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Welcome to the End of the Age of Politics!

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:22 PM
Mankind is coming into a new age, unlike any other we have experience in our past. Regardless of political affiliation, we have become restless, and craving something other than what we have now. We are evolving at an ever increasing rate, and now is the time that our political, social, and economic practices are trying to catch up. Our political system has evolved drastically over just a few generations, and a new age approaches rapidly as the old becomes inefficient and out dated. Though many changes have occured, some specific stages tend to stand out.

The first stage was the pre-political age, the time of royalty. Kings oversaw their kingdomes, but at first their power only reached so far. A king could take his army to war for more land, and to an extent tax his people. The law of the land was enforced, for the most part, by its people. The further from the castle, the less of an influence the royalty had in your life. There may have been undertones of respect for your leadership, but for the majority the royalty did not sway them one way or the other. What this stage did play a big part in was the separation of social classes. This is where we started to see only those born "privelaged" would be"privelaged". Gold was god, and without it you were a no one.

This was our first taste of law, and a glimps of what was to become the future of politics. Most civil issues were handled by the civilians, and everyone lived by the unspoken code of be respecful, be honorable, or die by the sword. Your king was but a figure head, and your life was still what you made yourself.

As kingdoms grew, and power of royalty spread people were given two choices: either support their higher class, or get out.

Royalty started to influence how you lived, what you earned, even who you worshipped. Kingdomes became power struggles over their people and how they lived their lives. The kings decision was considered final say regardless of personal beliefs, and many were persecuted for refusing to follow the "king's status quo". With the discovery of the americas, people flocked in mass to try to escape the ever-extending reach of royal control. Freedom was for once a real and attainable goal.

The revolution and separation from royalty brought in a new era for mankind, the political age. The people wanted to remain free, but with out royalty influence they realized lawlessness would lead to even worse repercussions. A governing body was neccessary to ensure balance across the new founded colonies. Communications were limited to messengers on horseback. It was impossible to get every citizen's input on every issue, and they very quickly realized some form of simplifying the system at local levels was neccessary. This was the begining of the elected officials. The people needed a way to communicate their concerns at an all inclusive level. Their solution was to elect officials at a local level to bring their concerns to a centrallized point so to allow each community a voice and opinion on how the country should opperate as a whole. This brought on the birth of the first congress and the three party system we see today. The system allowed all concerns to be heard while at the same time maintained balance and lawfullness through presidential and judiciary systems.

It was due to these radically new approaches to government that allowed the new formed democracy to take root. Through this legislation tactic, civil rights exploded at an unprecidented rate. Populations flourished as people flocked in thousands from all across the globe to be a part of the "free people". Soon the indusrial revolution was at our door as a need for mass production increased. For the first time individuals could find their own fortune without having to be born into one of the "privilaged" families.

During this time legislations were passed, for the most part, with the people in mind. It wasn't until recent times that we see a major change in the direction of the legislation passed. Corporations gained lobbyist, and soon our government began taking the opinion of these entites over that of the people. As more of the polititians switched their efforts from public issues to private enterprise the real problems of the people were put on the back burner.

Soon giving tax breaks to big oil became a bigger issue than securing a real form of energy independance.

Soon the FDA was more concerned with pushing new medications to the market than finding real cures for the ailments.

Soon propping up the banks that caused a market crash was a bigger concern than the citizens that lost their jobs and houses during it.

Soon politians were spending more time campaining and complaining about eachother, and no time on any issue concerning the citizens.

The only issues that got attention were those of the lobbyist lining their pockets.

Today we live in an age of broken politics. The current system no longer works, and the people no longer have a voice. As technology continues to advance the aging system continues to be decayed by the ones sworn in to protect it. We are starting to see that the system is unneccesary. We are coming into an age of post-politics. An age where technology allows us to govern ourselves. Where if implemented correctly, everyone can have a vote in the issues on the table and every citizen will once again have a voice.

The people are tired of politicians from both parties surviving off of our tax dollars to do nothing to support us. We are starting to see our true potential. We now know its not our hopes that are lost, but poor policy holding us back. This was a country built on freedom, and as the system our politicians dearly hold on to collapses from beneith them a new era will arise. An era where the people are the government, and we bring upon ourselves the change we've been searching for. We have the technology and the resources, the only thing that is lacking is us! Let's go into this new age together, and together we can finally build a world where the people are in control.

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