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My First Lucid Dream

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:36 AM
I have been interested in lucid dreaming for some years. I have never actively tried to get there, just sometimes read about it and thought it would be nice to experience. Sometimes i even doubted the whole phenomena as false memories after a normal dream.

I have had problems falling asleep for years and years, it is due to stress. In the last couple months it has shifted more into a problem staying asleep. The last couple days i had had unusually problems falling asleep, so i was kinda sleep deprived the night it happened.

So i go to bed, and keep trying to fall asleep for some hours before i finally do. First it is just a normal dream, i don't remember that part, but at some point i am in the air, sitting on a sailplane that had one cockpit at the front, and one at the back, so it was symmetric. I was sitting on the wing admiring this new type of sailplane i had designed. Then i fall off the plane, i can feel the falling feeling in my stomach and thing "s--t why was i sitting there and without a parachute, i am going to die". Then very quickly i say to myself "nope! this must be a dream".

Boom! i become lucid and realize it is in fact a dream. The first thing i do is increase the speed i am falling with so i can get to the ground faster. When this is not enough i just warp to the ground immediately. I remember thinking the whole time how finally i get to experience this, how it really is that simple to affect the flow of the dream, and that i should be very careful not to do anything that would cause me to wake up.

When on the ground, i am at some sort of place or house, and there is this naked woman there. From a distance i acknowledge her, but decide i should continue exploring and not get caught up with her. At the next moment i am standing in front of her. I notice however that she is not real in some way. Like a detailed doll that is alive or a computer animated figure, she is in some way not quite 'real'. But boy is she beautiful, and i remember noticing i start to get turned on. That is when i decide for the second time i should go explore and not get caught there.

I take of flying to see other places, but i cannot see the ground while flying, it is more like abstract space flight. Not galaxies, not planets, but colors and geometry i can control to some degree. At this point i start to fade away a bit, i feel that i am not as vividly in control of the flow than previously. I look for the ground, and there again is the place with the woman. Very quickly i find myself back there, looking at the woman, but this time I have no clear sense of wanting to explore other places anymore, it is like i am on autopilot. I get turned on even more. When i get up close to her i notice that she is even more abstract than last time, and at this point i note the surroundings have also gotten even fuzzier. Somewhere here i lost my lucidity, but the dream continues for a bit until she touches me, and i jolt awake.

When i wake up i am extatic, happy and in awe. I quickly try to get back to sleep like i normally do many times a night, but i just cannot. I am too excited. It truly is something else to have lucid dreams.

Afterwards i have been thinking about the events, and was fascinated by the fact that some religious positions require you to abstain from sex. I feel like the woman i saw in the dream was some kind of Succubus? who tried to tap into the most primal senses of man, perhaps to cause the lucidity part to end.

Conspiracy question: Is this abstinence from sex designed so that "the servants of god" would be horny and surely give in to this woman in their dreams. Or does it kill their sex drive and make them immune to her, allowing them to be in this kind of state for longer? I personally think it impossible to kill your sex drive just by abstaining

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 10:35 AM
That would be lucid dreaming alright! that tiny window to expericence whatever you want it must be easier to lucid dream if you've been deprived of sleep and find it hard to get to sleep creates that opportunity to enter a lucid state.

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