - Pacific Ocean May Be Lost

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by thedoctorswife

Well I have my imagination to let run wild. No thanks to Nucpow. But so right you are DW. We are making sure we kill the currents in the ocean so they can't be used to help warm our lil bootys. the wind may show to be a more formidable match for us but I'm sure somehow we can manage to screw that up also. Really makes me want to go on the hunt for some of the sub humans responsible. Time is going to tell for sure little lady. Good luck to you in the near future.


posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 04:58 PM
Not sure if everyone has followed all of the posts in my Scientists test sick Alaskn seals for radiation thread, but I got tired of waiting for an update to the original article I referenced so I sent Dr. John Kelley (the professor emeritus quoted in that article) an email requesting an update to which he then replied with the following:

Dear Mr. G,

Thank you for your message and concern. This is certainly a perplexing problem with many possibilities. We now have some of the tissue and will analyze it by gamma ray spectroscopy, but that will take several weeks to accomplish that task. There are also several agencies with similar concern and we are all working informally to keep each other informed about our contributions to the various tests planned or performed. I appreciate your concern.

John Kelley

Source is my email inbox.

So this email, which I received a few days ago, seems to say that they are just now beginning the testing (gamma spectroscopy), which is a process that "will take several weeks."

Astute readers will notice that the article, dated several weeks ago, says that the testing will "take several weeks."


Regards other potential causes of the rinhged seals (bearded seals, and Walruses too, from earlier reports) stymptoms, they have ruled out viruses according to this report (or at least none have beegn identified) and I am sure if thety were able to pinpoint some otherenvironmfental factor, they would happily do so. The fact that there are several different species that are affected indicates something envirnomental rather than viral or bacterial I would think.

I don't think I will wait several weeks before sending another email...
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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by SoulVisions

There is a multitude of posts within this thread that are trying diligently to compare the cleanup required at a leaking reactor to that of a nuclear bomb.

Are you all serious? One is in a small, controlled (debatable) area versus the other that spreads a "film" of radioactivity for miles. There is no comparison.

In the past, when the material needed to be cleaned up, the contaminated ground was shoveled, packed into canisters, and then buried. Later on, the areas where these are buried, are then sealed. (Emphasis on the word "sealed")

While the leakage into the water and the habitat of the immediate area concerns me, radiation and it's material just does not work in the way that some here are claiming that it does. Fumes, air pollution even, while not necessarily good, will NOT affect the West coast of the USA in ANY harmful way. Also, unless you order all of your seafood from japan, or somehow an aquatic animal incredibly crosses the entire Pacific ocean to show up (and then likely die) here, the waters here do not suddenly become contaminated.

Again, I can't help but look right back at the thread's title claiming, "Pacific Ocean May Be Lost!"
There is no need for the fear being spread here. Not on the subject matter of contamination. Otherwise, the nations whom we all are purchasing land from in order to store our "used materials" would be on the news every night with the latest reports of terrible atrocities. There are established methods to handle these scenarios and material.

Again nuclear bomb, a few pounds of material this disaster, tons. I am downwind and downcurrent from this mess. I get the majority of my protien from the Ocean around me. For me as this spreads throught the natural ocean currents the "Pacific Ocean May Be Lost"

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 05:39 PM
This report was published in December 2010:

Nuclear Power's Global Expansion: Weighing Its Costs and Risks
When security and arms control analysts list what has helped keep nuclear weapons technologies from spreading, energy economics is rarely, if ever, mentioned. Yet, large civilian nuclear energy programs can--and have--brought states quite a way towards developing nuclear weapons; and it has been market economics, more than any other force, that has kept most states from starting or completing these programs. Since the early 1950s, every major government in the Western Hemisphere, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe has been drawn to atomic power's allure, only to have market realities prevent most of their nuclear investment plans from being fully realized. With any luck, this past may be our future. Certainly, if nuclear power programs continue to be as difficult and expensive to complete as they have been compared to their nonnuclear alternatives, only additional government support and public spending will be able to save them. In this case, one needs to ask why governments would bother, especially in light of the security risks that would inevitably arise with nuclear power's further proliferation. On the other hand, if nuclear power evolves into the quickest and least expensive way to produce electricity while abating carbon emissions, little short of a nuclear explosion traceable to a peaceful nuclear facility is likely to stem this technology's further spread--no matter what its security risks might be. Adam Smith's Invisible Hand, then, could well determine just how far civilian nuclear energy expands and how much attention its attendant security risks will receive. Certainly, if nuclear power's economics remain negative, diplomats and policymakers could leverage this point, work to limit legitimate nuclear commerce to what is economically competitive, and so gain a powerful tool to help limit nuclear proliferation.

* If you'd like to purchase the entire 666 page report for $78.95, please visit the link.

Regarding Adam Smith's Invisible Hand:
Adam Smith was an author in the 1700s who wrote about the relationship between the economy and society. In 1776 he published "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"
Smith is quoted at the top of the website:

"...every individual necessarily labours to render the annual revenue of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it. By preferring the support of domestic to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good."

The website goes on to explain:

Smith is often regarded as the father of economics, and his writings have been enormously influential. Nowadays, "invisible hand" explanations are invoked to explain all sorts of phenomena, from scientific progress to environmental degradation. In the modern context, mathematicians study "invisible hand" processes as part of Game Theory, the branch of mathematics that deals with payoffs and strategies (see Game Theory and the Cuban Missile Crisis) in Issue 13 of Plus.

Smith was profoundly religious, and saw the "invisible hand" as the mechanism by which a benevolent God administered a universe in which human happiness was maximised. He made it clear in his writings that quite considerable structure was required in society before the invisible hand mechanism could work efficiently. For example, property rights must be strong, and there must be widespread adherence to moral norms, such as prohibitions against theft and misrepresentation. Theft was, to Smith, the worst crime of all, even though a poor man stealing from a rich man may increase overall happiness. He even went so far as to say that the purpose of government is to defend the rich from the poor.

It's interesting that this report was published 3 months prior to the Japan earthquakes. It's even more peculiar that the report is 666 pages long and mentions the Invisible/Hidden Hand philosophy and an accidental nuclear mishap.
Makes one wonder if Fukushima was an accident after all.
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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:01 PM
Hi guys,

I'm about to go on a mini rant here and haven't been sleeping much lately so bare with me it's important ;p

I think maybe the only way to confront anyone on the subject is to start talking about alternative solutions.
Stopping Nuclear reactors is impossible without a substitution for energy generation. (Some people involved in protecting the way our society works -governement- will tell you it's impossible. But we all know our society will have to change vvvvvvvvery soon).
I have not done enough research on it so will not speak about alternative energy sources.
Today we should be taking action in this matter. Spending our time researching and being proactive instead maybe of "fearmongering"...

How good would you feel in taking action? Making (energy saving) sacrifices for a better life? I would say you would feel a hell of a lot better.
We have to stop acting as if nature ows us something. We are nothing really, barely a lifeform that kind of made it in a historical momentum.
We need to re-learn how to live.
Make good, positive daily sacrifices and think about where lies the true meaning of our existence. Are we here to make it on our own? To "make our time" and hope we get as much candy as we can?
I like to think not.
We need to become human 2.0
If you come up to someone (let's say the governement) saying: "You're bull# and the way you do things is crap". You won't get any further.
If you say: "You're been doing things the wrong way, here is what we think could work better..." Answers will have to be provided.
My guess is that there is an alternative to nuclear, but it is not realistic to think we can make it if we keep going on the way we do in terms of energy consumption (and let me throw as well "overall lifestyle").
Unfortunately you can't just shut down the nuclear plants. You must provide alternative solutions and it can't be oil-based. Oil should be a magic element (how would we live without intelligently-used plastics) used only when needed and not as energy source.
My memory is playing tricks on me but there are several energy sources that have been found/invented and dismissed/stolen/kept silent (even in the nuclear field) by TPTB... let's bring them back to the surface and confront the mother#ers!



posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:02 PM
I haven't read through this entire thread yet, but I found this report from the IAEA dated Jan. 31, 2012.
"IAEA Mission Completes Review of Japanese Nuclear Safety Assessment Process"

An IAEA expert mission completed a review of Japan's process for assessing nuclear safety at the nation's nuclear power plants on 31 January 2012.

The 10-member IAEA expert mission began in Tokyo on 23 January and delivered a Preliminary Summary Report to Japanese officials today. The mission was requested by the Japanese government in 2011, following the approval of the Nuclear Safety Action Plan by all IAEA Member States in September 2011.

The Action Plan defines a programme of work to strengthen the global nuclear safety framework, and it calls for nations to promptly undertake a national assessment of the design of nuclear power plants against extreme natural hazards and to implement corrective actions as needed.

"We concluded that NISA's instructions to power plants and its review process for the Comprehensive Safety Assessments are generally consistent with IAEA Safety Standards," said team leader James Lyons, director of the IAEA's Nuclear Installation Safety Division.

The team found a number of good practices in Japan's review process and identified some improvements that would enhance the overall effectiveness of that process. The team will deliver those complete findings when it provides a final report to Japanese officials in several weeks.

The text of the Preliminary Summary Report is available here [pdf].

Edit to Add:
Oh, by the way, happy World Cancer Day!

"IAEA and Partners Fight Cancer"

2 February 2012 | Together with its partners, the IAEA demonstrates its continued commitment to improving cancer control around the globe in its commemoration of World Cancer Day at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna on 2 February 2012

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:59 PM
The most of you should inform theirselves about nuclear power a bit better.

I am not an employee of a nuclear company nor get I paid by a company. I am just a regular student studying Automotive. I am going to Japan in a few weeks for half a year.

I am not concerned!

And let me tell you why.

The radiation messured 20km away from the reactor, is only as high as detected in Munich! Is there somebody afraid of travelling to Munich?

We have background radion, and in the most parts of Europe this background radiation is higher then 30km away from Fukushima. How come? Because of Tschernobyl and nuclear bomb tests.

Is there anybody leaving Europe? No.

It is true, that the meltdown is definetely a big problem. (Only occured, because this type of reactor had no containment). But it is a fact, that the radiation is not as high as you want it to be.

Lots of experts can tell you the radiation which is currently detected there. If you don't trust Tepco, you can at leat trust independent messurements.
Of course you should not stay directly in the area surrounding the reactor, but 30km away is safe.

Btw. did you know, that we in Germany sell drinking water for babies, which would not get through the quality checks in Japan, because of its radiation? Japan has one of the strictest controlling systems concerning food.

The meltdown could have been stopped, but now it is too late. And even if there will be another earthquake (there were lots of quakes in the last year), nothing will happen there as long as not tsunami will occur.

So far....

Btw. before I forget, this is a nice site about current radiation in several areas of Japan (I am not sure how accurate though)
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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by Destinyone
One thing we do have control over as ATSers, is everyone who reads this thread, Flag it. Force it to the front page, and keep it there. U2U your friends here, provide a link to this thread, ask them politely to Please Flag it to help keep vital information in plain view for those who have not seen it. Yes, that is something we can do, the MSM won't do for us.

Out of sight...out of mind. Sadly this is the nature of people these days...An attitude that will probably end up killing us all at some point....


You are so right about that. This is very concerning and will see what kind of data I can pull up on it as well.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 07:54 PM
300 tonnes of nuclear fuel is going to destroy the entire 1000,000,000,000 tonnes of the pacific ocean. I am now rolling around on the floor laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Perhaps at that dilution it will have a homeopathic effect. Let's call it the Pacific Randi effect after the magician Randi who took a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills.

Surely anyone who even breathes the air that has been circulating over the said Ocean will die instantly of radiation poisoning. Only cockroaches will survive.

You do realise that there's about 8 million tonnes of Uranium in just the top foot of topsoil in the US.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Michel Chossudovsky's article at Global Research, January 25 2012.

here are some quotes:

"Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War. The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation"

The Japanese government has been obliged to acknowledge that "the severity rating of its nuclear crisis ... matches that of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster". In a bitter irony, however, this tacit admission by the Japanese authorities has proven to been part of the cover-up of a significantly larger catastrophe, resulting in a process of global nuclear radiation and contamination:
"While Chernobyl was an enormous unprecedented disaster, it only occurred at one reactor and rapidly melted down. Once cooled, it was able to be covered with a concrete sarcophagus that was constructed with 100,000 workers. There are a staggering 4400 tons of nuclear fuel rods at Fukushima, which greatly dwarfs the total size of radiation sources at Chernobyl." ( Extremely High Radiation Levels in Japan: University Researchers Challenge Official Data, Global Research, April 11, 2011)

The dumping of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential trigger to a process of global radioactive contamination. Radioactive elements have not only been detected in the food chain in Japan, radioactive rain water has been recorded in California:
"Hazardous radioactive elements being released in the sea and air around Fukushima accumulate at each step of various food chains (for example, into algae, crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, then humans; or soil, grass, cow's meat and milk, then humans). Entering the body, these elements - called internal emitters - migrate to specific organs such as the thyroid, liver, bone, and brain, continuously irradiating small volumes of cells with high doses of alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation, and over many years often induce cancer". (Helen Caldicott, Fukushima: Nuclear Apologists Play Shoot the Messenger on Radiation, The Age, April 26, 2011)

What prevails is a well organized camouflage. The public health disaster in Japan, the contamination of water, agricultural land and the food chain, not to mention the broader economic and social implications, have neither been fully acknowledged nor addressed in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion by the Japanese authorities.
Japan as a nation state has been destroyed. Its landmass and territorial waters are contaminated. Part of the country is uninhabitable. High levels of radiation have been recorded in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which has a population of 39 million (2010) (more than the population of Canada, circa 34 million (2010)) There are indications that the food chain is contaminated throughout Japan:
"Radioactive cesium exceeding the legal limit was detected in tea made in a factory in Shizuoka City, more than 300 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the most famous tea producing areas in Japan. A tea distributor in Tokyo reported to the prefecture that it detected high levels of radioactivity in the tea shipped from the city. The prefecture ordered the factory to refrain from shipping out the product. After the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, radioactive contamination of tea leaves and processed tea has been found over a wide area around Tokyo." (See 5 More Companies Detect Radiation In Their Tea Above Legal Limits Over 300 KM From Fukushima, June 15, 2011)

The crisis in Japan has also brought into the open the unspoken relationship between nuclear energy and nuclear war. Nuclear energy is not a civilian economic activity. It is an appendage of the nuclear weapons industry which is controlled by the so-called defense contractors. The powerful corporate interests behind nuclear energy and nuclear weapons overlap. In Japan at the height of the disaster, "the nuclear industry and government agencies [were] scrambling to prevent the discovery of atomic-bomb research facilities hidden inside Japan's civilian nuclear power plants".1 (See Yoichi Shimatsu, Secret Weapons Program Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant? Global Research, April 12, 2011) It should be noted that the complacency of both the media and the governments to the hazards of nuclear radiation pertains to the nuclear energy industry as well as to to use of nuclear weapons. In both cases, the devastating health impacts of nuclear radiation are casually denied. Tactical nuclear weapons with an explosive capacity of up to six times a Hiroshima bomb are labelled by the Pentagon as "safe for the surrounding civilian population". No concern has been expressed at the political level as to the likely consequences of a US-NATO-Israel attack on Iran, using "safe for civilians" tactical nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state. Such an action would result in "the unthinkable": a nuclear holocaust over a large part of the Middle East and Central Asia. A nuclear nightmare, however, would occur even if nuclear weapons were not used. The bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities using conventional weapons would contribute to unleashing another Fukushima type disaster with extensive radioactive fallout. (For further details See Michel Chossudovsky, Towards a World War III Scenario, The Dangers of Nuclear War, Global Research, Montreal, 2011)

I don't know if this is being too pessimist... but i think it's just not.
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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by aching_knuckles

Originally posted by kn0wh0w
I don't care wether or not people are too scared to read this but this deserves more attention ATS!

Look at the response to this, and youve got your answers about how much ATSers really care. If the title was "Cop shoots dog!" or "Leftist Death Panels Coming to Abort Your Baby!" it would have 30 pages of replies in 12 hours.

But when Americans start dying in droves and the West is uninhabitable, ATSers will find a way to blame it on Obama, "liberals" and "socialists", I am sure of that.
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and leave it to the bleeding hearts to find a way to make this a left vs right topic.

jesus both left and right need to STFU and find a middle ground and TRULY uphold the constitution.

this thread is about the catastrophe that could spell impending HUMAN doom not left/right

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:42 PM
Keep in mind a few things:

1. A meltdown basically buries the material in one concentrated mass. If it weren't for some ground water contamination, it would be safer that way.

2. The nuclear material came from the Earth, which has much more all around us and has been constantly irradiating us long before nuclear power was discovered. It was just concentrated, but, if it spreads out over the whole Pacific Ocean, it would be as nothing more than natural radiation.

3. Buy yourself a small Geiger counter from U.S. Nuclear. They are only a little more than $100. Check your food and environment and compare with expected background radiation. If you have something to worry about, you will know.

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 09:34 PM
conjecture, hearsay, rumor.

Again, concerning but should not be reaching the levels of fear-inducement that it is on these forums. "Deny Ignorance" is the motto here, supposedly, but only a handful have done their homework.

The whole argument is becoming cyclical. I would love to hear ideas for containment, or what individuals will do in light of the matter, as opposed to just spreading their own fear out to those who will listen to them. Violent mobs begin this same way concerning different issues, and even then no "solutions" are discussed really until the issue has been forced down the throats of every living person in the immediate area.


posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by XtraTL
300 tonnes of nuclear fuel is going to destroy the entire 1000,000,000,000 tonnes of the pacific ocean. I am now rolling around on the floor laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Perhaps at that dilution it will have a homeopathic effect. Let's call it the Pacific Randi effect after the magician Randi who took a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills.

Surely anyone who even breathes the air that has been circulating over the said Ocean will die instantly of radiation poisoning. Only cockroaches will survive.

You do realise that there's about 8 million tonnes of Uranium in just the top foot of topsoil in the US.

Ignorance it its best...

just FYI:

Almost all the plutonium occurring on this planet has been produced in nuclear reactors , the rest from nuclear reprocessing.These sources have been well documented. However it is difficult to be definitive as to how much plutonium exists,but it is clear that at least several hundred tonnes have been manufactured.This plutonium occurs in local areas where it is stored under security due to its hazardous nature.

It keeps on giving:

Minute traces of plutonium are usually found in the human body due to the 550 atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests that have been carried out, and to a small number of major nuclear accidents. Most atmospheric and underwater nuclear testing was stopped by the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963, which was signed and ratified by the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and other nations. Continued atmospheric nuclear weapons testing since 1963 by non-treaty nations included those by China (atomic bomb test above the Gobi Desert in 1964, hydrogen bomb test in 1967, and follow-on tests), and France (tests as recently as the 1980s).
Because it is purposely manufactured for nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, plutonium-239 is the most abundant isotope of plutonium by far.[33]
It is also hypothetically possible for minute quantities of plutonium to be produced by the natural bombardment of uranium ores with cosmic rays.

Animal studies found that a few milligrams of plutonium per kilogram of tissue is a lethal dose.[72]


A commonly cited quote by Ralph Nader, states that a pound of plutonium dust spread into the atmosphere would be enough to kill 8 billion people. However, the math shows that one pound of plutonium could kill no more than 2 million people by inhalation. This makes the toxicity of plutonium roughly equivalent with that of nerve gas.

so lets do some math:

300 tones released of plutonium are 661386786.6 pounds and if they kill just 1 million people that gives us =
661386786600000 people dead like a hundred times the actual people living now on earth....

LET THE FUN BEGIN, why people just dismiss this kind of tragedy? Ignorance is Bliss...

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:40 PM
I haven't read through all the responses but remember reading someone saying that this topic needs more attention especially in the media. And while I definitely agree I would like to ask what is it that we can do now? I'm sure there are some knowledgeable people here on ATS who can give a response. What can we do if this turns out to be true and the radioactive contamination spreads far and wide.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by havok

I thank you for a common sense post. Yet, I disagree with you that we "average" people can't do anything about it. We can. We can protest. We can demand that these plants not be built, that they not use MOX fuel and lastly that they use alternative means of powering the grid. Because there are alternative, safer means such as thorium. Thorium is much, much safer and will provide more consistent power than uranium. Uranium was utilized simply because of its weaponizing capability. A good portion of all nuclear reactors are designed to enrich uranium to weapons grade plutonium under the guise of peaceful power plants. It's been happening ever since the days of the first power plants. There are articles on how Japan is enriching uranium for bombs to be sold to countries like Iran. There was a Fox News article from back in March about Japan having its own nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against N. Korea.

So, there are better and safer ways to get peaceful nuclear energy. We just need to adapt legislation forcing them to use it. The question is: How do we go about it?

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by Logiciel


The public health radiation-induced quandry in the United States as evidenced by infant mortality rates skyrocketing, the contamination of all open water, agricultural land and the entire food chain, not to mention the broader economic and social implications, has neither been fully acknowledged nor addressed in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion by the very authorities we elected and pay mightily for... for what, pray tell?

[color=Chartreuse]The use of these advanced technologies now directly affects mankind's ability to control its own fate and the lethal consequences on our earthly and human ecosystems are perhaps irreversible.

We are slowly but surely losing our extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. [color=Cyan]As the nuclear fallout continues to spread worldwide, our natural resilience - our immune system - will artificially decrease, independently of our own will. These technologies affect not only our physical bodies, but our minds as well.

Nuclear power is a silent killer and its corporate and government proponents are liars, cheats, scoundrels, and - yes - murderers.

As such, they will be hunted down and exterminated, bludgeoned to death like the vermin they truly are / STRIKE THAT / will be persecuted by the masses whose lives they have devastated and boiled in oil / STRIKE THAT / prosecuted in an environmental world court of public opinion and strung up on a tall cactus / STRIKE THAT / prosecuted in a world court of law, and then strung up on barbed wire fences like dead crows to rot in the nuclear winter muted sun as these wretched bastards so richly deserve.

On the home front, we will continue our endeavor to keep the horror of this environmental warfare nuclear holocaust on the front page of we, the people's, minds and thoughts (as well as world media) in a positive, pro-active way, so as to be a beacon of light in the dark night of a potential nuclear winter, as [color=Cyan]positive thoughts create positive reality, and we certainly do not need any more distractions to further pollute our understanding of manifesting this envisioned reality.

Peace Love Light
[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:53 PM
"Background radiation"

Everything is "background radiation" nowadays.

Can someone tell me what the measurements were for "background radiation" in 1910 compared to what the "background radiation" measurements are today ?


posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by NowIsThe


This video will surely get your attention.

The public health radiation-induced quandry in the United States evidenced by infant mortality rates skyrocketing, the contamination of all open water, agricultural land and the entire food chain, not to mention the broader economic and social implications, has neither been fully acknowledged nor addressed in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion by the very authorities we elected and pay mightily for... for what, pray tell?

On our side of the hill, we have been keeping the Bat Signal lit since 3/11- [color=Chartreuse]Nukushima Day 1, contending that what prevails here in America is a well-organized camouflage, a criminal act, actually, orchestrated by the very same people to whom we entrusted the power to uphold the law, and - by extension, our values - and who are paid to protect US: we, the people.

We offer "Into Eternity," to bring one up to speed on the waste issue, IMHO,
the Achilles Heel of nuclear energy...

and raise you with this one for your edification and enjoyment:

Fukushima Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact All Of Humanity'

Exposing the "unspeakable" realities of the Japanese catastrophe in this 60 Minutes program, leading nuclear scientist Dr. Michio Kaku said [color=Cyan]radiation from Fukushima will impact of all of humanity. The [color=FFF017]nuclear energy power industry violation of the right to health is apparent throughout the new Australian report.

[color=Chartreuse]"In fact, the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima," Dr. Kaku told reporter Liz Hayes.

This is an undeclared nuclear war perpetrated on the peoples of Earth by an uncaring conspiracy comprised of the JAPGOV/TEPCO/NISA/IAEA, and others, to be sure, and the EPA/FDA/USGOV/NOAA/FDA, and many others, to be sure, with a complicit MSM worldwide. We have dealt with war before, and we'll treat this attack on we, the people, as such and respond accordingly, albeit with 40 years more knowledge and ammunition plus newly-freed pent-up frustrations of feeling betrayed again by those we trust... we do not forget.

America as a nation state is on the Eve of Destruction, teetering on the brink of a precipice that is surely a fatal fall if we were to plunge into the abyss. Our once-fertile, abundant lands and inland, once-pristine waters are now nuclear fallout contaminated - for how long, no one seems to be sure - hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The balloon has dropped people, and it's called [color=Chartreuse]Nukushima.

Too many parts of our country are already uninhabitable forever, plagued by the broken promises of multiple lackey government agencies and nuclear-friendly-and-paid-for administrations that continued to kick the nuclear radioactive waste can down to road and these once-temporary on-site spent fuel pools and dry canister storage have now become the final resting place for this nightmare abomination that is radioactive - for all intents and purposes - FOREVER.

Nuclear Power Plants In America

Peace Love Light
[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by Destinyone


Destinyone, we certainly do live in exciting times, and we now may very well be witness
to a tipping point in human history without having to experience the seeming obligatory,
made-for-TV self-immolation pics so prevalent in today’s current events.

[color=FDD017]The unification of the Anti-Nuclear and Occupy movements worldwide has exploded into the worst nightmare conceivable for the intertwined military industrial complex and the beleaguered commercial nuclear power industry, because an informed, motivated and disenfranchised populace is an enraged monster that cannot be easily returned to the cage.

The Anti-Nuclear and Occupy (ANO) collective is the natural extension of of the violently repressed feelings left over from the gone-to-ground hippies of the turbulent ’60s and present-day American citizens disenchanted with the policies of the current administration and the manifesting awareness of the complicit EPA/USGOV cover-up with the JAPGOV and TEPCO in the mother of all conspiracies - disenfranchisement of the world populace of truthful, quality information enabling them to make educated decisions regarding radiation poisoning and violations of their right to a radiation-free future.

This planet-wide union has been in the mix since the outset of the anti-nuclear movement, and
all that was needed was a unifying catalyst to bring the ideas together in one expanding voice:

Fukushima Dai-ichi provided that catalyst and we must now act accordingly or bear the fatal consequences of unending years of continuing nuclear holocaust from the destroyed multiple

Now, more than ever before, concerned citizens who wish for a nuclear-free future for themselves, their children, and children for all generations to come must take a stand now and demand a radiation-free environment.

Now is the time for all men, women and children to come to the aid of their severely, if not mortally wounded Mother Earth.

But first, just in, Breaking News from Colorado!

"Radiation CPM spikes to 192 today as Colorado continues to undergo daily nuclear fallout from the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant."

The same multiple melt-throughs that continue to spew life-altering radiation 24/7/365 with
no end nor solution in sight. The really scary part of all this is, TEPCO has admitted that the technology does not presently exist to “adequately” deal with the crisis.

Just for grins and in an attempt to keep somewhat informed, we monitor a veritable plethora
of radiation monitoring sites around the world, with a particular eye to disturbing trends here
in America, and we offer these readings from Colorado as food for thought... the spikes were interesting today:

BTW, the EPA, FDA and the USGOV continue to assure the public that there is no cause for alarm and any erroneous connection between rainwater at [color=Cyan]14,000+% above legal limits and drinking water is contentious to say the least. The fact that there exists nothing to filter out any type of radionuclide from the rainwater flowing from the reservoirs through the city water plants seems to amazingly escape the light of day.

Check this out:

OK, Alert Level = 100, seems simple enough.

So, what do these readings indicate from yesterday, enquiring minds want to know?
Radiation monitor setup in NE Longmont, Colorado, USA.

Radiation Monitor
174 CPM, 1.4129 uSv/h, 1.1404 AVG uSv/h, 4 time(s) over natural radiation

Radiation Monitor
162 CPM, 1.3154 uSv/h, 0.9502 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation

Radiation Monitor
150 CPM, 1.2180 uSv/h, 0.9166 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation

Radiation Monitor
144 CPM, 1.1693 uSv/h, 0.8401 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation

Radiation Monitor
21 Jan
138 CPM, 1.1206 uSv/h, 0.8801 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation

Radiation Monitor
21 Jan
144 CPM, 1.1693 uSv/h, 0.8781 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation

We need a drink!

Peace Love Light
[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]

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