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This is how it starts aka British couple arrested for twittering! Original post.

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 08:30 AM
Hello, my first thread. Didn't plan to make it such a mediocre one but this has really wound me up:

It could have gone into the 'War on terror' thread or even 'NWO' or any others but they are all interlinked anyway. This is IMO about big brother going too far!

It shows not only that 'they' monitor Twitter but that anything you say, even as a joke can get you arrested!
I will never set a foot onto US soil, I had that decided already years ago when they where too stringent with their body searches and accusations etc. But this is putting the last nail in the coffin for me.

What will happen next? Whatever you say is now down to any untrained moron to interpret?

I have noted that I have censored what I say on the internet. This was not always so, this was once a free place, where if you wanted you could say what you want and you were fine. I don;t believe for one second that when people write certain thing that they mean them [at least the majority doesn't]. The old "barking dogs don't bite" springs to mind. People say all sorts of stuff. I remember at school [1982] we were laughing about nuking Russia [beep beep beep- somewhere an alarm goes off] or other places and even put it in our school magazine. Did we really want to bomb Russia?
I shouldn't have to answer this, because the answer is clear: OF COURSE WE DIDN'T. Times were scary then and we dealt with them by making fun.

However people who do pose a real thread meanwhile resort to ways of communication that can;t be so easily picked up on. So mostly innocent people will get arrested whilst the others keep going their merry ways.

But if kids play around like this nowadays, they actually facing arrest. How scary is that?
This will lead to people not voicing anything out of fear. The end of free speech is here! Fascism is here. You really have to watch what you are saying and only say the right things or face consequences. I am scared.

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by Hecate666

You said ityourself... you have found yourself censoring what you normally wouldn't have a few years ago.

The world governments can't pass a law against the internet... so they scare you to the point that you censor yourself and they don't have to do it for you.

I say screw it... say what you want. When they take away the freedoms of your voice and your thoughts and mind, we have already lost and I would rather live my life knowing that no one is telling me how to express myself.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by YouAreLiedTo

You are of course right, but I grew up at in a place and a time where when you did say the wrong things there would be real consequences. I grew up in Germany [then West] but near the border. We often saw soldiers with guns observing what we were doing, ready to shoot. When I had to go into the East, there was no way I could say what I wanted or even look at someone the wrong way. If they had wanted to arrest me, they could and I would have been held, on the wrong side of my country and nobody could have helped me.
My East-german friends were even more gagged, they told me things you wouldn't believe. It took them years to trust any government or even people again, because anyone could grass you up, even if you didn't do anything. I once remember a West German game show where you make banter at the start and the guy from the east [just after the wall came down] was asked what he was doing as a job. He didn't answer. He looked so uncomfortable but he didn;t answer. I remember that moment well as it summed everything up.

What is happening now with the US and Britain and a lot of other places does not only remind me of the time when I was little but I have the same feelings now. The strange fear and having to think before I speak or write. I can;t help it, it has been engrained in me from my youth. I just remember my first few years in Britain, how free I felt how insanely free. That has gone now and I am exactly where I was back in 1981. Shame really.

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