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Involuntary Remote Viewing?

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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by julia53

Btw yes,always with my eyes closed,i saw the people and places.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 08:58 PM
hi raxoxane
sorry i have to 'chop up' your reply but i don't want to forget anything..

Originally posted by Raxoxane
reply to post by julia53

Hey Julia53,yes screen dreams are of much interest to me-well all dreams are interesting really,i see them as often being a sort of guidance.Certain ones do stick out,mainly because either it was incredibly frightening(i do not as a rule get straight-out nightmares,but there was one doozy i had last December,just before an atrocity) or the "dreams" leave physical pain.A certain feeling accompanies my dreams,that i suspect may be screens-a clarity in recollection,but also a knowing of sorts,while im dreaming it,that this is "one of those".

sorry, it won't let me quote, but you know what you said lol; anyway, what do you mean, by 'one of those'. a, what i call, a 'you are there' dream? also--physical pain afterwards in the same places in the are checking yourself, yes? i am sure that you know that unusual things can happen when you sleep, and i don't mean knocking your elbow on your bedstand..

"I have very poor dream recall for a while now,but i do still get recall sometimes of a "normal dream" like two nights ago,i dreamt that i was in an apartment building in a big city,and there had just been a massive earthquake,lots of water,everything was a mess,and it was risky to move around,though we did get out-then im discussing fashion in my kitchen with 2 women i dont know-then im chasing my cat out of the house because he's making a lot of noise-then awake-and i know it was just a dream."

well, you may have foresight, very possible, considering your other gifts. i have had dreams of some sort of varety of disaster and then i am running a store or some such mundane and unrelated thing; could be our higher selves saying 'okay, that's enough future gazing for now, how 'bout some symbolism to finish off the night'..

"The others have a cloying sort of quality,and there's usually one frightening person in them-a normal seeming person from whom i get a sense of terrible danger,evil,harmful-even though that person does nothing in the dream that would conventionally be considered scary or evil-just an overpowering animal terror accompanies meeting up with such a person,and i flee in terror.Like in the dream where i gave birth,and then i was in a medical facility being given a procedure,and next im in my kitchen,and there's 2 people claiming to be "the babies,that grew up" as the young woman told me-complete fear and my fleeing the house.In that one i had a very distinct sense that these 2 were not as they appeared to me-that i was sensing who they really were,while i was seeing only a facade of average looking people-i sensed their "essence" as being very harmful,fatal to me,if they would choose to be that.I bled for 9 days after that one,btw."

i know you came on here, on this thread, to talk about the possiblity of involuntary remote viewing, but i know you have read and researched other things, and i am sure you know what this sounds and feels like, i am sorry to say. it appears to me(uneducated still that i am)that it is possible the above may have had something to do with aliens--like i said, don't mean to upset you, but the bleeding for nine days is not good. however! very good that you saw through the screen images that they gave you and were able to discern that there was something very malevolant and harmful to you. alway the first step, identify and then, if possible, act accordingly..

"Last Friday night,i remember something terrified me in the night,but very briefly,a small figure/person behind me,right behind my back,i half woke up and sat up,and felt this slithery little figure,i just caught a glimpse of some small being/person,and then i must have fallen asleep again-but the next morning i had a small bruise above my left eye,on the lid below my eyebrow-strange thing-it was an OLD bruise.But it was'nt there when i went to bed."

now this is not definative, of course..could be anything, not so much like the med. 'procedure'(i love that double speak). however, if it felt bad, it probably was; something nice would probably not terrify you(i am guessing that this is not the first entity you have ever sensed)

just be real careful. sometimes when i am 'doing' the IRV(i love that term btw and am passing it along) i will see one of the creepies; of course i always open my eyes then to make em go away, but one night, apparently they wanted to really mess with me and i saw some on the wall; just a few, some looked like 'child' aliens almost(like maybe i would feel compassion? but no dice, sorry). they would love to have an invitation--not that they need one, of course, but there must be someone or something that keeps them at bay some of the time..

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by julia53

Hey there,yes it would a feeling of:well,recognition,is the best way to put it-whilst in the dream,while its not lucid dreaming,there's a sense of recognising the nature of the "dream" and "be careful now,veeery careful-you are in dangerous territory".Also a certain nostalgia,which remains afterwards.This is Difficult to explain-i would assume its because my old childhood home often is incorporated in this suspected screen dream.
And its in this old childhood home,that i first had,at a very young age,experiences which will Not fade from memory-they are just Too bizarre-Too inexplicable-and the "normal paranormal"
explanations would'nt explain it either.Although there were lots of palpable spirit presence in that house-the spirit(s) were present day and night,i knew what that felt like,unpleasant it was,but one gets used to anything.As you get to be an older child,and young teen,it becomes a type of "background noise" like if you work in a noisy factory.These bizarre experiences would,in hindsight and with research on the abduction phenomena,point to such a situation.

You know i didnt mention that the two people who claimed to be "the babies that grew up" had the faces of two people we know in the town-they are'nt friends whom we socialise with,but me+the hubby like both people(a married couple younger than us) very much.I especially like the woman,she is a hardworking,very friendly,decent young woman,pretty,vibrant and a very good mother.Her kids are in the same school as my son,we gave them a kitten from my cat's litter even.Of all the folks we know,hers is a face that should inspire trust in me,in a dream.Gladness to see her,absolutely no fear or any negative feeling is present towards this young woman in real life,in fact like i said,i admire both her and her husband,hardworking salt of the earth types,and i like her tremendously much-she just brings a smile to my face whenever i see her-a really nice decent person.
As she said to me in the dream that they are the babies that grew up,she even hugged me brieflyin the dream:but all i thought and instinctively felt was-"NO.No you are to be avoided at all costs,i have to get Out of here" My honest impression? Malevolence,pure malevolence,that if "she" wanted to,she could consume me as food,and if "she" wanted to,it would be with teeth as sharp as razors.And consume not just the flesh.I know how childish that sounds.

But its like these dreams bring out something on a very primal level,and that is another difference in how i can for myself perceive that its "one of those".On a spiritual level it seems to elicit a response too-like,a deepseated DISGUST,alarm bells of grave and imminent danger to my whole being,soul included.Ive thought about it afterwards at length-and what rang truest for me is this: A terror,at soul level,of being ABSORBED/ASSIMILATED,if that makes any sense what so ever?Or contamination,idk.Sorry it is So difficult to describe,and some things one sense or feel just dont make it into the translation into text form.

Btw,these days,i do check myself.Not obsessively,every single day,all over,but i check the areas like face and neck,arms,legs,usually in the few hours after waking up.Its gotten to be a sort of habit,though to be honest,some days i just don't feel like it,then i don't bother.The other day i found an unexpected surprise,well it was'nt a nice feeling-there was suddenly on my left arm,an "old scar" that i never had-almost like an old innoculation scar.But i have my innoc scar from primary school,its the only one i had,we all got that one in school in the 70's in SA,it was a whopper.That innoc where it looks like about 5 needles are being used at once,you know? The primary school was a Vale of Tears that day,i recall :-D The new innoc scar is not in a place on an arm where one gets innoculated,anyway.Then a few days after discovering it, there was a red needlemark inside that new old scar -next day-gone.So yeah some days i just dont want to know.Some days i will take a pic of the mark or bruise,some days it seems an obscene thing to do,for some reason.Like the needlemark-i took a pic of the new old scar-but on the day of the needlemark,i thought about it and just felt a sick feeling,so i did'nt.Besides its really pointless,i guess.
Re the "little personlet-thingy" it was mostly disgust,like a spider the size of a cat behind one's back-unclean-just a horrible,horrible feeling,but there was fear too-on the whole,such a brief moment-but it would take a nanosecond to know one has to GTFO-i have an even briefer memory of making for my bedroom door,or wanting to-then nothing.But it was recalled immediately when i woke up,and i wont be forgetting it again,either.

About the IRV,may i send you a pm?There's something very specific about some one i saw during such,that i would rather like your opinion on,if its ok?

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

once i had this 'dream' about my daughter in law(who i guess is now my 'ex daughter in law') at the time, i really liked her--still do, actually, tho i think she is losing it a bit ::rolleye:: anyway, in this dream, she was like 'coming on' to me(i am a woman). i was rather creeped out, but, i kinda just tried to 'fluff her off'(knowing that she is ah, let's say, 'overly sexual' in the first place).

then it changed, she changed..into something very horrific, like you said, malevolent, i felt that yes, i know that feeling, that well, she wanted to EAT me..i know, it sounds crazy, but man, i was shaking when i 'woke'...

upon reflection, however, i do not know if it wasn't another image, yes? either alien/paranormal, some damn thing; you know, get close to the 'intended' by using someone who you like, even love..which i am wondering if this couldn't be in your case. sounds like the woman is very nice in real life; my daughter in law is a nut, but i think she still follows the basic rationale of most of us lol, and i really haven't seen a major decline in her over the years to where i am afraid she will look at me like dinner fare i am left to wonder if either it was some sort of 'intuitive knowledge' ha, or since that apparently is not panning out, something else. because that was not a dream, if it was i wouldn't be able to sleep again,,

i know what you mean about not always wanting to know..i get bummed out sometimes too(this morning there 'footprints' of something on the carpet. could be anything, right). still, i note it, put it in that ol' file cabinet; you never know when a piece of info might come in handy..

yes, of course pm me; i look forward to it

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