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WTH is wrong with these people??? Teacher accused of abusing 23 elementary age kids

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by GAOTU789
reply to post by truthseeker1984

I know the process is impossible to make perfect but there has to be something we can do as a society to make these predators lives more difficult in getting into positions where they can prey on children. Stricter screening is just one thought.

I agree, but like I said before, the inherent problem is in identifying a predator. If said predator had no record prior to entering a field where they are working with children, any sort of "identifier" would be a "thought crime." That treads into territory that I don't even want to get into or think about. I really don't have ideas on what kind of stricter screening means to you. What are your thoughts on that? The only things that I see are invasive and intrusive. Profiling comes to mind. The subject of this article was never married with no children. Should we start going after unmarried males who decide to work in an elementary school? That would definitely affect me. Should we target people who watch pornography? This guy did.

Perhaps one solution is to make the death penalty mandatory in ANY child molestation/abuse case. No appeals, do not pass go, do not collect $200. You're convicted of the crime, after all reasonable doubt is squashed, and you're put to death a week later. Of course, I have also read about cases where the "abuser" was falsely accused and put in jail for the crime, while they sat there to rot. There would have to be safeguards against these types of "always default on the side of the victim" cases. They are rare, but they do happen.

I think the best type of defense against these monsters is more education for our children. The problem is not going to go away, so educating them from the age they start school is the only reasonable action. Burn it into their heads that certain types of touching is bad, and certain types of actions are bad. I can almost say for certain that these children were probably already educated on these types of things, but fear is a powerful motivator to keep your mouth shut.

When it is our children being affected, we want to do everything possible to protect them (believe me, I do. I absolutely adore my students and their parents, and I would do anything to protect them from the monsters out there), but at the same time we have to keep some semblance of the liberties and freedoms (or what is left of them) that we have fought so hard to keep.

I hope some other parents and teachers will chime in and help brainstorm some ideas. I'm really at a loss.


posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:14 PM
Having read through what people have posted it is clear that there is a lot of passion for the Children and a lot of the opposite for the sick Teachers. Posters mention - how do they get into these jobs - how does someone not notice? Well I am here to tell you some people do notice.

I have held off talking about what I am currently enduring given the legal implications of divulging something that will ruin any court case. I mentioned in my earlier post in this thread that I had Young Adults make disclosures to me - after they had left school.

At this point in time - I have no money, my health is, let's just say not good and all documented by my doctor of 11 years and my Spirit is empty. This all transpired because I made two Mandatory Reports at different times in 2011. My employers are (still even though they will not let me back to work) the Catholic Church.

The first report was - shall we say - the Young Adults were too specific with the words they chose. The second report was - mind blowing. Let's just say my doctor had placed me on sick leave to protect me and someone came to visit me in my home.

Conversation commenced with - one of my Mandatory Reports being discussed out in the mainstream rural community I live in - my visitor did not know I had made the report as I had maintained strict confidentiality. The second was about the Teacher who had been arrested for Child pornography - same school - where I work - and it was on the front of the newspaper.

Let's just say what transpired led me to write a lengthy report - vicinity of 35 pages. About 10 pages to describe my position and how events had transpired - largely so investigators would have a context and base to work from.

I had already been in touch with the Ombudsman (you cannot go any higher in terms of government authority) and had discussed how to go about making the report. I followed his instructions implicitly. What happened is mind boggling.

Essentially - I will be concise lest I reveal anything that would jeopardise legal applications. My employers have spent more time, money and effort in trying to have me certified as mentally ill - my union is powerless to access any correspondence issued from my employer. My doctor of 11 years knows I am not mentally ill and is frustrated because he has no avenues to help me. The doctor who wrote the report can write what he likes - it is his opinion and unless he tried to sexually assault me - then my doctor cannot make a complaint. This was later echoed by the health commission.

It gets worse - the doctor I was sent to was found guilty of unprofessional conduct in 2001 but I cannot locate the records so I don't really know what he did. Also consider he was the psychiatrist who - in a very high profile Australian court case - supported a person (now deceased) who the media referred to as the Paedophile Solicitor.

Okay - I hear you - I make the appropriate complaint to the health authority and they tell me he can write his opinion. I push for the complaint to go further - the commission rang him and asked he to verify - I cannot believe it! I asked that the VIDEOTAPED one hour session be viewed to show the distortions and lies - no one has viewed the tape.

To cut a long story short - for just over a year now - I have fought and put my heels in and I am now - sad to say feeling suicidal. I have taken my report to the local Police and my union appointed me a Solicitor. My employers want to send me to another doctor a forensic psychiatrist - someone who does not treat people just writes reports.

In short I signed the authority but amended it - I only want the two doctors (the one I am being sent to and my personal doctor) to discuss my health. My employers have posed their questions and paid for that service. Apparently my amendment is unacceptable.

Now jumping back - my identity was revealed when I made the first report - that is an offence. I was hauled into the office for a meeting with my employer and luckily took a support person - among the psychological assault I received - the Mandatory Report was mentioned and now my support person knew confidential information. This is also an offence.

So I am now here - no family, no money, unhealthy and no idea what is left for me to do. I am suicidal and I know that my death would be investigated and at least all my carefully filed paperwork and emails would show the effort I have made to see that the information I had provided would at least be investigated properly.

The title to this thread is - What is wrong with these people? Teacher accused of abusing 23 elementary age kids. What is wrong is that people like me - are victimised and psychologically abused by administration processes until they go away or die. I would rather die than walk away from a Child. I have thought of everything I could do and I am out of options. If I commit suicide then at least the Police will investigate.

This is what happens when you try to protect Children.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by GAOTU789

Dear GAOTU789

I know that kids are fearful to come forward with something like this but is that their fault or ours? Do we as parents have an open enough relationship with our kids that they shouldn't be afraid to tell us if something like this was happening. Is it a failure on our parts as parents? And I am sorry you were abused. No one should ever have to go through an ordeal like that but unfortunately, they do.

Thank you for your concern. It only happened once, I was about 8, it was a stranger and over the years I was able to conquer my feelings about it, forgive and find closure. I didn't say anything at the time because I was embarrassed. My parents did a good job raising me and I felt like I had made a mistake by allowing myself to be tricked; but, it is still a lot to have to face when you are that young. If I say that the reasons are changing why it is not reported, it is not because I don't care, it is because I do care and I believe sexuality is complicated for young people. I should explain something, the outrage that people express is part of what scares children about saying anything, it may not be rational but kids aren't. Kids often blame themselves when their parents divorce and that is rational either, it just is.

We as adults, especially those of us with children, feel outrage and hate and anger when these things happen. They news gets self righteous and everyone talks about it and how they want to kill the person. This is a normal feeling; but, imagine you are ten and hear everyone talk about the kids who were abused on the news, would you report it knowing that you are going to be a news event and everyone will know what happened to you? They should feel free to let people know you may say; but, kids don't want that kind of publicity it is too much for them so they just keep it inside. I wouldn't tell anyone until I was in my 40s and I told my then wife. I think that Roger Moore's telling his story helped me to talk about mine and he waited till his 60s. Peace.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 11:12 PM
Thing is, we don't really know if theres an increase in people with authority over children abusing children. Or wither its just getting reported more, and more people being caught. I'm curious as to wither sexual abuse is going down or up?

We like to think back in the day, it was a rare occurrence, however what if its a problem thats just now starting to come to light? Are children safer now then they were back then or vice versa?

Just something to think about. I'm glad those teachers were caught and hope that the law doesn't go easy on them. I hope for the children to get the care they need and live out to be healthy and productive.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by Stryc9nine

I had I elementary school teacher, best teacher I ever had. Also one of the people in the article was a lady!

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