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Denver Airport Allows Camera Crew in Underground Facility

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 02:26 PM
Well that was awfully nice of them, so nice in fact, they had alot of time, to prepare a nice tour where the nothing is to be seen syndrome can be facilitated

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by tonycliffs

Originally posted by Eurisko2012
reply to post by tonycliffs

Use Google Earth and take a look around.

It's all very clear to me. You just have to know what to look for.

I can see the Cheyenne Mountain White House cave..........Yes, I can see a tunnel connecting the Cheyenne Mountain White House cave to the Denver Airport underground military base.

Wait! What's that on Google Earth I see? Another tunnel leading into Nevada's Area 51? And what about that tunnel over there going to Kirtland Air Force Base in Northern New Mexico? That tunnel leading into Utah is really, really interesting.

Did you ever ask yourself why the Great Salt Lake....way in the middle of the salt water?

Some of that map looks like it has some disinformation on it.

The Dulce,NM part looks believable.

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by tonycliffs
And that many of those subterranean tunnels that have gone the ones in Nevada....have been used by our military.....

Not all of them are dry

Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert?

Huge Underground "Ocean" Found Beneath Asia
North America during the late Cretaceous

But none of that has to do with Denver

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by zorgon
reply to post by bknapple32

Cheyenne Mountain complex is one of the premiere DUMBS on the planet, the likely go to place for the President and staff in an emergency.. yet we all know about it, where it is and its even featured on TV in Stargate SG1

Now try to get into it in an emergency and see how far you get, as the tour guide in Jesse's film says the guard "will do what it takes" to keep "We the people" out in case of emergency.

IF indeed DIA is connected via underground passages, roads and or rail, then it makes a lot more sense having a HUGE open airfield directly over a massive underground facility. Think of the logistics in having a fast evacuation to that place... just land a LOT of planes and be right into the safety of the tunnels in literally minutes

Makes a lot of sense to me...

Now I just need to solve the riddle so I can reserve a seat... just in case
I am pretty sure I know where the Las Vegas entrance to the Tubes is

Actually It doesn't, Cheyenne mountain was designed as a nuclear hardened facility, put the airport right overhead and it gets obliterated, at the height of the cold war there were literally hundreds if not thousands of warheads targeted on this one facility alone. in order to have your surface transport be outside of the majority of the destruction zone you would need to be at least 100 miles away.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by nvprose1

Originally posted by greeneyedleo

Originally posted by jerryznv
I've been following this thread since it's birth and I don't know what to think!

There seems to be some confusion on proving and disproving...providing evidence that can be supported is proof...providing information that shows something to be false it disproving!

So with that being said...I have seen no proof of DIA being anything other than an airport!

I have not seen anyone provide any evidence disproving DIA is anything but an airport!

So...which is airport surrounded by a bunch of theories of it being something else...or is it a secret base that just happens to be an airport too.

Safely I can say that it is an airport with a bunch of theories surrounding it...I don't feel so safe saying it is a secret base that happens to be an airport too!

Just my two cents!

why have some super duper secret base at DIA for the elite when you have Buckley AFB 15 min (or so) away that has everything all the elite would need? then you have 3 other bases south of DIA.....i guarantee there is more security at BAF than DIA.....I know, I lived on it.....

with all the ultra security locations in colorado, makes no sense to have something at an international airport that is packed with people all over the world.....
edit on January 27th 2012 by greeneyedleo because: (no reason given)

hmmm. lets see.. DIA is closely located to four major government facilities...
all about 75 miles south off i-25 From DENVER:

4. Air Force Academy: location Colorado Springs, CO

3. Ft. Carson: location Colorado Springs, CO.

2. Peterson Air Force Base: location Colorado Springs, CO.

1. NORAD: location Colorado Springs, CO.

greeneyedleo has a point... could there be a tunnel between any of these locations...?
like lets say a train / rail system to get to NORAD...?
If then why...? who would need to fly into DIA to take a tunnel to the base (or if it really is a DUMB/back up command and control location I.E. Camp Daivd), when they could fly right into Ft. Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, or Colorado Springs Municiple...?

and wasn't the first location of DIA supposed to have been plotted on some Indian Burial ground...

edit on 28-1-2012 by nvprose1 because: clarity
OK so a little more info I have been told. I once knew a guy who frequented the coffee shop I worked at downtown, cool old guy, was into engineering. He was not overtly into discussing conspiracies and generally perty quiet as people go, but once when him and I were having a cup together he told me about "tunnels" between Denver and CO springs "big enough to turn 2 tanks around side by side in" He claimed to have worked on the project some years prior (this was probably about 95-97 when he told me this) he said if I looked on a map I would find rock debris piles and "quarries" all along the front range. Topo maps do indeed have a ton of debris fields and I have personally been to a couple rather large ones seemingly in the middle of nowhere with no facility or mining business ect around. He further indicated that there were tunnels that linked portions of down town Denver with these main tunnels.

NOW: fasst forward about 2 years and I am hitch hiking up to leadville to see a buddy who moved up there for a couple seasons. I get picked up by this old timer who also begins to tell me virtually the same story, accept that he stated you could "turn a semi truck around " in this tunnel that he worked on. He also indicated that there were tun of tunnels under Denver proper (But did not say they were connected.)

About this time I had a buddy who worked below the macdonalds on the 16th street mall at a place called "wendy city pizza" which is 1 level below street level. They had an incident right outside the store where a guy took a baseball bat or something to the glass brick wall that was right outside the store entrance (think it used to be anderson news or something like that) anyway he tells me one day him and some buddies are going to explore the "tunnels behind the wall" He invites me along. we grab some flashlights ect and head down there in the middle of the night. the tunnels look like service tunnels with drywall and pipes running all under, we must have done the equivilant of 6 to 7 blocks and saw many side tunnels. it seemed to go without end. we eventually headed back as we were getting kinda freaked out and were afraid we were gonna get lost/caught. he later claimed to have went back and gone "over a mile"

Add to that about 5 years later a kung fu budd y of mine who was a security guard worked at (I forget which) one of the govt' buildings downtown. He also told me that there were extensive tunnels under denver downtown but that most had been "sealed off with concrete"
Some of these tunnels were the tunnels they used to evacuate the skin heads from the capi

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:20 AM
" Some of these tunnels were the tunnels they used to evacuate the skin heads from the capitol building" and this I believe is well documented. Additionally I worked security at the tabor center for a few months and can tell you that there are 3 secret entrances (exits more accurately) from street level to the lower parking levels and or the upper back office corridors. one exits near the vallet to the hotel across the north of the center proper, one exits on the south side of the center, one comes out in the back halls by the food court.

additionally I have a friend who used to dance (ahem) at the red garter and they had a well know and very "haunted" tunnel that led from there (she didnt know where and the none of the women would step foot into it.)

I have also heard from some boulderites that they have been in tunnels under boulder and that one old timer told them that workers have gotten repeatedly lost one one went missing in them as they are that vast.

this is perty much the extent of my Denver tunnel lore but it goes to show that there is a TON of tunnels that the public does not know exists. are they nefarious? mostly no, do they exist? absolutely, could they have been built for secret government access? Yes as the tunnel from the capitol to the bld directly north is for government officials. additionally I do believe that the tunnels from Co springs to denver most certainly exist as to hear 2 completely unrelated people tell the same story is way too weird. do they connect to DIA , I have no idea but given all of the other things I have seen or heard and given the logic of having a massive facility outside of the major blast zone of critical infrastructure yet under mostly granite (disapates radiation better than other stone i've heard and as such was one reason NORAD was built along the front range) makes perfect sense, yes it is a normal airport, but why not make it usable in times of emergency, and why not make it capable as playing double duty as a processing center for POW's protesters, or anyone else the PTB would want to round up en mass or even protect underground in case of an event. lord knows from what I saw personally you could easily house several hundred thousand people below DIA as it is VAST. are the Underground areas there for big wigs to bug out to in case of emergency, maybe if they happen to be in the area, but I suspect it is more of an infrastructure storage center... a large space you can fill with whatever you need, people, machines, food, critters .... what ever the situation might call for... and someone has to run that so yes there are probably spaces for that as well. Its not really that far fetched, but prudent and again probably not a nefarious as some might think. I believe it is like a knife, a handy tool you have and the morals of the tool are governed by the person in control of it at the time and the purpose for what you are using it.... just my 2 cents....

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by JAY1980

One of the items of contention about the airport among pilots is that they built it in the WORST possible location along the front range as far as wind sheer, which is second only to ice as being the most dangerous natural danger to an aircraft. DIA is known as the "wind sheer capitol of the world" Many have noted that had they built it anywhere else along the front range, say further south, it would have dramatically reduced the threat of wind sheer (which I assure you is scary as hell when landing)... but then again building it further south would have put it closer to NORAD ect... and again for reasons of creating an exclusion zone outside of a blast radius of several direct hits for all of your surface transport infrastructure, possibly (and really how else would you access it after the bombs fell?) accessed by underground tunnels it really makes sense that they put it where they did.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 02:45 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
This is also creepy

The Horse of the Apocalypse statue at the Airport

eh, might be reading to much into it, the Denver football team, the Broncos. That could very well be their mascot. But maybe not

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport

edit on 27-1-2012 by zorgon because: Added better version

One thing that makes this Doc unbelievable is the black girl 'actress' who is a secretary?? She used to be in Eastenders???

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 01:11 PM
June Saprong used to be in eastenders

never knew that

posted on May, 4 2015 @ 03:37 AM
Let's revive this.

posted on May, 4 2015 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: mossme89

Typical the youtube account is now deleted. Wished I saw that video. But I'm betting a lot was missed.

Will tell my story here.

I had a friend who was a contract painter while DIA was being built. Over the course of 6 months I noticed he became more and more closed off and less inclined to talk about work. When we met he loved his job.Eventually he started talking about how his typical day at work would go.

He would be greeted by security at the elevators by check in at concourse B. Just feet away from this.

The guard would have to use a key that would take him to an unknown level. He said it would go down for what felt like a long way. But was never told an exact floor. Then escorted to his work area for the day. He was shown where the closest restroom was and told to meet at that exact location at the end of the day.

His job was to apply epoxy paint to corridors leading between what he described were big underground hangers. Huge rooms with nothing inside. Sometimes he would hear machine noises off in the distance but would very rarely see anyone. If he did it was security checking on him. This went on for months. Until he told me that he was being taken to a point where he couldn't really even remember how to get to the elevator if something should happen while down there.

He was a smart individual, and it would take more than just a few left and right turns for him to get lost. What he was describing to me was a large complex. More than just the baggage area. Something much larger. Side rooms that appeared to be living quarters and large public sized restrooms. I was so young at the time I never put a whole lot of thought into his stories. Until later all the other stuff started coming out.

Take it for what it is ATS. Just another odd story from someone on the internet or another piece to this puzzle. You decide.

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