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Lost Memories

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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 12:38 AM
She hears her name being called from a distant far off face. Opening her eyes the woman, around the age of twenty three would open her eyes to a bright shining light being emitted from a doctors lamp. Feeling.... can you feel your limbs dear? The sound of a old gravely voice would call in a sweet and gentleman like manner. Ughhhh... limbs? She would reply in a sweet feminine voice? What are.... limbs? Blinking and stroking his long white beard, a man around the age of sixty would sigh and look at the girl beneath him that was in the large tank. She was covered in nothing but a towel but regardless of that fact it could be seen that she had aged nicely since she had been kept in the cryogenic tank since her mother, who had long since agreed to give her up for adoption after a year of waiting for her only daughter to heal and come home, and after paying the extensive bills for the process for a number of years, it turned out the woman just couldn't keep up with the bill payments. So the woman agreed to give her only child to the state to keep her daughter alive, and the state paid everything for her dear child in the end. It was only a couple decades after that fateful day, that the woman who had loved her child so dearly, would realize upon her death bed, that she would never get to see her darling girl ever again. So she entrusted the adoptive agency with her will to be given to the parents of the one who adopted her child. Little did the woman know, that this child would be adopted out by the most cruel and unforgiving of the richest families in the entire state of Drachmond.

Child limbs are you appendages that you walk with and move your hands with. The doctor was grateful that the child had been taught how to speak before she was frozen forever... or what would seem like forever. O... oh. I see. Where is mommy? The young woman would speak the question in a soft voice as she looked up at the kind gentleman before her. Well... the young man would sigh and rub the back of his head. She's dead child and your going to be adopted out by a nice family. Blinking her eyes would begin to fill with tears, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the light of the lamp as her arms moved to rub the tears from her eyes, the water in the tank beginning to slosh about over her fairly large chest that was covered by a towel. Um dear it will be alright. Your new parents will be here soon and your healed. The doctor spoke to her in a gentle and soothing voice, his gloved hands gently running through the young womans dark auburn hair. Your vitals are great, your organs have fought back the cancer that was consuming them, and you now have a new lease on life. Looking towards the young gentleman she would ask in a shaky voice. Well... what should I call them? Blinking and leaning back in his chair as he turned to lower the tank towards the floor via a computer screen and keyboard he would reply. Mom and dad I suppose. I am sorry child but it will be tough for you. But it will all work out.

((I will finish this later. Maybe.))

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 02:00 AM
((This is the second part to my story. I may finish the rest of the story if I stop after two or three paragraphs of writing or however many more paragraphs I do.))

Ummm.... tough? How come? I lost momma... and you tell me everything will be fine! She would stammer in frustration beginning to cry some more. Turning his head to look at her as the tank reached the very bottom of the floor the old man would lift himself up and off of the chair. Turning towards a small medical tray on wheels that held a chip of microscopic proportions and a injection device, he would lift the syringe up and off of the table, afterwards moving to pick up the chip and inserting into the device. Turning to the girl with the injection device in his left hand he would reply in a calm and gentle voice. Okay, there there... just calm down and turn your head child. Sniffling and looking at the kind young gentleman, she would nod her head, turning her head to the side to reveal a small silver plate within her neck where it appeared an injection device could be inserted into her via a small round hole in the metal plating.

Moving over to her he would quickly and gently insert the needle into the metal plate upon her neck. Whimpering and crying out in pain a bit more, now realizing that she would not be able to move as easily as she could before she would whimper and cry out. Wha.... wha... what did you do to me?!?!?!?!?!? Sighing softly as the young man removed the needle he would reply. We gave you what your mother decreed to be put inside you. It was her will. The young gentleman like doctor would lie as he walked back towards the tray and put the needle down, afterwards turning to the sink to wash his hands with some anti bacterial soap. After all... he felt horrid about putting the device in her, after all she had been his favorite of the children to care of here at the orphanage which was also partly a hospital too... but if he didn't he would lose his job according to the states adoptive records. Turning to look at the girl over his shoulder as he cleaned his hands in the sink besides the medical tray he would sigh. You will be fine. As he finished his sentence he would turn to look at the girl and he would just stare at her in amazement.
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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 11:14 PM
Ohhh, just wonderful. Another story for me to get hooked on! This is great so far. Please keep writing!

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by lokin

Don't worry I will continue and finish. Thanks for the Flag and Star if you flagged and starred it and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story when I get to finishing it.

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 10:34 PM
((This is the third part of my story. I will finish it when I have time to work on it or when I feel like it. Maybe...))

Before his very eyes the girl was morphing. Her supple fair skin was becoming almost unbearably flawless. Her teeth, her teeth were falling out and being replaced with razor sharp bits of bone that looked like what you would expect to see on a carved out jack o lantern. Her fingernails began to turn brittle and crack apart. Eventually after a few seconds they would fall to reveal what would be, one could only guess, her new finger nails. These appeared to be made from an obsidian like substance that also appeared to make the new nails look more like a man at a nail shop, or a woman for that matter, had painted her nails the most beautiful shade of shiny black. It was even more amazing because her nails became perfect and long... much like that of a small dogs claw. But the most horrific thing to be seen was the girls eyes. Which had become a beautiful shade of pale silver and were dripping out blood from the sides of her eye sockets. As the girl screamed out, her chest heaving and becoming more luscious, as was the rest of her now curvaceous figure, which before was only thin and slightly curvy, it could be seen that she had become an unusual and yet beautiful and unique creature. Now, the old gentleman felt even worse. What in gods name had he done, to an innocent woman, who had no memories except for a few of her dearly beloved mother? The one whom this girl would now forever hate. As the transformation slowly ended the young man would let out a slight cough as he covered his mouth with his right hand. Lowering his hand he would reply. Are you okay child?

O... okay? The young woman would reply, almost in utter shock that he could ask such a question. Her face was now streaked with tears of pain and blood. Her nose was dripping out blood, her entire body ached with the pain of her limbs being violently shoved in and out of their socket to make a different, what would, she would soon find out, be a much more improved form of herself then that of a normal human being, a more superior form. Not only was her entire body aching but her fingers hurt. She felt like she had had her nails ripped out one by one, and she couldn't feel what had once been her lovely perfect teeth. Finally, realizing after the shock and pain of everything that had come to pass had eased, that she could move her limbs as the doctor had called them, she would slowly begin to reach up towards her face with both of her lovely hands to reach and touch her new found teeth within her mouth. As she touched them more tears would begin to stream down her face and she would proceed to lift herself up and out of the tank, her long slender legs jumping gracefully to land upon the bare floor in a crotching position as her hands held on to the side of the tank as she made her decent. Luckily her towel was secured tightly with a metal clasp and the towel remained, soaking wet and clinging to her new form as she continued to remain in the crotched position upon the floor, the fingertips of her left hand helping to hold her up as she leaned against the floor in front of her.

LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME!?!?!?!?!?!? She would scream out in rage and anger and fear. LOOK!!!! You made me... into a freak. She would sob as she cupped her face into her hands, hiding her face within the long slender curves of her fingers. Coughing a bit more violently the man would reply. Child I am sorry. I really am, for I had no idea the chip would do such things. Looking towards him, she would see that his words were true and sadly she didn't even know how she knew he was being truthful with her. Getting herself into a fully upright standing position she would begin to hobble towards the man before her, not even knowing now, how she already knew how to walk or do the things she knew now how to do that before were a mystery to her. You mean it? She would reply, her silvery eyes narrowing in suspicion. Looking into her eyes the he would blush in embarrassment and anger at his foolish decision to forsake his practice as a care taker for such rich snobs that could threaten his job with those darn adoptive records by going through the state, or at least that is what he thought was going on, yet it would be only later that he would find out the horrid truth. Turning his eyes away from her briefly as he turned around fully to look at her, for he had still had his back turned towards her and his head had been looking at her from a side angle, he would reply. Of course I mean it. I care... and with those words he would grow quiet, a guilty subconscious was now beginning to take form and weigh heavily upon the old mans mind... and heart as he spoke those very true words. For now they were bound by the threads of a horrid fate. Her fate...

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