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SOPA and PIPPA (The Real Truth)

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 07:06 PM
Obviously its because of the money...but

I also feel that SOPA and PIPPA is the entertainment business trying to make sure that people cannot entertain other people through means of ATS, YouTube, Facebook, etc... That is their business...and they want it back...all of it.

They obviously want to make sure we cannot share music, video, pictures, or anything from any movie, show, etc... without being removed from the internet (lol not really just type in the ip address) and sued by their lawyers. They want to make sure they scare everyone enough so no one attempts to post anything they do not approve of.

More people each day use the internet to entertain themselves, as do I, instead of going out to the movies or buying products and merchandise not only because of the economy but because the internet I feel has more quality content if you know where to look. They want to make sure you are being fed their lies and their way of thinking. Not someone else's. They want to make sure your children grow up thinking celebrities should be praised and admired rather than doctors or teachers. They want to make sure you aspire to the "American Dream" by showing you a fancy lifestyle that a small few actually live through these over exaggerated movies. Which are so poorly made that if computers and special effects did not exist, neither would the movie business.

This is only the beginning. They and I do not expect SOPA and PIPPA to pass... Which is obviously a good thing.
However they will only come back with other bills that are even worse than these if we do not make sure we continue to spread the message to vote against these bills and any other bill that mimics its purpose.

Our rights have all practically been taken away already. All we have left is the internet.

DO NOT let them take that away from us too!!!

I know there are other reasons as to why SOPA and PIPPA are trying to be passed and with your comments it will complete my post to give anyone reading an understanding of what is to come, and what should be expected.

If anyone has anything to add please feel free.



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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 07:25 PM
If it ever passes, I'm going back to vinyl records, cassette tapes, books, and old-school console games.

I use the Internet primarily for entertainment and learning. If I can't use it for that anymore, I'll simply have to leave it behind completely other than job searching if the need arises. I've got a phone that has calling and texting; I think I'll be fine.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:08 PM
Well said. With the exposure, people alert of it... I'm starting to think that they let the SOPA/PIPA info leak, knowing it would be turned down. With the direction aimed at people being fed dis info that nothing has passes...."it's shelved!! yay!", desensitization, "Oh we have heard this before. No censorship will happen". It's been long due, has been creeping on with the "advertising" aim(ex. what you see more with Google)I'm amazed it's been this free for so long. But now there's worry the internet collective consciousness has become too strong.

An observation of what is going on globally now, the censorship plan was not just meant to be limited for US. Preparing all users around the world for Internet 2.0. "Days of the Wild West Web are long gone" similar to what one media outlet proclaimed. To them but not to us

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