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PregTech-The #1 leading birth control bio-technology since 2058.

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 10:08 AM
(Note to Mods and all-This thread discusses a fictional medical device and it's relation to sexual health. As such, certain sexual organs are mentioned but are done so with the utmost professionalism and respect this site deserves. Thank you.)

This is another short work of fiction from me.

Leonard Michael Drachinowski-I would like to thank everyone for coming to the technology fair of 2069. My name is Le-Mike Drachinowski. I am the CEO and Chairman of the Board for PregTech, the #1 leading birth control bio-technology since 2058.

For those of you that have been living in a tent without access to the PlaNet, you can access our company at pregtech.corp or but the .inc will redirect you to the .corp site.

In 2058, we released our first usable bio-technology, the world's first bio-chip device. With a simple incision, the PregTech bio-chip is installed in the uterus. The patient is in and out of the hospital in 4-6 hours and is back on her feet resuming normal activity in 1-3 days.

Once the bio-chip is installed, the patient can log into her account and turn her reproductive system off or back on as she so desires. Within 15-30 days, her system adjusts and the request is fulfilled.

When the instructions are followed properly, PregTech has a success rate of over 99.999%. PregTech was the first trillion Amero bio-medical company in 2063 and we are proud of it. Since then, we continue to produce over one trillion Amero per year world wide.

In 2061, we rolled out PregTech for men. The bio-chip is installed into the scrotum and the patient can log into our site at pregtech.corp and turn his own reproductive system on or off as he desires. Turned off, the patient can still achieve a fluid orgasm however, the orgasm will contain neutralized sperm.

Within 15-30 days of changing his medical status at the site, his body will adjust just as his female counter part and will function properely as requested.

At that point, the surgery only cost 250,000 Amero and 80% of that cost was covered by the American Union Federal Health Rights plan of 2015.

In 2063, we determined when both a male and female patient have PregTech activated and is used properly, there has never been an instance of pregnancy. We were able to back date this fact to 2061 and since then up to now in 2069, that fact continues to stand tall.

We are the best option available to avoid pregnancy. That is why we do not have competitors. We don't need any. The government agrees and that is why we are protected under the American Union Monopolized Protection Act of 2017.

Our prices are just as low as they could possibly be if we had competitors. We treat citizens of the Union fairly and in return, you treat us fairly. We at PregTech certainly appreciate your respect.

Moving on; in 2065, PregTech proudly released the trust option. This allows our subscribing patients to release their account number and a guest password to their sexual mate. The mate can log into our site at pregtech.corp and confirm that our patient poses no sexual heath risks to society.

If a patient is infected with any venereal disease including HIV+, AIDS, and the dreaded X Disease, the bio-chip recognizes this and sends alerts to the patient, their perscribing doctor, and city, county, state, and union health officials. Each informed agency will contact the patient and inform the patient of the required course of action to resume normal health. Or in the case of X Disease, the most normal health attainable under the circumstances.

Today, I am thrilled to announce PregTech's newest technolgy; RTK, which means "the Right To Know."

As a spouse, you have the Right To Know, the RTK, what sexual activity your counter spouse is involved in when not in range of your own bio-chip.

You have the RTK of the activities of your under age daughter are registering positives hits to PregTech's bio chip. And in such instances, the subscribing parent will receive an alert.

In the instance were both parties are bio-chipped, alerts will be sent to subscribing parents containing the serial numbers of the other involved patient. This information can be released by contacting PregTech customer service and if PregTech concludes a felony has occured, PregTech security will notify local law enforcement and felony warrents will be issued.

I have more wonderful news. PregTech, in conjunction with our new RTK technology, has signed a bundle package deal with the #1 leading manufacturer of GPS technology, Columbus GPS. The GPS maker that garuntees you'll never get lost when you navigate with Columbus.

With a bundle package subscription, you can log into pregtech.corp and know exactly were the questionable activity is taking place as well as the serial number of the other party if both parties are patients.

Your safety is why we at PregTech believe the entire Union should be bio-chipped.

I want you to know that we are now working on a technolgy that will not only reveal unathorized sexual activity, but EXACTLY what that activity is. We respect a parent's RTK and a spouse's RTK and we are taking PregTech in that direction so you as an American Union citizen can exercise your right.

We hope to roll out this advancement by 2071 and we also are optimistic that we can get the surgical price down to a mere 100,000 Amero, the price of the average four wheeled car.

We at PregTech desire to help you protect your spouse and protect your children.

That's why we are also working with the Union to outlaw the sale of aluminium foil to anyone under the age of 21. Aluminium foil can be used to deactivate PregTech's patented radio signals and that, as you know, is a crime.

Our radio signals have a right to be broadcast and interfering with that right has consequences.

Also, an unathorized metalic room makes it impossible for over head drones to execute random safety checks. And that is a felony as we at PregTech believe it should be. At PregTech, your safety is our #1 priority.

Ladies and gentlemen, my 3ear is telling me that my time is up. Thank you. Please continue to support PregTech and visit us on the PlaNet at pregtech.corp or

Taking my place on stage is the Vice President of Home Automated Logic, WilCor Nietzvitz or as us old people would say, William Corin Nietzvitz. Come on out here and tell us all about the new upgrades to HAL.

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