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This Thread is a Bit Late, but The Short Story is Worth a Read

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 01:05 AM
I am posting this here in this forum because of the thread’s intended audience, while it is about a literary work; it is pretty much directed at politics, specifically with the 2012 elections. Obviously, if the MODs feel it doesn’t belong, they will move it where they want. I apologize in advance if it is in the wrong place. This is also one of my first real threads (if I remember correctly), so I hope it is acceptable.

I am starting this thread because of the war rhetoric in the GOP debates. I posted the link to Mark Twain’s The War Prayer in a couple of different threads, when I was replying to other members. Let me preface with the following disclaimer: I am not attacking Christianity, nor am I trying to attack any person who is a follower of Christianity. I am merely attempting post a story by a great American author to illustrate the necessity for all of us to pause and think for a moment, whether religious or not. Often the sheer desire for some form of change combined with a charismatic orator, can lead us to act in an irrational manner. In this state we allow our passions, religious beliefs, and patriotism to override our rationality. Alternatively, we may do just the opposite and react against those items mentioned previously, creating an irrational opposition. However, direct reactive resistance to something, tends to give it legitimacy, strengthening it, and making it more real. It now seems that I have run off track. Right then, back to the task at hand.

I find that this short work by Mark Twain is worth the brief amount of time it takes to read, because of how well it illustrates just how ridiculous the thinking of the so called “Christians” cheering at the prospect of war, and the assertion certain politicians and candidates make of their faith’s moral principles, while simultaneously stressing the need to increase the power of our military, or the need to go to war. Obviously there is more to it than just that, however, I only decided to make this thread about ten minutes ago, and before I started writing I wanted to see if anyone else was making the same comparison I was. As it happens, many more people have referenced The War Prayer, while discussing the last few debates. I have not taken the time to read their articles, but if you search Mark Twain’s The War Prayer and the current political atmosphere, I am certain you will find however many articles there are with others, who have similarly made the connection between the story and some events at the debates.

I apologize if I have written much, while saying little; I tend to be long winded when I have a thought. This post is just being written free flow, so my grammar may be a bit off, but please bear with me. The following link will lead you to some background information on the story, for example when it was written and when it was published. I recommend at least giving it a cursory look.

Here is the link to the actual story itself.

Also a new thought popped into my head, well more of a question really. Please correct my ignorance if I am mistaken, but I had heard some time ago, that one of the many factors that helped build up the tension leading into the First World War, was the constant building up of armies, so as a reaction the other nations would build up theirs, back and forth. Although I might be think of something else. I know that my post is somewhat disorganized, I am sorry. If anyone has any thoughts on this post away, or let it fade away. Really I just wanted to post it, because I thought you guys might have enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your pateince. Have a Cookie. ^.^

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I just realized that this thread might have fit better in the political madness forum, well at least I think it might. If the MODs could teleport it that would be swell.
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