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Venezuelan president is saying president Bush is a pussy

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posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 04:32 PM
hugo chavez frias(venezuelan president) is a terrorist,he promotes terrorism,he gives support for al qaeda(i live here,and the information is very accurate),
he is friend (was) of saddam hussein(google those names for seeing his pictures),he traveled to iraq,north korea,keeps relationships with china and provides free oil to cuba.

thanks to him ,the FARCS(colombia´s guerrillas),use venezuelas territory to evade colombias autorities and
make business with brazil narcotrafic.

you have what,like 150 deads in the war?well,let me say something ,here in venezuela we have 3000 deads in 2 years(crime,and this crime,is motivated by this president).
in one common weekend, we have like 80 deads in all the country.

collin powell,is just tired of this president and is considering it a menace.
chavez just talks bull#,he is a complete psycho,say
united states is wrong ,says bush is a clown(he says this in his sundays program (Alo Presidente).

this country is travelling to the same horizont of :cuba,iraq,syria,north korea....
chavez is a complete lunatic and is and will be a
problematic person....

so...can anyone say to president bush to came here and beat the hell out of this lunatic?
(yes before syria and all the other lunatics)

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 04:59 PM
Like in his own country and in other places around it. Yet North America is not a reasonable target for this man's might. Only covertly is his country a threat. Therefore this is for the Spec. Ops and Spies, not diplomats and politicans. LET THE FEDS DO THEIR JOBS. STOP SELLING MILITARY AND NATIONALISTIC PRIDE. The object of the 'war on terrorism' is to keep the threat against us from being a threat in the first place. So using blatant and belligerent force is only going to stir up more threats. For everyone knows that using such belligerent and blatant force, while in the name of National Security is fascist. Everyone knows that everyone hates a fascist. That is why some of the fascist out there won't show their true face. They know that to attempt to appear themselves as non-fascist is vital and neccasary to surviving as a fascist. So one must ask, who is the fascist? Chavez or Bush?

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:01 PM
All men who oppress and subdue are guilty as fascists. They are both guilty of oppressing their own people and others for their own survival.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:50 PM
1.-you americans dont know what is a dictatorship
2.-we latin americans do
3.-bush is not a moron...chavez havent studied anything in all his sad live and know one call him moron!
4.-in february one general of here ,drink a beer in front of the cameras and then...eructated....and the next thing i know is a bunch of pacifist calling bush moron!
5.-here are a lot of human rights violations that
you dont even imagine(you cant ,you are americans and think bush is a moron)

i hear that venezuela doesnt represent a global danger?
well you better think twice the last one

1.-google for hugo chavez+saddam hussein for seeing theyre pictures(yea ,he travel to iraq)
2.-he have relations with NK
3.-have relationships with China
4.-have relationships with lybia and syria
5.-provides FREE oil to cuba
6.-there are bio laboratories translated to here from cuba

you want to know more ?

search there for 9/11,al qaeda,terrorism,comunism etc

so maybe this lunatic dont have weapons of mass destrustion..but you want to know a little secret,,,,
he have oil..LOTS OF IT, so you better keep an eye open

[Edited on 15-4-2003 by kamikaze]

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 06:04 PM
Kamikaze what your address, I'll personally come in a eliminate your dictator. Heck I'll even redraw your bourders and elect you as new ruler if you have the brass. Take me up on it? I aint pullin no legs.

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