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War between Japan and Australia?

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by wondera

The changes to Australian defence posturing is happening, I was speaking to my brother in law, who's an Australian Naval Officer and he was saying that their is an urgency to what they are doing right now which he hasn't seen before. from the building of new landing craft, and variouse other actions including the shift in focus to resource protection. Purchesing new super-hornets and a range of other things happening, this in not coincidental this is preperation. The latin proverb, victory loves prudence.

No google it, our warships are falling apart
our planes are well, ya may as well use a fokka
seriously we are only spending because we have too, we are not preparing for Jack #m just spending up big on a ageing fleet


posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 05:32 AM
currently in the pipeline are two new canberra class helicopter landing ships, 12 subs thought thats
very early. 3 hobart class Air-warfare destroyers with Aegis combat systems, new petrol boats.
we've only got 1 out of six subs currently opperational with 3 full sub crews ready. the Anzac class
frigets are aging. and we've got to get some more landing craft able to land M1A1 main battle tanks.
what i was getting at is the number of precument programs in the works has increased. yes we
are still looking at geting the f-35 but numbers are not garented due to the increased cost of the program
the bang for buck isn't that good. they have a greatly reduced payload and combat radius. the superhornets
on the other hand is an imediate and actionable program which will get planes in the air now not
in 5 years like the f-35. we face a technology gap with the migs in indonesia, who has signed a
deal with china for medium range balistic missile to be produced jointly. now if thats not
putting a cracker up the military's pants, it could be the 60 subs which china admits to having. that's
more subs than the us and in one theater. China has an aircraft carrier but that isn't as bigger threat
as the subs. india is feeling a little more muscular these days to with it's increased prosperity
it already has a tight working relationship with russia, being involved in the development of the
russian stealth figher. the changes in defence are goint to happen faily rapidly once they get
the defence precurement programs under better management. the current batch of new torpedos
for the navy can't do half the jobs which it was intended to do. there is an arms race in asia
and we have to be ready to put more dollars into defence.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 10:54 PM
Japan and Australia aren't going to war over whales.

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