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Another Possibility

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:09 AM
(Disclaimer: I borrow a couple of characters from a few different places,
here; but generally only in passing. Consider it a fan work)

# ----+erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-headers----
# sender-date-coords-(earth): 23-12-2100+21:45
# sender-timeline-coords: 934,225,368,734
# recipient-date-coords-(earth): 11-01-2012+20:45
# recipient-timeline-coords: 934,225,368,725
# ----.erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-headers----

# ----+erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-subject----
Another Possibility
# ----.erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-subject----

# ----+erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-message----
Hi. I'm Petrus. Although it won't have happened when you read this message,
a few years ago I finally got my name legally changed. After the birth of the
sovereignty movement, very few people in my timeline wanted to keep using
second names. Given that I was born in 1977, you could say I'm a very old man
now; but old age isn't as much of a problem as it used to be.

I'm currently writing this from the U.F.O Durga's Grace, my personal UFO
(Ultradimensional Flying Object; they're not Unidentified any more) and home,
holding stationary just outside of the orbit of Mars. Earth is beautiful
these days, but I don't get home all that often. We're gradually getting the
Martian settlement underway, now; but it's been slow going. In a way, it's
very appropriate that Mars is the planet I'm writing this from.

About ten years prior to the recipient date of this message, we received
another communication, from the future of what turned out to be an alternate
timeline. In that communique, a woman now known to several of you as the
Infamous Isadore Illumente, sent a message to a member of her own soul group
who was physically incarnate at that time, which described her world, and
several of the incidents that were instrumental in the establishment of it.
Izzy's progress towards the Abundance Paradigm might still have been initially
doubtful, but fortunately for her it was relatively rapid and painless. I
will try not to upset any of you too much, but there are ways in which Izzy
and I are a little different. You could say that we've had some different

Unfortunately for those of my own timeline, we trod a harder, and somewhat
longer road. Ultimately the result was largely the same, but the manner in
which we got there wasn't. We left things nearly 15 years later; and our
procrastination was dearly paid for - in human blood.

Human instinct is a tricky thing, and in a way, it can be our own worst enemy.
We didn't see the danger coming until it was almost too late; and as a
species, we've usually only been able to identify a threat when it is already
bearing down on us. That was, of course, what the people who'd laid the trap
tens of thousands of years earlier, were actually counting on; for the frogs
not to notice how hot the water had become, until they were already cooked.

So for a long time, we stayed on the Internet, kept watching TV, lolcats, and
the various gameshows that had sprung up over the last two decades prior, for
that very purpose, and told ourselves that everything was fine. Sure, the
economy had taken a dive, we never seemed to get any time off any more,
other than in the evenings, and suddenly a lot more people than usual were
living in bus shelters and tents; but we figured that that was just a
recession, and it'd pass.

Some of us knew better, of course. Back in the mid 2000s, an unusually useful
police lieutenant by the name of Steven Ruppert did a lot of research into the
current and former state of the world, and realised that there were various
reasons (not just his own favourite, peak oil) as to why civilisation as we
knew it was about to cease to exist. There was another guy called Michael
Tsarion, who'd also found out all of the sick and sordid details behind the
central conspiracy, which at the time, many of us didn't even know existed.
Tsarion's stuff seemed extreme, however, and very scary; most of us felt a lot
safer just writing him off as a kook. Various other such people were busy
trying to warn us, but like Tsarion, we felt more comfortable assuming that
they lived under bridges. (Or had, before the money they'd made from the
schizophrenic talk circuit)

Then in late 2011, something happened which no longer allowed us the luxury of
ignorance. Although Uncle Sam's gradual circulation around the fascist toilet
bowl had been ongoing since probably Nixon, (with a field goal boost in 2001)
in 2011 a law was passed which allowed the indefinite detainment of anyone in
America, including citizens or nationals. While the less normal of us had
known about the FEMA internment camps for years, which had been created by
Reagan in the mid 80s, it was only in 2011 that we received word that
subcontractors and the military were slowly beginning to bring them online.

What followed, was a nightmare of a magnitude that most of you likely don't
want to hear about, although I'm sure several of you can guess. The funny
thing was, that we still never had nuclear war, even though people had started
to get worried about it. The American government made a lot of saber rattling
towards Iran, but never followed through. Most of us figured that it was
simply because they'd become too busy brutalising their own population at that

The camps this time were worse than those in Germany, during WW2. Much, much
worse. In this case, the goal was a global population reduction of around
90%, to half a billion people. The camps weren't just built in America, but
throughout the Western world; and advances in industrial technology since the
1940s, made them an order of magnitude more efficient. Unlike the Germans,
the Illuminati also were in no way particular about who they let in; if they
had one virtue, you couldn't have called them racist. Candidates for
processing were literally anybody who was upset about the state of the world,
which at the time was most people. The laws officially said that they were
for the internment of "terrorists," and the definition of a terrorist in this
case, was anybody that one of said governments decided that they didn't like.

As it turned out, Obama got the festivities started two years early. The
Illuminati didn't try and really make their big push until 2014. That didn't
so much lead to a war, as a global mad scramble to get away from the military
or the cops, who ran around targetting anybody who was trying to live
independently; whether that meant growing their own food, or whatever. Some
tried to shoot back, but given the hardware that the UN/IMNI forces usually
had, that was generally futile.

Although Obama had largely had the support of the majority until 2011, that
changed over the next two years. That didn't mean that too many of said
people still picked up a gun, however; for the most part it meant that they
stayed at home, and prayed that the next front door which had a combat boot
and an AK-47 barrel come crashing through it that evening, wouldn't be theirs.
Dancing with the Stars was still some consolation, although getting
drunk to the point of unconsciousness also helped. At least then you probably
wouldn't feel it as you were carried away, and could pretend you were still on
your couch.

I only survived by getting out into the country and staying mobile; although I
give Kali a lot of credit for that as well, if I'm honest.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:15 AM
(Part 2)

I left Christianity in 2007, but that didn't mean I became an atheist. A lot of the
time, Ma was literally the only thing that kept me sane.

Population centers were the worst places to be during the madness, however;
the police fortunately didn't have the manpower to be literally everywhere, so
they tended to focus on cities. Apart from anything else, that meant that you
only went outside at night if you didn't want to continue living, but didn't
have the money for a heroine fix and a bottle of whiskey.

You're probably expecting me to tell you that this ended gloriously, with some
last minute struggle from Our Team, which defeated the brainwashed IMNI
troops, wiped out their command structure, and then left us with the place
finally to ourselves. That wasn't how it happened. Instead, we got something
which initially seemed a lot weirder, but in hindsight made sense.

Starting in about 2016, initially the cabal's innermost members, and then
later their front line troops, simply started dying all on their own. What we
eventually figured out was, that the cabal had actually been doomed from the
beginning, because the shift to Krita or Satya Yuga (otherwise known as the
Golden Age) was occurring irrespective of what they did. They died from the
energetic equivalent, of putting a salt water fish in fresh water; their
bodies and minds required Iron Age, incredibly negative energetic currents in
order to continue functioning.

In your time, not all of you probably believe in astral space. Some of
you might have heard about the new research into quantum field theory, but
that is probably about it. Essentially, the same thing happened to the cabal,
as happened to Tolkien's Elves in The Lord of the Rings. The difference,
however, was that the Elves couldn't stay because of the influx of negative
energy at the time, and the Illuminati couldn't stay on Earth due to the
influx of positive.

This, in case you're wondering, more than any other reason, (even maintaining
their rule politically) is why they need to keep you in such a constant state
of intense fear, anger, hatred, and other negative emotions. They literally
need an extremely negative energetic environment in order to physically
survive, and as the time of the Yuga turning gets closer, maintaining a
suitably negative environment will become more and more difficult for them.

As a result of this, if there is one single thing that I can recommend that
any of you do, in order to get through the upcoming situation as quickly and
as humanely as possible, it is to remember Love. Understand that the cabal
are going to fail anyway; they have to, because eventually such a giant tidal
wave of universal Love is going to come through, that it will simply sweep
them away. They won't be able to stand it. You don't need to hate them, you
don't need to be violent towards them, and you especially don't need to fear
them. They have already lost, but fear, hate, anger, and violence, will
actually allow them to stay longer. The only way to get rid of them is to
focus on feeling as much love as possible; towards each other, towards
yourselves, towards your families, towards the planet, and especially towards

It doesn't matter where it is directed; it will simply raise the energy to
such an extent that the cabal will not be able to survive within it, and they
will have to incarnate somewhere else. Eventually this would happen on its'
own, but what they are desperately hoping for, is that as well as reducing the
population, they can keep the last half billion people as miserable, terrified
slaves, who will generate sufficient negative energy to allow them to resist
the Yuga change for longer than they otherwise could. So you need to work on
creating as positive an energetic environment as possible, before they can
succeed in killing most of you.

Once that happened, however, and the cabal were gone, those of us who were
left, started to experience something else. I will never forget the first
time it happened to me, involuntarily. I simply saw and felt my entire body
becoming completely acorporeal, and no longer physical. At the end of the
process, (which took less than ten seconds) I was left wondering how it was
that I could still see, because I no longer had physical eyes.

This is what has been called the transition to Fourth Density, and there is
some writing about it in your current time. What it means is that you will
become partly acorporeal, and you will have the ability to become either
physical or non-physical, whenever you want. If you are interested, you might
want to do a Google search for a woman named Lyssa Royal, who channels various
beings that are in Fourth Density.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:18 AM
(Part 3)

This doesn't mean that we don't still spend a lot of time in physicality. We
do; but even our definition of physical reality is such now that, if I was to
show up in your own time, in what to me was a completely physical state, in
your usual Beta brainwave state at least, you would not be able to see me or
interact with me in any way. Our vibratory rate is higher now.

Technology has got a lot better, too. I don't just have Izzy's Jump Door, but
a fully fledged Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Bridge, which allows not only
transportation to any point within my own timeline, but any other timeline
that I have the co-ordinates for, as well. Izzy is someone I consider a dear
sister at this point, and I visit her often. After getting my ERP bridge,
attempting to discover one of her timelines' co-ordinates became a major
priority for me.

Alchemy has been completely documented and made mainstream. What this means
is tat we have full matter replication technology. Our replicators can
produce literally every known element in existence; although in the case of a
few of the more awkward ones, it still takes a bit of time, so we occasionally
need to plan in advance if we want to make something which requires them.

This has had the effect of rendering economics a completely moot point. We
have no money, and not even any concept of such. If I wanted to, I could have
a complete reproduction of any of the most sensual and decadent palaces from
the Earth's history, complete with harem. Babylon, Versailles, you name it.
Matter to energy conversion means that it also doesn't need to be holographic;
some of it might be, but I can replicate immediate surroundings in full
physical solidity, with it simply being broken back down into raw energy when
I move into another area of the construct.

Disease for us is literally obsolete, thanks to advances in both
electromagnetic technology, and our knowledge of harmonics. Although we've
already catalogued all previous diseases, if a new disease surfaces, we have
the means of discovering the resonant frequency of said disease, and apply a
time-reversed wave, matching that exact frequency, in order to cure ourselves.
We each have one of these devices on our ships; I have one myself. Because of
this, hospitals are nothing more than a memory, either.

Because of said new knowledge of harmonics, the background motor noise (or
humming) of any of our appliances, is also tuned to produce a tone that will
actually be beneficial to us, rather than harmful as was previously the case.
So as one example, as well as chilling our water, our refrigerators actually
rebuild (if need be) and reinforce the water's beneficial harmonics, as well.

These medical advances mean that old age is largely irrelevant, as well;
although given the amount of research we've since been able to do into the
Afterlife, we generally don't want to physically live forever. I'm very much
enjoying my life at the moment, though, so I don't have any intention of
making that transition just yet.

I should also mention our energy system of course, as I know that will be of
central interest to many of you. Those of you who are familiar with the
belief system known as Theosophy, will know that the goal set for the sixth
generation of Earth's inhabitants, (ours) was mastery of the Ether, or the
Akash. Our ancient civilisations first managed this thousands of years ago,
of course; but it was only around 100 years before your time, that it was
initially harnessed as a power source, by an inventor who many of you know
about; Nikola Tesla. Mr Tesla's technologies have largely become the backbone
of our society, even now; although John Bedini, Stanley Meyer, Tom Bearden,
and several other pioneers were also able to contribute valuable means of
power generation, which assisted greatly in the early environmental
reclamation of the planet, and later as power sources for us.

Earth, as I mentioned to you previously, as of 2100 is an ecological paradise
beyond the wildest dreams of most of you. Many of you might have heard of
a place which exists in your own time, called the Eden Project, in Cornwall,
in the UK. In your time, this site is the only one of its' kind in the world;
but in reality it is a prototype for many such sites which will exist all over
the world in the future. Together, these centers or ecological hubs, will
form a central backbone network which supports and reinforces the terrestrial
ecosystem, in the same way that the Internet has a backbone which allows it to

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:19 AM
(Part 4)

Stanley Meyer's water seperation technology, as well as our new knowledge of
the harmonic positive reconfiguration of water, allowed us to gradually begin
repairing the Earth's oceans. Biodiversity was a huge problem, but after the
final Convulsion, (my own term for the eventually failed takeover bid by the
Illuminati) the Disclosure event, which gave us ERP bridge technology, (as
well as many others) allowed us to solve it. We were able to go into Earth's
past, in several other timelines, and adopt the minimal number of breeding
pairs of different animals and plants that were needed, to begin to
re-initialise the terrestrial ecosystem. This was a long and gradual process,
but the result has been that the entire planet is now in a similar condition
to that which North America was, immediately prior to the arrival of
Christopher Columbus. In fact, given how much human ecological impact has
lessened, the planet's condition is in considerably better shape.

Izzy described something to you, of the way her people live on Earth. We are
somewhat similar, but we're a bit less focused exclusively on Earth, as many
of us have decided to move out into the solar system. This has been extremely
easy for us, because whether as individuals or families, we all now have our
own UFOs which serve us as homes, whether we live on them within the Earth's
atmosphere, or in space. These vessels are completely self-contained, with
food production and life support systems, as well as the ERP bridge system, as
mentioned. Our telecommunications system, due to the ERP bridges, are
interdimensional. My physical location within the known multiverse is
completely irrelevant; I can go from any one single point, to any other single
point, almost instantaneously. As a result, although I live as something of a
recluse, I truthfully couldn't be closer to whoever I wish to communicate

As a result of this, inhabitation of the surface of the Earth by humans is now
almost completely non-existent. Many live in either the lower or upper
atmosphere, but the majority of the planet's surface has been declared a giant
nature preserve, dedicated to ensuring that its' environmental condition
remains pristine. We of course can and do visit it regularly, however.

Another aspect of our current technology, is the enormous development of
virtual reality. We have any number of virtual landscapes and planetscapes,
many of which are private, but an equal number of which are shared or public.
One of my very favourite shared constructs, is a public monument which is
collectively dedicated to all of the men and women whose lives and work
contributed so much to the development of our current society. Part of the
reason for this, is that many of these people died in circumstances which
would not have occurred if they had lived within our current society; although
our ERP bridges also mean that most of them have been contacted within other
(although very similar) timelines, and they actually come here to teach on a
regular basis. As a result, within the last 30 years or so, I have personally
been introduced to temporal duplicates of Nikola Tesla, Jacques Fresco, and
Terrence McKenna, among others.

Given that my younger self will get into trouble for taking up too much space
if this is much longer, I had better stop at this point.

My central message to all of you, is to both be aware of your limitless
potential, and never, for one moment, give up hope. Embrace love; do not
alienate or be alienated by each other; and do not be afraid of the times that
are about to come. It is going to be very difficult for you for perhaps the
next 5-10 years or so, but after that, things will get better for you than
they ever have before.

Many of you are aware of a series of films from your time, called the
Terminator, about an artificial intelligence who built an army of robots,
which it tried to use to exterminate your entire humanity. Ironically, your
current scenario is more like that one than you might realise; and I have
since actually been to one of the timelines where that occurred, and have
shaken hands with its' duplicate of John Connor. My last words within this
transmission then, will be to leave you with some of the words of his mother
Sarah, who I consider an avatar of my own Durga Ma; that there is no fate but
what we make.
# ----+erpb-mail-protocol-v1.1-message----

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