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How to Get a $106,000 College Education for Free.. Pack your bags!!!!

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 08:05 PM
This doesn't sound like a bad idea for students who do have excellent grade scores. I say turn away the slackers, because if it's free. They won't do a dang thing anyway but give the teachers a hard time.

But, I would offer it to honor students. Only because you know they will work for their grades.

I think it's a great idea. Seems like one anyway. I think it should be open to all and not just high school teenagers. Those kids are the worst at doing nothing but giving a teacher a hard time. Some of them anyway.
Antioch is crawling out of the grave. Antioch College, which was originally founded by abolitionists in 1850, shut its door in 2008 after years of decline. Terrible management decisions, among other reasons, led to the closure, but tremendous financial support from dedicated alumni, who were appalled at the closure, led to its rebirth.

Antioch welcomed 35 students into its inaugural freshmen class in 2011 and it hopes to welcome another 65 to 75 students in the fall. The school's goal is to have about 300 students attending the school by 2015.

If you're a high school senior, there is still time to apply! Antioch's admission deadline is Feb. 15.

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