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Eagles and Dragons-A short story about the US having to deal with a second Cuban missle crisis (with

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:38 AM
US President-Gentlemen. Ladies. Good morning. We usually have the national security meeting at 9am and we'll continue to have the 9am meeting. But given recent events, I have decided to add this 7am meeting to it. Every day. Until further notice.

As your all aware, we have a second Cuban missle crisis unfolding. This time it's with China. The Chinese built that base in Cuba and we've had electronic eyeballs on it since before they broke ground. Heck, I have a picture right here of the ceremonial first shovel. It was taken by a drone.

And your all aware of the Chinese intent to station long range ballistic missles in Cuba. And I will not allow those missles into Cuba while I am President. I will go to war before I surrender the security of the United States of America to this outragous act by the Communists.

We believe that first delivery of long range ballistic missles is halfway between Hawaii and Panama. Right HERE! The Pentagon believes those missles are on THIS ship, right in the middle of the Chinese fleet. We have the US Navy to the north and south of this Chinese fleet. Our pilots and their pilots are playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse hourly. A trigger happy pilot on either side could very well trigger a major conflict. At the least.

I have also ordered our US Navy to block the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Those ships, our ships, will be in position in the next 24 hours.

We already have the Gulf side of the canal blocked and I have received a letter of protest from the Panamanian President. I have also received his seperate request sent both to the United States and China through the UN. His request is simply that neither side allow this conflict to encompass the nation of Panama.

Other central American countries issued similiar requests. If war breaks out between us and China in Panama, it is going to turn Central America upside down, North and South America alike. All of central America will try to evacuate into South America and that simply won't go well for anyone. Mainly Columbia. Our relations with Columbia continue to break down because of this building incident.

Chile and Argentina have both requested we keep the conflict away from the southern tip of South America so basiclly, they are asking us, not literally, to keep the crisis in Panama.

As a precaution, I have sent a fleet to protect the South American, Antartic gateway.

And we are finishing up a loose blockade of Cuba. This is proving to be a dangerous challange due to the already exisitng presence of the Chinese Navy. Including one Chinese aircraft carrier which will have to be taken out if hostilities begin.

I don't know what is going to happen when that Chinese fleet meets the US blockade at Panama. Publicly, we have NATO supporting us but privately, ladies and gentlemen, just look at some of these memos.

Look at the memo from France. I'd hardly call that unwavering support.

I don't think our NATO allies will leave us standing at the alter if hostilities break out but Russia's support siding with China is very VERY unsettling to both the United States and our European allies.

In the next 48 hours, we will study our nuclear options. But I pray to Jesus it won't come to that. And I doubt the Russians would take a nuclear assualt on China lightly. The possibility of the Russians retaliating against a US sponsered nuclear strike using their own nukes against's astronomical.

(A cell phone rings.)
Sec. of Defense Charlie Kellog-Mr. President, this might be an update. I have to take this call.

President-Go ahead Charlie.

Kellog-Hello? Yes, go ahead. The Santa Maria? No. Wait a minute, hold on. Anybody here know anything about the Santa Maria?

Sec. of State-Like, Christopher Columbus?

Kellog-No. A yaht with the mayor of Miami on it. A peace mission to Havanna.

President-What peace mission?

Kellog-Listen, did ANYBODY send the mayor of Miami on a peace mission to Havanna? He's on a yaht halfway between Key West and Cuba and the Cubans think it's a spy ship.

President-What peace mission?

Kellog-The Cubans are about to blow it up.

President-Oh no No NO! Don't tell me it starts like this! Give me that phone! NOW! Hello? This is the President of the United States. Who am I talking to? And your in charge of communications on the George Washington? Well, I want you to communicate with me what in the hell is going on down there!

President-There's no peace mission. You've got some zealot out there. You tell your Admiral the President wants the Navy SEALS to board that ship! You tell him that now!

President-Holy Christ! Listen to me very carefully and do EXACTLY as I say! You tell this Santa Maria to stop in it's tracks and drop it's anchor right now. You tell them that's a order from me! And you tell the Cubans that is not a spy ship. And if they so much as fire a warning shot, the USS George Washington will blow. them. up! You tell them that right now mister!

President-Hello? What's happening? What's going on? Hello? What the hell? Did he hang up on me? Here, I don't have a phone like this. Call him back. Get him back on the........

Switchboard Operator-Mr. President-I have an urgent call from NORAD! Mr. President?

President-Send it through. And you get that communications guy back on the phone. Or anybody!

Kellog-It's going straight to voice mail. Let me call Atlantic Command.

President-Voice mail?

Swithcboard Operator-Mr. President, please! This call is extremely urgent. I must transfer it right now!

President-Go! Transfer it!

Switchboard Operator-NORAD, the President is on the phone.

NORAD-Mr. President, this is NORAD. Are you there?

President-What's going on? This is the President. What's happening?

NORAD-Mr. President, we have two ballistic launches from Cuba heading north. Three confirmed signaturs, sir.

President-You said two!


Switchboard Operator-Mr. President, I have an urgent call from the Pentagon, two from Atlantic Command and seven from the CIA. And every civilian line is the media! Oh, one from Pacific Command sir! Oh my God, is it happening? Oh, Britian. Israel! Australia, Japan! PLEASE SOMEONE I NEED HELP ON THE BOARD!

President-Elizabeth sweetheart, listen to me. Sshhh, listen Elizabeth. Punch Condition Zero. Okay? Right now, right now Elizabeth.

Switchboard Operator-areyousure



President-That's wonderful Elizabeth. Great job. Now activate the Emergency Broadcast System, then call Japan and tell them the Dragon is out. They know what it means. Then follow protocal. Get out of here!

Switchboard Operator-Oh my God.

President-Elizabeth, do what I said!

Secret Service-All agents, the President has declared a condition zero. The players are in the box. Incoming arrows. Home Team is Super Nova.

President-Ladies and gentlemen, any second now, about 20 agents are going to come through that door and take us to the.....

Secret Service-Your football sir. Everybody, now!

To be continued.....

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:51 AM
Haha great read, cant wait for the rest of it
i s&f sir

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by Genfinity

Meanwhile aboard the USS George Washington.

“Admiral Turner, we have outbound birds in the air! Telemetry points to DC, New York Chicago and Atlanta!”

Turner turned to look out of the CiC. “Launch the ready flight immediately and bring the Task Force to full alert.” “Crap,” he thought, “this is the last way I wanted to end my career. That idiot mayor has started World War 3.”

“Well, the road to hell is paved in good intentions.” he muttered.

LT Smith looked at him. “Excuse me, Sir?”

“Just talking to myself Lieutenant, launch the ready flight and get the others prepared as well. This is gonna be a long day, if we survive it.”

LT Smith spoke into the mike. "Raven Six, you are cleared to launch. Hostilities have been confirmed. You are cleared for action."

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 11:39 AM
Secret Service-Mr. President, Shaft 1 is not big enough for your entire Cabinet. 2nd tier staff in #2!

President-Wait a minute. Isn't Shaft 2 slower?

Secret Service-Mr. President, I swear to God I'll shove you in. We don't have time for this. We need to MOVE! Get in, go Go GO! Everybody in? Close the doors! Hang on, this goes like a roller coaster!

Press Sec-Good Lord! How fast are we going?

Secret Service-About 60mph.

Press Sec-What about the #2?

Secret Service-About 25-30.

President-That's not fast enough. Were is that missle?

Secret Service-Mr. President, I can't get any radio in the shaft. Once we get in the hard room.......Here we are! When I open these doors, follow the WHITE arrows! Everybody got it? WHITE! GO GO GO!


Secret Service-This is the briefing room! Get under the table!

President-Wait a minute! I'm the President! I'm not getting und.......

Secret Service-GET YOUR BUTT UNDER........

~The room shakes. A growing rumble approaches.~

Secret Service-Here it comes.

~The lights go out. Someone screams.~

President-Christ, the White House.........

Rita Twine, Fox News-Awww! OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT! Oh no oh no oh no.

New York, Fox News-Rita, are you okay? What's happening?!

Rita-They blew it up. Something hit the White House!


Rita-Officer! Rita Twine, Fox News! Whats going on!

Police Officer-Put that damn camera away and get the hell out of here!

Rita-Was that a missle? Did a missle hit the White House!

Police Officer-Listen to me! More missles are coming. Get out of here! Go south toward Consi.....HOLY CRAP! DISPATCH, ANOTHER ONE! Get down, get down!

Rita-Oh my God! Get that on cam....


Fox News, New York-Rita, are you alright? Rita! RITA!

Rita-What was that? Was that the Capitol?

Police Officer-Hold on, sshhh, sshhh wait. 163 to anybody.

Police Officer's gone. I repeat, the Capitol is gone. They're taking out the government.

Rita-Officer, what's your name?

random lady on the street-was anybody in there?

Police Officer-Look, I don't know who is what. Hold on. Dispatch, are we still moving the south side to Constitution?

Police Officer's radio-Negative. West across the bridge. All areas, move everybody west across the bridges. West across the bridges.

Police Officer-Get across the Roosevelt before they take it out.

Rita-We're live. Were do we go after we cross the bridge?

Police Officer-Rita, I don't have any damn idea. Put the camera away, get in the van and get the hell ot of here! Do me a favor. Take me with you. I have to get to a different command post. Be quiet a second. Dispatch, were is the new command?

Police Officer's radio-Courthouse Metro on Claredon. Don't go there unless your instructed. Everything is probably a target.

Police Officer-Well, were the hell am I going?

Police Officer's radio-I don't know. Just move west across the Potomac. And then I don't know what to do.

Rita-Look, look! Get that on camera. That's a jet. Probably from Andrews. Is that south? Heading south. Look, there goes another one. New York, we have jets heading south. Can you..., are you getting this?

Camera man-Rita, I think I'm gonna throw up.

NORAD-Has anybody heard from the President? Were's the live imagery on the White House. How much longer before the bird is in position?

NORAD-I got requests all over the place. What do you want me to do?

NORAD-We're moving the damn things. We get it first. DC can wait!

NORAD-Hey, what's that? Look at 12! Were's the Washington?

NORAD-What is that? A sub?

NORAD-That's the Washington. It's capsized! See the props?

NORAD-WHAT? How can it be....? 30 minutes ago it was...... What the hell did they hit it with? Astroids?

NORAD-4 has the White House.

NORAD-THAT is the White House? How far down does it go?

NORAD-The bunker is pretty deep. I'm looking it up.

NORAD-Not the bunker. THAT! How deep did that missle go?

NORAD-Gentlemen, if that is the White House, we have to consider the possibility that we no longer have a President.

NORAD-Well Jesus Christ! If they took out the President, they can take us out.

NORAD-Let's go ahead and move this along to DefCon 1. Pull out your nuclear protocols. Notify all the silos, we are at DefCon 1 and stand by.

NORAD-Confirm, DefCon 1. All I need is an order.

NORAD-Stand by on the order. Once we launch, that's it.

NORAD-Pentagon on 2.

NORAD-Damnit, look at that. Well, most of it is still intact. They're all walking. Anybody know were they're going?

NORAD-Hey, Can I take Galaxy 4? It'll shut down DirecTV but I gotta take it.

NORAD-Galaxy 4, take it. I'm busy. DirecTV's not fighting this war. Don't care. Okay, sorry I missed that. Were's our middle east sub again?

(To be continued)

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Genfinity

Keep it up. Are you going to do a page a day?

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by TDawgRex

I'm not sure were I'm going with this yet. I need to split right now. There won't be anything new before midnight central (US).

Thanks for the support!

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 09:04 AM
Clancy, Montana
Dad-What the hell?!

Son-I didn't do it Dad!

Dad-What'd ya do to the TV?

Son-I didn't do anything.

Dad-I just saw you trying to change the damn channel boy! Why'd you turn it off FoxNews?

Son-Dad, DirecTV broke.


Son-It wasn't me!

Dad-You changed it!


Mother-What in the world is going on? What happened to the TV?

Dad-Your damn son changed the channel and broke the damn thing! Stupid!

Son-Mom, it went off the air.

Dad-It's DirecTV son! What ya think the Chinese are bombing outer space?

Mother-Oh my God! What if they are?

Dad-Well I tell ya what, if I see any damn Chinese, they'll be staring down the Daisy!

Son-The BB gun?


Coalgate, Oklahoma

Bobby-Is Holly there?

Holly-Hey Bobby.

Bobby-What are you doing?

Holly-Watching whatever I guess. The war......

Bobby-We lost are DirecTV.

Holly-That sucks. We have cable. Most of the channels still work but it's all on like the news or what ever.


Holly-Are you scared?

Bobby-A little. Do you think, like, I hope I don't get drafted.

Holly-haha, You have to be 18 to be drafted. Don't you know anything?

Bobby-Oh really?


Bobby-I like so they don't draft teenagers?

Holly-Well, 18 is a teenager.


Holly-Dang, the CIA is on fire.

Bobby-Holly, hey Holly....


Bobby-We've been together like what....?

Holly-I don't know. Two weeks I guess. Why?

Bobby-Well, like, what if we die.

Holly-Umm, umm, yeahIdon'tknow

Bobby-So like, you don't want to die a virgin do you? Holly? Hello?



Holly-Bobby, we're like in 5th grade. I'm not, I am so not having sex with you. Hey, I gotta go.

Bobby-No wait!

Holly-Seriously Bobby, I have to go. I'll umm, I'll call you later I guess.

Bobby-Hold on, are you mad? I was just like kidding.

Holly-Bobby, I HAVE TO GO! Bye. ~click~ ohmyGod ohmyGod, eww! Bobby Anderson, eww eww. He totally thinks we're going together. ohmyGod, if he told ANYBODY I kissed him. ohmyGod Oh crap, What am I going to do?


Birmingham, Alabama
Dad-Look at me son! Listen, you bend it like this. And then you put the shells in. Are you listening? See? Just like that. And then you..... Okay, you got it? You think you can do it on your own? Come on, show me your my little man. 8 years old already and going on 10. Here ya go. Do what I showed you.


Los Angeles, California
Jermaine-Yo what up? Wal Mart? Which one?

Jermaine's Mom-Wal Mart? Boy, who you talkin to? I know you talkin about buyin somethin and not taken somethin!

Jermaine-It's my moms man. Come on ma, quit trippen.

Jermaine's Mom-Boooy, you better give me that phone. Don't make big bad mama take the phone from my baby boy. Don't make mama do it. GIVE ME THAT PHONE!

Jermaine's sister-You are not going to Wal Mart to riot Jermaine! Who you talkin to, Larry?

Jermaine's Mom-Larry, I will call your mama! I'm gonna call your mama on you boy!

Jermaine-Oh damn mom. Your trippen.

Jermaine's mom-What did you say to me? I know you didn't curse me! Oh, No you didn't!

Jermaine's sister-Jermaine, this ain't no Rodney King! It's like 911. White people will kill you.

Jermaine-Girl, you weren't even alive for Rodney Kmama give me back my phone! MAMA!

Jermaine's mom-Look at this baby girl. Nucklehead Larry.

Jermaine's sister-Uh huh, sure is.

Jermaine's mom-It's on now. That boy is a fool and you a fool for talkin to him. I'm calling that boy's mama right now. Rioting....boy don't you know that's exactly what those white people want you to do? I did not bring you in this world so you could join your father in the grave. Lord Jesus.

Jermaine's sister-Now look what you did? Don't cry mama. Jermaine, oh I swear to God. You embarress me. Why is our father dead? Why Jermaine? WHY?!?!

Jermaine-Hey, the TV went out.

NBC CEO, New York City-What the hell? What just happened?

NBC Executive-We just lost the sattilite.

NBC CEO-Well, get us back on!

NBC Executive-We don't have the sattilite anymore. The affiliates can still do local but we're done.

NBC CEO-Then call Washington.

NBC Executive-Your kidding, right?

NBC CEO-Why is FoxNews still on the air?!?!

Switchboard Operator-Damn it.

Man-What's wrong?

Switchboard Operator-I have this line ringing and when I pick it, listen to this....

Man-(listens) What the hell?

Switchboard Operator-It's a rainbow line. What the hell is a rainbow line?

Man-Rainbow line? Yeah, I don't know man. But you better figure it out. It might be important.

Switchboard operator-Look at my board! I, I can't waste my time on this.


to be continued

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