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One For the Money

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 09:15 AM
Ok, so like most other guys in the theater, I was there because my wife read the book. So, if I did this chick flick, we could then go see Underworld.

It actually wasn't bad, as far as these things go. It's based on books by Janet Evanovich (same title as the movie for this one)...and is about a female bounty hunter. It had some good characters in it (as most stories do based on books) probably going to be a franchise for a little bit. (she's done a LOT of those books though)....

Anyhoo, if you get forced into seeing it with your gal, it actually isn't bad. There's some fight scenes and shooting, and you get to see a lot of skin from the star, so there's that at least...


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