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The Old Wise Sensei & The Strange Landscape, Was it Astral Realm Or Something Else?

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 08:35 AM
As a young child i did have some strange experiences with the Paranormal stuff, however whatever this was that i had i know for one thing sure it wasn't a dream.

I am not sure when this happened to me either when i came to Canada, or when i lived in Europe either way it was a exciting and part scary moment part of my life and the wherever the place was it was sure peaceful and beautiful an experience that i will never forget.

Just note about myself i have never done drugs nor smoked any in my whole life.
Oh and please note that also this all took place before Anime Or Japanese manga was minor widely known in the 90s

So bear with me and my experience with it.

The Old Wise Sensei

I noticed something strange when i started to open or wake up with my eyes as i woken up it seems i landed upon some green grass with my front body.

As i soon started slowly to further open my eyes i slowly begin to stand up with my hands putting them on the the strange grass.

So As soon i looked up i was very amazed and awed by the place i stood up looking up and noticed something the earth or the place looked very different, i could the stars during the blue daylight skies and yet there only a few clouds in the sky, i could some strange creatures in the grass sounded like grasshopper.

But they weren't from this top hill wasn't that big of a hill i soon saw some very familiar trees from what it looked they were.

I saw line of Bamboo tress in the middle a small river at the bottom of the hill, i notice that River after i woke up at the hill and wondered where it could lead to.

Before go i have to say the place very peaceful and claiming but i was sacred but somehow something told me i had to explore the place after all i somehow got there didn't i?

So From the hill slowly i came down went into the Bamboo forest and again it was beautiful and as i followed the river as it was in the Bamboo forest, the river as i noticed it was in the center of the forest.

Since i was a child back then now i dont remember how long crossed the forest, as finally i noticed that river was leading me somewhere it seemed and from what it looked like it was a.

Medium sized pond with some strange looking fish and frogs and an old Master,Sensei in the pond i wasn't threaten by him at all and he didn't seemed evil, he looked very peacefully and clam.

I kinda of stayed behind a strange bush that was behind the Bamboo tress i thought he wouldn't see me but he did he didn't speak at first just waved with his hand to come near him.

And as i did i asked him in English this
Excuse me Mister But Where On Earth I am?
He got sort of confused as like he didn't know English but then all of a sudden he started speaking english very slowly and said if i remember correctly.

Would.. You Young man Would u Like me to show you This Place?
And in reply i said Since i am stuck here for now i guess i have no choice sure i would like to see it.

The Sensei showed me his village from a different hill and said he wouldn't allow me to come to his village because the villagers may get scared and because i was a bit different as speaking the tongue language
i guess.

Again the Village looked huh Asian or Japanese but i have no ideas anymore on how it looked it even still it was a nice village very well created.

And after the master told me to look at the stars and the two moons, one moon looked familiar to our earths moon but it was very different and the other moon looked very strange.

And Again i told him Is The Earth of The past or Future? again he wouldn't answer that he just gave me more riddles and a few more riddles then i told him Look Mister, Master i want to go back home to my world now i miss my family and my friends.

And then we went back to the pond and before that we did talk a bit i dont remember the talk and then the Sensei asked Do you wish to join me in the Meditation? and he said i had to breath in closely and think positive thoughts i said to him as a final farewell.

Thank you Master for the tour of your home or planet it was a wonderful ride i wont forget it.
He said few things as well and smiled i closed my eyes.

Then I woke up in my own world Earth and after that experience i said to myself.
WTF just happened?
End Of Experience.

So ATS What what you make of what i had experienced? was that a dream? because that sure didn't feel like a dream to me at least was it at least Astral Realm Or Something Else?

Well i am looking forward to hear your thoughts on it.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 10:04 AM
you somehow managed to reach one of the places on the astral realms ..
with practice and meditation you will be able to return to it at will.
there are a few like that out there.
must be because you were young your mind wasnt clouded like the minds of adults are. often easier for children to travel

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:28 AM
This thread hits home with me. I've seen a wise old Asian man sitting by a pond during meditations before. Only, he was sitting at a pond that was near a waterfall. There were rivers all around me. Don't recall a bamboo forest, though. He even offered to show me around.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:37 AM
Almost sounds like a dream teacher.
I had an experience that is kind of similar once, created a thread about it here:
Dream Teachers, They come in Dreams

That was way back when I first started visiting ATS in 2004.
It might be of some relevance to you.
Seems at the time, it was not a very popular thread, but it was my experience with dream teachers.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 02:04 PM
I think you traveled to this world in the astral or other dimension. I see an alternative or parallel world now and then, even last night in a strong dream. I don't remember all of it unfortunately, but I have seen the same beautiful world just outside of this one. Last night, I saw the moon closer than it. The large blue world was behind the moon and very large and very beautiful, a water world similar to this one, I had a longing to go there as usual.

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