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ITT: Sticks and stones of ww4 are the prototype weapons being tested in the end-parts of ww3

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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 12:24 PM
So, you're all fairly certain WW3 is coming, let's lay that down. We can surmise from Albert Einsteins idea that World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones. What that means is that he didn't know what sticks and stones would be used because they're valuable as a component in keeping yourself arms length from combat, not in the embrace of death.

What weapons WW3 has are of course on the horizon, we can see that automation will become a large part in the militaries collective global arsenal. On the horizon there is the chance that high-technology of the military is a huge liability, rather than let this pass by I'm the anarchist who shouts fire in a crowded theatre.

AboveTopSecret Audience, I trust you not to laugh at me when I predict what kind of sticks are used to throw stones, and what kind of stones are used to wield sticks. Politicians are background props to this discussion, tell me how the set pieces move, how this plays out to you when I tell you a pantomime of the coming destruction.

The more reliant on drones the military becomes, the more energy dependent it is. If energy dependance is written into operational doctrine for the use of force, it becomes less of a liability and more security, to those who plan on such things.

I know how to write energy reliance into a system of unmanned aerial drones, that's a side-show you can See Here. The wildest weapons would use nearly unimaginable power, the dream catcher being easy to set up networked drones to recharge weapons, we find that it is a secure way to funnel the needed energy to the weapons of the future.


Energy intensive weapons are a field of study, a battle of the mind against ignorance. We'll have some steps to take in allowing new weapons to bloom today; No ifs ands or buts. "If a weapon can x why don't we y" is not allowed, that's moving set pieces for no reason. 'Ands' being a special case, you can use a lot of them, don't start with with and don't end with them. Buts being a condition for failure, if you open them you should close them.

1. Automated submarines, the power to launch missiles from a submarine anywhere in the world is amazing. We have technology today that could make them, to what purpose? Launching single-use missiles to dispose of enemies? No, the automated submarines would be tending either retrievable unmanned drones that they can carry inside them, or supporting a battlegroup of flying boats that carry armed force from land.

2. High-altitude stealth drones are of course being looked into, but their purpose is limited by being sky-high and expensive; great for surveillance, not so ready for urban combat. So of course it would only make sense that if there were drones to be used and not to be touched, then not touching them for longer periods of time is what we rely on. These automated drones would rely on each other not only to watch their backs, but scratch them too. The drones turn lasers toward each other to redirect power to keep their collective cameras flying, their collection of energy can be redirected when stable for short periods of time, and they can be used to provide a larger anti-missile shield with the right array of lasers and magnetic cannon firepower.

3. Magnetic Cannons, not so much science fiction today as it seems, but video games lead the way in deploying them. The US Navy does not like to be compared to a video game, but they're the ones pulling their weight when learning how to use magnetic cannons on ships. We find that they lead the way in how we use Aircraft today; perhaps their projectiles are recharging the drones or the submarines from earlier. Classified development exists, but can not be spoken of in specifics.

4. Lava lamps providing single-use digital encryption keys though the unpredicted nature of their abilities concerning the continued combo-generation their waxy light illuminates. 12 Lava Lamps 'decoded' would imply a combination lock for digital security that only those who have the lamps in their possession can confirm. You find that they'll almost organically imply that they know more than they can reveal, they can not be interrogated for tomorrows codes, they make them up as they go along.

This sounds silly when I talk about it, but you tell me, ATS Audience, how do weapons of the future play out, WW3 merely a stage to test some of them in preparation for the victors to use them in WW4?

If the Spanish Civil War was where Hitler was testing his new gadgets, we find that those against Hitler were only unwise in that they didn't beat him to that punch.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 03:01 AM
If WW3 happens, nukes won't be used.
NUKES are the reason WW3 didn't happen, because both sides were too scared to live through the devastation that they caused.
Instead, most wars will be fought through proxies, or puppet states.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by Duceis

I did seek to keep nuclear weapons out of this discussion, they always seemed to be a deus ex machina.

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