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A thought revolution in how we see and use copywrite.

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 02:31 PM
As a species the net user is being systemically targeted using the form of copy write enforcement, that was set up in PRE internet age, content copywritten before and after the advent of the internet uses the same forceful ways of blocking you from the information without payment,

Like a picture, if i wanted it and IT WAS SIMPLE TO PAY then i would click on the picture and pay my 10cents to display the pic on my blog legally and links to the photographers own site.

The internet is not just for pirated content, it is also for user generated content, and a large portion of the information and articles on the internet. When we post on the net we are giving away our rights to copyright unless the transmition of that information is considered copyritten as is the case in my country.
ANY UNIQUE email or communication using the medium of the intenet is covered by the electronic comunication of information copyright standard in the name of the creator.
To beat the problem of copyright, we must have a mechanism or program that “tags” and places the copyright to the unique content and affixes copyright mechanism into the document.
USER generated and USER copyritten material free from pirated material or displaying the “copyrite tags” as part of use.
An automated system the gives the users drive space and documentation to all of the unique content they create. When you want to post on the net a new picture, from the first post or repost of that picture all data required to ligitamitly and fairly pay a reasonable price with little or no inconvience.
When 1 picture is sold once for 200 dollars it is then not sold again it may never be used,
But out on the net that 1 picture may be reposted a million times and you may receive 100,000 dollars for the use of your property.
A file serve type upload website would do nicely where only content you intend on copyrighting for yourself would be accepted, automatically removing most infringing content.
Each user posts UNIQUE content to the server though a internet conection and the content is then available to scan for copyritten images and set up a server for video, sound, picture, text and code copyrights and let people use the user generated content for their own profit (unique originator) so that they have money to pay for the pictures images or exterior content.

The reason to all this is to have a platform for expression that is trouble free from copyright infringement while at the same time addressing the need for individuals to effortlessly copyright their own content before distributing it on the interent. as our rights for redress as copyright holders of UNIQUE content increases our ability to supply that content and provide a plat form where the users gain the “privilege” of copyright for themselves even under an anon persona.
IF copyright is to be used against us we shall use it against those that seek to shut down free expression, and provide a copyright service in the benefit of the people.

Lets make a massive distinction in OUR UNIQUE content and THEIRS,
Truth is we can survive without their content, they can’t survive without our attention time and money.
We need to separate content to provide a platform of expression free from copyright violations to allow the communities to continue to engage each other without fear of persecution from copyright trolls and threats of rouge publishing of material previously copyritten.
The internet must be free even if we must take drastic steps to ensure 100% compliance with the new laws, but remember this: the content we as users put on the net is worth much more than the Hollywood movies and old school copyright barrons.
If everyone was to make money from their own UNIQUE content, they would have funds to pay for others work.


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