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I feel superior to everybody because my emotions are shallow.

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by mamabeth

I'd bet a lot of them would like to respond the same way you're thinking!

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by webpirate

I did see the OP has been on ATS, but not responding to this thread. I tend to think, we'll not be hearing from her

She probable is *feeling* slightly sheepish, and embarrassed by her original she should.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Destinyone

After checking out some of her other threads, especially this one, I can see why she is trying to give off the illusion of having shallow emotions. Really having shallow emotions do help prevent the person from being "hurt" in a relationship, but somehow, I pun intended, this is actually what led to the claim of shallow or no emotions.

Putting on a brave face cause she was hurt. In a way I can sympathize. I think we have all been "hurt" in a relationship, or even in real life in one way or another. Just don't claim to be superior because now you claim not to feel. You're still feeling. It's just a feeling called depression. Or suppressed anger. A person who truly does feel no emotion is by definition, a sociopath.

But even that isn't true. Cause they do have emotions. For themselves, just not for others. It's very suspicious she hasn't been back to defend herself here though. Even though she has been on ATS. She knows she was proven wrong by those of us who are less superior. Claiming you're superior to everyone else cause you are shallow, is sort of like me saying....people who claim to know everything, really tick off those of us who really do.

Come on OP. The first step in recovery is admitting to yourself you have a problem. Admit you aren't shallow. You're just hurt...or depressed. Or even cynical. We all are in on way or another. I could keep going, but I honestly don't want to make her angry at me.....wait..that too is an emotion!

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 03:50 PM
I do believe OP answered most of these questions and she even said what her problem is.

And I quote.

Lol no, I'm a legit user. Not crazy, only better because I don't have emotional flaws.

You may be a user Alyssa, but are you also an abuser.

And as anybody can clearly see you do have emotions, and not only that emotional flaws. But in either case what more need be said on this thread.

So I will be watching you, since I have yet to see anybody quote the La Li Lu Le Lo, of all things. Don't be moody, don't listen to me and these people trying to bring you down. I am sure your are many more things besides shallow and a user, which to me anyways those two things are just saying your a variation of normal.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 06:54 PM
So you're a psychopath? If you were as ninja as Burt Reynolds in Deliverance, you'd be a selective/partial due to awesomeness. You know... basically achieve this superpower of sorts through adaptation picking and choosing certain human characteristics. You know, imitate reality and erase simple emotions and behaviors while actually managing to evolve. Being born a psychopath is almost like being autistic but becoming one is very trendy now. It's a fad but hey, delusional grandeur doesn't until you age and realize that you're nothing more than walking flesh with a brain that will be dead one day.

Anyone can fake being something but they've found that actual psychopaths struggle with identifying certain facial cues that everyone else in society easily spot. So you're like a replicant in Blade Runner only probably not as cool as Rutger Hauer. So you'll confuse someone being attracted to you when that guy or girl thinks you're actually just a simple minded person of low value. I'd say you're probably a sociopath whose personality is more about narcissism and quick self gain or small pleasures. There's always a bigger picture and at least Hitler saw one... it must suck to take yourself so seriously. I'll give you some advice... and you can heed or ignore it. Don't use the term "sheep" unless you want to prove that you're just another poser whose fatal flaw is being simple and unoriginal. And take offense... or not.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 01:39 AM
Hey hey hey kid... It's okay... You'll grow into yourself one day and find a loving man to settle down with. Just quit being so gloomy and lay off the queen of the damned soundtrack and just look at the stars or pet a cow or something. Connect with the earth and you wouldn't be feeling all of this negativity, Or get a hobby. If you were truly better than everyone on this website then you wouldn't be saying so you would be out partying with kanye west or something. But in reality I think you just need to remember what the old saying is "theres always somebody out there bigger and better than you" the world's a big place I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself just yet with the claiming of being apart from us "lowly" humans.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 03:11 AM

... the subclinical psychopath experiences the same patterns of dysfunctional behaviors, affects, and cognitions; however, the pervasiveness and levels of impaired functioning are not as extreme because the individual manifests the symptoms at a commensurately lower level and rate.

In the current chapter we use of the term subclinical psychopathy in a manner consistent with contemporary research conducted by Robert Hare and colleagues (Hare, 1991, 1999; Hare & Hare, 1997; Hare, Hart & Harpur, 1991) to describe a personality marred with a constellation of toxic personality characteristics (including affective dysfunction), delinquent behaviors (including antosocial behavior), dysfunctional interpersonal relationships (including conning and manipulative interpersonal styles), and atypical patterns of cognition (including upwardly biased self-perceptions and downwardly biased perceptions of others).

Thomas, J. C 2006, Comprehensive handbook of personality and psychopathology, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey.

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 03:28 AM
reply to post by Alyssa

well this is either a research project or,

a rant.

funny, I wasn't offended at all by what the 'member' has written... I found it quite amusing.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Alyssa

Having shallow emotions doesn't make you more intelligent than us, it just makes you a prick. If you have mastered you emotions on the other hand...

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