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The real Jewish people. Torah Jews Against ZIONISM

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:02 PM
So I was asking myself,

Who are the real Jewish people, since they have been usurped long ago. Why do they think they are a race/ nationality/ whatever, since Judaism is a religion?

I found this group of honest, true Jews.

They follow their teachings and think of themselves as people who happen to be Jewish. Not Jews who happen to be people. I would side with them any day and thank them for their brave mission against Zionism. I thank them for their work for peace. I thank them for their honesty. I thank them for actually believing in something because it brings good to the world and to themselves. I thank them for all they do. I call them my brothers.

Before you use the token term "self hating Jews", I would remind you that they follow their RELIGION faithfully and love their culture so much that they make their lives allot harder by trying to make a difference for the betterment of their people and Humanity. Just as their "good book" tells them to. They are good people who just happen to be Jewish. They have amongst them Jews that were ORIGINAL inhabitants of Jerusalem. They have amongst them Jews that since times not remembered have been doing "Gods" work. They do good to their fellow man. Period.

Torah Jews, Their mission.

We seek to disassociate Jews and traditional Judaism from the Zionist Ideology by:
■Providing historical and supporting documentation that Zionism is totally contrary to the teachings of traditional Judaism through the words of our Rabbis, Sages, and Holy Scriptures which oppose the creation of a state called Israel.

■ Providing historical documentation on the ideaology and creation of Zionism, the supporters of Zionism and the negative impact of their actions on the Jewish people in the past hundred years, including their involvement in the holocaust up to the present day.

■ Publicizing the efforts of traditional Jews to demonstrate that all Jews do not support Zionism, which is being ignored by the mainstream media.

■ Convince the news media, politicians and the public to cease referring to the state of Israel as the "Jewish State" but to call it what it is: the "Zionist State".

It is our firm belief that when the state of "Israel" is recognized for what it is, a Zionist state which is not guided by the teachings of the traditional Jewish faith, Jews worldwide will be able to live in peace.

Real Jews and Real Muslims are friends

The most harmful place for Jews is in Israel

Take a step back and remember to do good to each other. It's a message we can all get behind. I love a little more because of this. I thought I would share.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:13 PM
here is more, you can find this stuff yourself, but for the tired people amongst us,

"True Torah Jews" express there position!

True Torah Jews Against Zionism DC Rally 1980 1of7

anti zionist jews vs zionist thugs

Israeli brutality against Religious Jews

Rabbi State "Zionism Is Racism"

Rabbi Weiss Rips the Ideology of Zionism

Iranian Presedent Meeting anti Zionist Rabbis in NYC

Anti Zionist Left Wing Jews Tellin it like it is

Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:27 PM
here is more

Free Palestine: Zionist Jews killing Orthodox Jews

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:43 PM

1) What is "The People of Israel" ?

The People of Israel have existed for thousands of years.
They have their own particular, essential nature.
The Torah is the source of their essential nature.
Without Torah and Faith there is no People of Israel.
Whoever denies the Torah and the Faith is no longer part of the People of Israel.
The purpose of the People of Israel in this world is Divine Service.
Their salvation is occupation in Divine Service.
2) What is Zionism?

Zionism is a relatively new thing.
It has only existed for a century.
Zionism redefines the true essential nature of the People of Israel, and substitutes for it a completely contradictory and opposite character - a materialistic worldly nation.
Their misfortune is lack of what other nations possess, i.e. a state and army.
Their salvation is possession of a state and army etc.
This is clearly spelled out in the circles of Zionist thought, and among the leaders of the Zionist State, that through changing the nature and character of the People of Israel and by changing their way of thinking they can set before the People of Israel "their salvation" -- a state and an army.
The People of Israel oppose the so-called "State of Israel" for four reasons:

FIRST -- The so-called "State of Israel" is diametrically opposed and completely contradictory to the true essence and foundation of the People of Israel, as is explained above. The only time that the People of Israel were permitted to have a state was two thousand years ago when the glory of the creator was upon us, and likewise in the future when the glory of the creator will once more be revealed, and the whole world will serve Him, then He Himself (without any human effort or force of arms) will grant us a kingdom founded on Divine Service. However, a worldly state, like those possessed by other peoples, is contradictory to the true essence of the People of Israel. Whoever calls this the salvation of Israel shows that he denies the essence of the People of Israel, and substitutes another nature, a worldly materialistic nature, and therefore sets before them, a worldly materialistic "salvation," and the means of achieving this "salvation" is also worldly and materialistic i.e. to organize a land and army. However, the true salvation of the People of Israel is to draw close to the Creator. This is not done by organization and force of arms. Rather it is done by occupation to Torah and good deeds.

SECOND -- Because of all of this and other reasons the Torah forbids us to end the exile and establish a state and army until the Holy One, blessed He, in His Glory and Essence will redeem us. This is forbidden even if the state is conducted according to the law of the Torah because arising from the exile itself is forbidden, and we are required to remain under the rule of the nations of the world, as is explained in the book VAYOEL MOSHE. If we transgress this injunction, He will bring upon us (may we be spared) terrible punishment.

THIRD -- Aside from arising from exile, all the deeds of the Zionists are diametrically opposed to the Faith and the Torah. Because the foundation of the Faith and Torah of Israel is that the Torah was revealed from heaven, and there is reward for those who obey it and punishment for those who transgress it. The entire People of Israel is required to obey the Torah, and whoever doesn't want to, ceases to be part of the congregation of Israel.

FOURTH -- Aside from the fact that they themselves do not obey the Torah they do everything they can to prevent anyone they get under their power from fulfilling the commands of the Torah, the claims to freedom of religion are lies. They fight with all of their strength to destroy the Faith of Israel.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:45 PM

The Zionists claim that they are the saviors of Israel, but this is refuted by twelve things:

FIRST -- If one contemplates the two thousand years of our exile, take any hundred years even the hardest, one will not find as much suffering, bloodshed, and catastrophes for the People of Israel in the period of the Zionists, and it is known that most of the suffering of this century was caused by the Zionists, as our Rabbis warned us would be the case.

SECOND -- It is openly stated in books written by the founders of Zionism that the means by which they planned to establish a state was by instigating anti-Semitism, and undermining the security of the Jews in all the lands of the world, until they would be forced to flee to their state. And thus they did - They intentionally infuriated the German people and fanned the flames of Nazi hatred, and they helped the Nazis, with trickery and deceit, to take whole Jewish communities off to the concentration camps, and the Zionists themselves admit this. (See the books Perfidy, Min Hameitzor, etc.). The Zionists continue to practice this strategy today. They incite anti-Semitism and then they present themselves as the "saviors". Here are two replies given by Leaders of the Zionists during World War II, when they were asked for money to help ransom Jews from the Nazis. Greenbaum said "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland." (G-d forbid).
Weitzman said, "The most important part of the Jewish people is already in the land (of Israel) and those who are left, are unimportant" (May we be spared).

THIRD -- We see that most of world Jewry lives in security and under good physical conditions, and have no desire to go live in the Zionist State. Whereas many people have left the Zionist State to live under better conditions in other lands.

FOURTH -- The Zionists make a great deal of propaganda to induce people to immigrate to their state. If their state is so beneficial why do they have to make so much propaganda.

FIFTH -- Because nobody wants the Zionists to "save" them. The only way they can get immigrants is by promising poor people material benefits, and even then very few people respond.

SIXTH -- The Zionist State is always threatened by the dangers of war. Whereas the rest of world Jewry live in peace and security, (Except in a few places where the Zionists have undermined their security and fanned the flames of hatred)

SEVENTH -- The Zionist State could not continue to exist without economic support from Jews living outside of the Zionist State.

EIGHTH -- The Zionist State is on the verge of economic collapse, and their money is nearly worthless.

NINTH -- The Zionist State persecute all Jews who are loyal to their Faith.

TENTH -- They start wars that endanger the Jewish People, for the sake of their own political interests.

ELEVENTH - According to the Torah the path of safety is following ways of peace not starting fights with other nations, as the Zionists do.

TWELFTH -- Even if the Zionists could and would provide physical security it would be at the expense of our Faith and Our Torah the true People of Israel prefer death rather than life at such a cost.

It is therefore clear that Zionism is not the savior of the people of Israel. Rather it is their greatest misfortune.

Even though there are some observant Jews and rabbis, who approve of the Zionists, this is not the opinion of the Torah.

The Zionists have enough control over the American news media to make sure that only their side of the story is heard.

They make it look like all Jewry and their rabbis are Zionists, but this is false propaganda.

The most important Rabbis and the majority of religious Jewry are opposed to Zionism, but their voice is not heard because of Zionist control of American news media.

The Zionists terrorize everyone who speaks out against them.

That part of the Jewish masses which is fooled by Zionist propaganda puts pressure on their Rabbis not to speak out.

Between the terror and the pressure of the masses most of the Rabbis are prevented from speaking out.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:47 PM

We bring three testimonies of the true opinion of the Torah.

1) In the past two thousand years of the dangers and sufferings of exile not once did any of the Sages of Israel suggest that we make a state to protect ourselves. In every generation we had thousands of Sages well versed in the Torah.

2) We have thousands of legal work of Torah law that have been handed down to us by the Sages of all generations. Not once do we see a word suggesting the establishment of a state. What we do find is warnings against it.

3) The founders of Zionism were all atheists who denied the Torah. All the Torah Sages of that time opposed them and opposed Zionism, saying that Zionism would lead only to destruction.

However the true People of Israel will never change their nature or give up their Faith because of the strength the Creator gives them.

Zionism is a foreign growth in the body of the Jewish People. The end will be that it will rid itself of this foreign growth and remain pure.

Zionism has overcome the Jewish people by force, fraud and terror, but none of this will help them because the truth will always remain with the help of the Creator.

Zionism will not replace the Jewish People. The Jewish People will remain strong in their faith and the Zionist State will cease to exist.

It is therefore, our demand that the State that calls itself ISRAEL, should cease to exist. Since this won't be done, we demand that they cease to call themselves "Israel", because their entire being is in complete opposition to the true People of Israel. The true People of Israel deny them permission to call themselves by that name. The Zionist leaders have no right to set themselves up as the representatives and spokesmen of the true People of ISRAEL.

Since we know they will not fulfill this demand either we feel that at least we cry out the truth. The truth will always remain the truth. By no means or force can the truth be changed. Even if all the world would say that one and one is three, the truth will remain that one and one is two.

Let the truth be declared. The use of the Name "ISRAEL" by that State is a complete falsification. The People of Israel have nothing to do with that State. Zionism and its State have no share and no part in the true ISRAEL.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:58 PM
Rabbi Weiss Criticizes Zionist Occupation of Palestine

Rabbi Weiss on Fox News Against the Creation of Israel

Rabbi: "Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion"

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by casenately

A gentile judging who is a real Jew? Thats bloody funny.

Perhaps you should be more productive towards working on being a rightous gentile before judging others!

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:02 PM

Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Ashkenazi Jew

Haredi rabbi
Activist and spokesman for a branch of Neturei Karta

Yisroel Dovid Weiss (born 1956), a United States Haredi rabbi, is an activist and spokesman for a branch of Neturei Karta,[1] an anti-Zionist grouping of Haredi Jews. Based in Monsey, New York, he believes that observant Jews should peacefully oppose the existence of the Israeli state: "It would be forbidden for us to have a State, even if it would be in a land that is desolate and uninhabited."

Anti-Zionist campaigning

Weiss often speaks at rallies and conferences in the United States and internationally, criticizing Israel and Zionism.[3][4][5] In 2001 he attended the UN-organized World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa as part of the Islamic Human Rights Commission delegation.[6] During the conference, US and Israeli delegates walked out in an unsuccessful attempt to silence condemnation of alleged institutional racism in Israel.[7]

In an interview with, a pro-Palestinian Website, Weiss stated that "We are always a thorn on their (Zionist) side... they are afraid of us...". Weiss also praised Iran, stating that:

"When we traveled to Iran, the humbleness we found ... it is a country where people are God fearing... they believe in God and they serve God... you can see the difference between that society and the society here - [depravity] is so great, where you have television, immorality, immodesty and so forth. Your children grow up with they say democracy but democracy originally meant freedom to serve God... but unfortunately today many are preaching freedom to exclude God, in other words free from God..."[8]

In the same interview, Weiss stated that:

"The only reason the Zionists are able to hold the Jewish people in their grasp is because their propaganda machines are busy explaining to the Jews that it's too late, even if you're not a Zionist, the Arabs hate you so much today that if you return the land they will, God forbid, slaughter you, and that today is the strongest argument that they have to convince Jews to support their Zionist state. This is the trap the Zionists want people to fall into so it is important for the Muslim people to get out there and make it understood that it is not the danger that is being portrayed by the Zionists."[8]

In November 2006, Weiss stated at a protest in New York City that:

"Zionism is a fundamentally heretical movement which denies the Divine imperative that Jews remain in exile until the day when all mankind will be miraculously redeemed."

Love this guy, very brave.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by bluemirage5

I have passed no judgment. why do you lie?

I admire this man. Yisroel Dovid Weiss .
I admire people advocating peace.
I admire people speaking out against injustice.

you have a problem wih this?
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by casenately

You are of the assumption real Jews are those against Zionism.

That's judging those who are Zionist Jews right there!

I don't think you are in any positon to be judging who is a real Jew.

Got it?

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:06 PM
Bill Maher interviews a Jew

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by bluemirage5

I am a person first, secondly to you perhaps I am a gentile.

considering that Zionist are pushing for a war that will cost this world lives money and peace, I have a right to add my 2 cents.

If you are a Zionist, then good for you. I dont like what you stand for. GOT IT

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:12 PM
I am under the impression that those that follow the Torah are Jews, like I might follow the New testament, hence I am Catholic.

If you dont follow what your law tells you, then anyone who has access to your law can tell you that your are not following it by YOUR standards.

Like if you see me stealing you might tell me about a law we both share. The commandments you might follow are mine as well.

I have a bond as a Catholic to Muslims, Jews, and my people, since we share a common law.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:13 PM
Shoo fly, don't bother this thread.

Great information! Every religion has their good believers and their evil believers. It's a shame there are more of the latter. Oh well, to each his own!

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:18 PM
Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Idenity is Not for Sale

How Muslims treat Jews in Iran

Life of Jews in Iran - RT 101126

Jews in Tehran, Iran

being jewish in iran

Ahmadinejad on Jews - Larry King

Iran has largest Jewish population of any Muslim nation!

Ahmadinejad, Leader of Iran - The man they're gonna tell you to hate!

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:29 PM
Jews Live In Peace Under Islamic Law

Were Jews persecuted in the Arab world before the advent of Zionism?

Arab leads Jews in worship - Amazing

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:37 PM
Zionism is a movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, or Zion, the Jewish synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

The name of "Zionism" comes from the hill Zion, the hill on which the Temple of Jerusalem was situated.

Supporters of this movement are called "Zionists".

At the outset of the Jews' exile to Babylonia, the Prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed God's message to all the exiledVerse seven reads, "Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare." This has been a cornerstone of Jewish "foreign policy" how to behave in the lands of the nations throughout our ensuing exiles till this very day.

There Jeremiah adds in the name of God (verses 8 and 9), "Do not let your false prophets among you and your sorcerers seduce you, do not head your dreamers which you cause them to dream. For they speak falsely to you in My name. I did not send them." This too has applied to all the would-be misleaders of Jewry whether they presented themselves as prophets or as sorcerers or as dreamers of national aspirations.

King Solomon in Song of Songs thrice adjured the "daughters of Jerusalem" not to arouse or bestir the love until it is ready." The Talmud explains that Jews have been foresworn, by three strong oaths, not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force, not to rebel against the governments of countries in which we live, and not by our sins, to prolong the coming of the Messiah; as is written in Tractate Kesubos 111a .

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:38 PM
JEWS VS ISRAEL - Jewish Rabbis Support Beruit Anti Israel Convention In Beruit Lebanon

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:38 PM
Holocaust Survivor Explains How Nazism Was The Same As Zionism & How History Is Repeating Itself

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