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Motorist vs Driver

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:42 PM
A couple of nights ago the neighbor kids cousin (14 years old- already on probation for B&E) too his moms unregistered(expired tags)/uninsured car joyriding and sideswiped either two or three of the cars (in any case thousands in property damage) on my street. If it were a responsible/licensed/insured driver they would be in jail this kid only got a ticket and the cop took a report and basically told the car owners "Well, that's what uninsured motorist insurance is for."

So are 'Motorists' not subject to the draconian web of the UCC system of tricks and lies but 'Drivers' are???

If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful.
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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 02:26 PM
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That could qualify as a probation violation. With that the individuals should file a suit in small claims court if your in the US. The parent is responsible in the end but it seems this is a great start for a criminal life.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 02:29 PM
If you are driving a vehicle, you do so for profit.

If you are using your personal conveyance, it is private.

If you or the vehicle is registered, all acts, statutes and by-laws apply to you.

If you are not registered, you will be co-erced into accepting kidnap and extortion by armed men, who will proceed to take you on board their ship and try you according to their own rules, which they are exempt from following. You will agree to all these things. You following?

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 02:43 PM
Yes 'driving' is derived from the days shepherds/farmers would 'drive' theyre sheep/cattle through villages and towns on theyre way to market etc !
It was 'hijacked' when motor vehicles came into being !
Its a very technical area but rest assured you will LOSE !
(note LOSE not LOOSE ?)

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