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"The Internal Working Components of One type of UFO".

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:14 AM
Your article is interesting. However, it could have been better if you had used simpler terms too describe things instead of more technical ones. Six is always clearer than Half a dozen to the average guy.

One thing I believe was not very accurate was your Hammer analogy. It describes the forces involved in your theory very well, but the actual reason the Hammer thrower leans back is to maintain balance, not to help with countering forces much.

Also, all the pictures you posted we're unavailable so I am not sure of correctly understanding what you are explaining but I would like to know what kind of power source such ships would use?

Your theory seems to suggest affecting the equilibrium of rotating water to produce movement in any desired direction, which is all perfectly sound, but which would require alot of energy, in a practical application. Also that is not an explanation for an Anti-Gravity engine, not sure whether you implied it was supposed to be or it is just what I expected to see in here, but I just clarified it in case somebody assumed it was. Any links to those pictures/ diagrams from your original post? Really would like to see them :-)

posted on Jul, 2 2019 @ 03:05 PM

originally posted by: The Matrix Traveller
"The Internal Working Components of One type of UFO".

This thread is purely to reveal the internal workings of "Transport Interfaces" Not used by the Human Species on Earth.

Some refer to these unknown Craft as UFO.

There are Two Systems Involved in this type of Craft or more correctly called a "Transport Interface"....

a. A Mechanical System, Involving Dynamic Converters, Driven by a mechanical Engine which is a Closed Loop Engine.

b. Optical Interface with the Mind also known as "Awareness or "LIFE".

This Thread will reveal the Mechanical System used in short distance Transport. (Interplanetary Transport)

The other System also used in many such Craft is being described in another of my threads involving purely a Technical revelation of Where and How this Universe came into existence and describes How to Interface with the Processing System which is responsible for this.

This Knowledge is used in "Interfaces" with the Mind "Awareness or" LIFE which is responsible for providing this experience referred to as this Universe.


Here is a technical Description of the "Dynamic Converters" used in such Craft or "Transport Interfaces".

This Craft I am describing usually carries only 3 Occupants.

I will reveal the "Components" and workings of the "Dynamic Converters" first, and then the Engine which drives them.

This Drawing below is an "Internal Plane View" of the Cabin layout.

The Circumference of this area is 648 inches... about 5.25 Meters ( 17 feet ) in diameter.

Drawing 01.

Under the Floor area is housed the Horizontal directional Dynamic Converters and the engine or Mechanism which drives (Motorizes) the Converters.

The 12 Converters are housed in small square tanks about 600 mm (about 2 Feet) x 600 mm x 300 mm.

Drawing 02.

This is the "Ring Gear" Carrier with the Engine Cylinders mounted on it also in the form of a Radial layout. See Drawing 16.

Drawing 03.

Meshed with the Ring Gear are 12 "Idler Gears".

Drawing 04.

The theme behind the "Dynamic Converters" involves Centrifugal and Centripetal forces.

One example of these forces at work can be found in Hammer Throwing...

Note; The athlete has to lean back to hold the Hammer in orbit about them, and after they let the Hammer go is able to stand upright again.

The reason why the athlete has to lean back is to apply an equal and "Opposite" force to the
Centrifugal Force being generated by the Hammer in Orbit.

The reason why the athlete can stand upright again after releasing the Hammer is because Centrifugal Force is no longer being Generated and the athlete no longer require to exert Centripetal force to retain the Hammer in orbit about them.

Now lets see HOW this "Dynamic Converter" Works and its "Components" used to Control these forces.

Unlike the Hammer thrower the Centrifugal Force produced in this Water Wheel is only over an arc of 60° instead of the 360° while the Hammer maintains the orbiting Hammer.

Water is used as the Mass in rotation being a stable liquid in the form of pure Water.

So water is loaded as a rotating mass around the Centre of the Wheel and fills the cavities (36) in number Centrifugally and as these Cavities are Open Cavities the Water is spilt out and exits at a "Tangent" in the Direction of the Rotating Wheel.

If the water is Captivated in the Wheel then the mass i.e. the Water will exert Centrifugal Force, while the Water spilling out of the wheels cavities will NOT affect the Wheel.

The Light Blue represents the Spilling Water.
The darker Blue shows the Water flowing in the Wheels Cavities and the Darkest Blue represents the Water Captivated in the Wheel by a couple of Compatible Pads referred to as The Calliper.
It is in this area (Trapped in the Wheel by the Calliper) that Centrifugal Force is Generated.

Drawing 05.

Here is a Drawing of the Water Wheel. There are 12 Water Wheels in each of the 12 "Converters" and Look like "Multi-Plate Clutches" at first sight.

Drawing 06.

This next Drawing shows the Calliper.

Drawing 07.

And here showing the Two "Pads" Rotated away from each other allowing Water to Spill out of All the Cavities producing NO "Centrifugal Force".

Drawing 08.

When we want to Generate Centrifugal Force in any direction, we rotate both the Calliper Pad Carriers to the Side of the Rotation we wish to manoeuvre the Craft in.

Drawing 09.

The amount of the Force available is dependant on the velocity or Rotation and the Mass contained in the Cavities. The Water is trapped in by the overlapping Pads of the Calliper.

In this Drawing the RED Lines indicate the amount of Overlap between the Pads.

Drawing 10.

This Drawing shows how the Pads are Mounted in their Carriers.
There are 4 sets of "Rollers" 2 of which are Gears meshing with the Calliper Carriers. Only 2 of the 4 Rollers are Gears.

Drawing 11.

But the Pads are Mounted on Discs (2 Pads / Disc) One on one Face, and the other on the other Face.

This Drawing shows the Pads mounted on the Carrier (Disc) in Edge elevation....

Drawing 12.

And this Drawing is a Cross Section View of the Dynamic Converter.

In the Front End is a Pre-Rotator which both presents the water to the Inner region of the Wheels at the same time Rotating the Water at the Same Speed of the Wheels.

Drawing 13.

This drawing shows one of 3 other Converters, in the Vertical orientation providing Vertical Lift.

Drawing 14.

Part 2 will show ALL the "Components" of the Engine or Mechanism which Drives these "Converters" and Explain in detail HOW it Works.

Shame they took all your diagrams/pictures from these threads, no one else has posted this kind of information like The Matrix Traveller has, shame all the hateful responses as well.

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