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MY Experiences & Perspective From 50 Years of Studying the UFO Phenomena

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 07:39 PM

Would you be willing to articulate the factors leading you to become convinced that there is a spiritual component, element?
reply to post by BO XIAN

I believe their is a clear and direct demonic connection resulting from supposed alien abduction. Over the years I have read many abduction reports and accounts by witness who claim some rather bizarre communications with said abductors.

Missing time, being floated through walls, strange lights, sheer terror and paralysis are all common spiritual and demonic phenomena. This is not my opinion, demonic accounts go back centuries and while many of the manifestations/symptoms are extraordinarily similar, only the surface layer has been altered in an attempt to alter public perception.

On a personal note I have encountered both a real demon many years ago (the night before my baptism), I was 19 years old and a grey alien, only a month before my 40th birthday, I am 41 next month. I have no doubt this post will receive it's share of ridicule, doubters and nay sayers yet both were very real and I was awake for both encounters although to be fair the encounter when I was 19; I was just on the cusp of sleep.

The first was repelled, in fact I would say thrown from my room with a whisper of Christ's name. The second could not even enter my house I believe because of the protection prayers I say each night. The demon and the grey alien looked nothing alike, the former was huge, when it came through my bedroom window it filled at least a third of my room. The demon looked like a rotting fanged horse head with black leathery skin, claws and haunches. The grey alien was slender and about a head shorter than me. (I am 5'6).

I had left the back door open for my dog to see to her nightly ablutions. I normally stand out with the dog and wait for her to come back inside but on this particular night, I was busting for the bathroom myself and left the door wide open while I saw to my own need. As I exited the bathroom I turned to the door wondering why the dog had not come straight back inside. At the back door, not the top step, the next one down I clearly saw what appeared to be a grey alien with it's head to one side.

I could hear my dog whimpering. She would not come inside, she refused to pass this thing on the step. It seemed to derive great pleasure from seeing my little dog distressed. As it turned to the open door, I could see or feel it register surprise as it saw me standing there looking at it. There was no light on in the house yet there appeared to be a blue hue to everything. Perhaps l should have felt afraid but the only thing I felt was anger because my dog was trapped outside. I thought when I first saw it face on, "Lord help me", and began to walk toward it. I had no idea what I was going to do, I had my hand out as if to push it away from the door, or wring its neck , I am not sure which. It pulled a long torch thing off its belt and pointed it at me.

Blue electricity arced out toward me and I held up my right hand. It seemed to absorb it and I was presented with a simulation ( I wont go into here), perhaps as a distraction or to slow me down. I laughed and continued toward this thing and it seemed bothered. It had no facial expression so I can only give impressions. It is about 8-9 yards from the bathroom exit to the back door. I had maybe moved a total of two or three steps before it started to back away from the door and faded into the night. For the record, my dog no longer goes out at night with me standing by the door with a torch.

I apologise for the length of the recent encounter but I needed to make a point. Although both creatures were vastly different in appearance, they were essentially identical. They felt exactly the same and both were accompanied by a very particular stench.

I would love to start a thread one day about both encounters but I have been dragged into these discussions before with little or no positive outcome.
I believe the spiritual element because for me it has been confirmed by more than one source and via personal experience.

There is no physical evidence to speak of and whilst I have no doubt some authorities here have fascinating and exotic technologies I do not believe those powers that be would employ expensive technologies just to sneak up on a random person because their door just happened to be open. I do believe that my interest in the phenomena was noted and that an attempt was made to sway me to a particular belief. It failed.

I might also point out that during the encounter with the "grey alien" thing, I never saw a ufo or anything that even resembled craft of any sort.

I guess sometimes some of us are just given to know some things. Hope that answered your question.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by atrifact1

I think I really MUST protest the poorly thought out contention

. . . not only that one must discuss the UFO phenomena devoid of ANY religious aspects--PARTICULARLY Christian aspects . . . constructs, beliefs . . .

but that it is remotely advisable or 'good' to do so.

I consider that a very hazardous if not foolhardy and dangerous idea.

1. IF, as many believe, the whole phenomenon INHERENTLY INCLUDES INTENSELY EVIL SPIRITUALITY


2. it would be terminally suicidal to wall that sphere of the whole off from rational discussion.

3. It is a VERY TELLING bit of evidence that ANY RATIONAL folks would contend and lobby for such a hand-cuffed treatment or dicsussion of the topic to begin with.


which, really, is part and parcel of the same globalist oligarchy that the UFO critters are working hand-in-glove with

--it shows HOW EFFECTIVE that propaganda machine has been at protecting the UFO phenomena and their satanic human colleagues from proper and fitting analysis

vis a vis the very CRUCIAL spiritual aspects of the phenomena.

5. All those railing against authentic and valid spiritual perspective in such an analysis and discussion have essentially aligned themselves with and become supportive of

the GREAT DECEPTION that the critters and the globalist oligarchy are perpetrating.

I don't consider that wise, in the least.

IT's certainly not careful; not fair-minded; not objective; not comprehensive . . . in its approach to the topic.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by MollyStewart


I have no doubt as to its validity and integrity.

Guy Malone's 400 cases include some similar cases, IIRC.

Can you relate the . . . impressions or images or simulation that came when the light from the critter's wand struct your hand?

It seems clear to me that the critter KNEW the authority (in Christ) that you walked in and was thereby limited in its harrassments of you.

However, some non-Christians have reported that fierce anger was also some deterrant in some situations.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:23 PM
To Chadwickus, blupblup and the other posters challenging the OP for his theory of Satan being behind the UFO-Phenomenon:

Having been born in the more than 2000 years old german city of Trier, where christianity lost it's "Unschuld" (in german, that means both "innocence" and "virginity") when in 385 A.D. with Priscillian the first person in the history of Christianity was executed for heresy, and having studied all the perversions that since then have been performed in the name of Jesus, I developped a great aversion to christianity.

So, when I talk about the followings things, keep in mind that I'm anything, but a christian missionary.

It may be a quote from a wise man from India (I think it was the swami Vivekananda) about religion, that might help me to express my point:

"God comes down to earth to found a religion, and the devil follows right behind to organize it."

(mind-boggling that quote, isn't it?
But as much I was enjoying, how it so perfectly suits christianity - I always refused to believe in the devil.

Because if you believe in the (existance of the) devil, the gray turns into black and white. Good and evil.

And wasn't it the bite in the apple from the Tree of the Knowdledge of Good and Evil, that made Adam and Eve lose their paradise?


(I'm tired, my concentration is in decay, so I'll make it short)

... there were two things (beside the satanic history of the roman catholic church, pun intended) that brought me to the conclusion, that Satan and his fallen angels possibly are not just methaphors.

Firstly, Jaques Vallées Extra Dimensional Hypothesis, most of you surely will know. That, in short, is about the possibility, that the UFOs and the supposed aliens possibly are not what we think they are.

And then... those strange words recorded during a phone call in 1997, that after all these years never cease to disturb people:


Many came to the conclusion, that that phone call was just a hoax. Of course, the follow-up call of the (probable) same man some time later supports such a conclusion.

The fact, that the phone call, and with it the whole transmission of Art Bell's show, apparently got interrupted by a signal-loss, makes me think, that possibly, just possibly... there was something in that account, even if it was a hoax, that was not meant to be heard.

And it's that phrase - "They are not, what they claim to be" that makes me ask:

Why should they claim to be something, that they are not?

What did they claim? To be our brothers and sisters from space?

Ah, I forgot.

That "frantic caller" also said:

"they are extradimensional beings"

Why should they lie to us?

Possibly... because they always lied? John 8.44 comes to mind...

But who knows. I don't. I just have many unanswered questions. And a bad feeling deep in my guts, that more sooner than later I'll get an answer.

And I doubt, I'll appreciate it.

Best wishes to all of you!

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by Peloquin

Excellent points masterfully put.

Thanks for a wonderful contribution.

Congrats on being able to have your construct system stretched enough to fit the evidence regardless of how uncomfortable the process may have been.

May you be tenacious in your search for TRUTH and . . . wholeness, safety, peace, joy . . .

Certainly the critters are NOT what they claim they are.

And many whistleblowers have noted that the critters chronically LIE! LIE! LIE!

What the whistleblowers do not explain . . . is . . .

GIVEN THE CHRONIC LYING of the critters,

WHY do the ruling elite believe them so much and set about to genocidally murder 6 billion 800 million global citizens because the critters tell them it's essential to save mankind from himself???


posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Peloquin

But who knows. I don't. I just have many unanswered questions. And a bad feeling deep in my guts, that more sooner than later I'll get an answer.

Perhaps you'd be willing to share some of your unanswered questions.

I've shared some of the things I don't know or understand.

A merry time can be had by all . . . sharing our ignorances . . . LOL.

Besides . . . maybe someone will have an answer we haven't thought of.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by blupblup

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
Do you have proof that they are fakes?

Are you serious?

Have you SEEN the Romanek video??? Also, not that it means that much, but he failed the polygraph test too.

Yes, I am serious. As I stated, not familiar with the names at all. Some links, and more data, would be helpful.

That said, even if a couple are fakes, that doesn't mean that anyone with a similar idea is mistaken, now does it?

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:11 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Well a google search or ATS search will yield plenty of information for you, but to quickly summarize for you...

Maussan is a serial hoaxer and supporter of hoaxes, most notably the metapeck creature.

Romaneck released a terrible video of an alien looking through his window.

Greer is involved with the disclosure project, who have become a joke to all but the most die hard fans.

Might explain why I haven't heard of them then. Thx for the data. Will have to check into them, see what else I can see. Could be amusing, at the least. or annoying. Maybe both...

I tend to not do too much reading on a lot of the UFO/alien stuff, because my own ideas are not exactly "accepted" by many. Can understand why, but they are really pretty logical.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:12 AM
My good friend hereon "AND TEA SHARING TOO" has seen my credentials. If she cares to affirm them, fine. If not, fine. ... For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the evidence of my skills as well as my heart is there.

I've rarely seen contrarian folks convinced by much of anything--regardless of how high the stacks of evidence filling however many warehouses.

edit on 27/1/2012 by BO XIAN because: spelling

I wonder how you would be received if you never mentioned your credentials? It would be one less thing for Furbs to question. I'm suspicious that IF the credentials were proven here it would not make one bit of difference to Furbs.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Might explain why I haven't heard of them then. Thx for the data. Will have to check into them, see what else I can see. Could be amusing, at the least. or annoying. Maybe both...

I tend to not do too much reading on a lot of the UFO/alien stuff, because my own ideas are not exactly "accepted" by many. Can understand why, but they are really pretty logical.

The Stan Romanek lie detector thing is NONSENSE.

1. All the evidence points to that being a wholesale set-up to discredit him start to finish.

2. Lie Detectors are not all that permissable as evidence in most respects in most cases because

A) some folks can hoax them
B) they give too many false positives for folks who are nervous to begin with.

I've seen Stan Romanek up close and personal in person . . . he's plenty high-strung and anxious/nervous as a personality. I think it was foolish for him to agree to a polygraph to begin with.

3. Stan's DEGREE OF MULTI-WITNESS CONFIRMATION OF MAJOR components of his story is unparalleled in the whole UFO field. He's had a handful to a house full of friends with him out on hilltops as well as in his house as well as over night in his house and out in his yard when major UFO manifestations were going on.

4. Numbers of his friends and associates have seen the same things he's photographed and attest to the authenticity of the photos.

5. The house siding thing is documented with photos and a secreted piece of the siding that I saw personally with my own eyes and could have handled, had I bothered.

6. The pickup being 'nuked' by a 'men in black' microwave 'motor zapper' while he was in a fast food driveup line was witnessed by a number of folks.

7. IIRC, his implant was undisputable. I forget whether he went through with having it out or chickened out after it started moving in the preliminaries of the surgery. I hope I'm not mixing him up with Whitley Strieber on that score.

8. Some of his overnight guests also had confrontations with the ET critters themselves.

9. If the DEGREE OF DOCUMENTATION, STILL PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MULTI-WITNESS CONFIRMATIONS AND TANGIBLE EVIDENCES LEFT BEHIND in the Stan Romanek case is 100%, then the average best of the rest of the field is probably down around 35% or so.


In terms of Linda Moulton Howe and the 'dragon fly drone' stuff. I understand how long that thread was on ATS and how everyone dogpiled on the idea that it was all CGI hoaxed etc.

I'm no CGI expert.

However, I am a very well trained expert on assessing character and personality.

imho, Linda would NEVER knowingly put something forward as true that she even strongly suspected was a hoax. She is a stickler for detail and fierce about integrity.

She is convinced by the different photos AND NARRATIVES from a diversity of sources and locations that something is going on with the drones that is NOT CGI.

I don't know. I just know her character. She would NOT knowingly be part of a hoax. She has reason--for her very solid convincing reasons--to believe that at least some of the drone stuff is authentic.

Nevertheless, I don't think she has settled on what it is. I think she is still allowing that something fishy could be going on with part of it. I think she's just convinced that it is not all hoax. And, she's collecting all the information she can and waiting to see what proves out.

There's a blood-lust on ATS that seems to love to shred folks and evidence and leave a trail of blood and haughty laughter in the process.

I don't consider that honorable.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by WhoKnows100
I'll summarise
- Fallen Angels had physical bodies obviously, because they mated with the daughters of men, producing hybrid Nephiliam offspring.
- These were killed in the Flood, but the Bible says that they existed after the flood as well, but not whether this was a physical or spiritual existence.
- The Book of Enoch states that they all died in the flood, but that the Nephiliam lived afterwards as "evil spirits/demons".
- post flood, it is a spiritual war - around and in our physical world causing the conflict and bloodshed that is always present. Christ's redeemed are to preach the gospel to ensure generations of saved individuals for the Kingdom of God.
- Satan knows how it ends, but still never ceases to try and stop humanity from the inheritance given to the redeemed. He keeps the perishing blinded to the gospel through control of their mind (thoughts and beliefs) and he tries to keep the saved from gaining more ground by saving souls for the Kingdom of God. He can't do anything to them except for what God allows.

What I'm getting at is this - no where in scripture does it tell us that there are "critters". *snip*
I'd appreciate your thoughts on reconciling the spiritual war prevalent in the Bible post flood with your idea of "critters"...?
Many thanks.

Nice; you put a lot of thought into that post, and clearly, some research. Will be glad to share my opinions on your questions.

1. physical or no? - Well, don't put much stock in things like the so-called "book of Enoch". There is good reason to NOT consider this reliable, as it contradicts the Bible in some areas. Plus, there seem to be a couple of different ones, and they aren't really that similar. Check some Biblical sites for more details - don't want to go too far off track in the thread on this. That said, there isn't any reason to assume that the demons all "died" physically during the Flood. No reason to assume that they are stuck only physical, for one, and even if they are, that they would live here. In fact, being described as "powers of the air", I would bet they live in a more physically elevated position. Space, even. So, in that respect, they would be, in a sense "extraterrestrials". If you look in the Bible, you see that the Nephilim are said to have been around in the days of Noah - pre-flood - and also after. Once the Flood was done, they simply took up where they left off. Most logical explanation for the creepier aspects of many abductions, not to mention things like incubi and succubi.

2. spiritual war - Oh, yeah! Daily, all over the place. Even if there are physical forms, there is a spiritual level as well. How that could work, I don't know, though it could be a very interesting angle for some researcher to look into! That battle is clear if you look at current events. The manipulation of what people think, what they believe, what they do, what they see as important. Way too many examples to list. Plus, no doubt many in power are directly involved with them, knowingly or not. Some might think they are something other than what they really are, and some could know. I suspect it's a bit of both. Recently watched a rather long video series on YT (76, I think, of them), about this spiritual deception. Some interesting things that keep cropping up, little subtle signals that show where such involvement is taking place. Symbols used, similar descriptions for apparently different people/false gods, etc. If interested, can post a link.

Put simply, it's mainly a spiritual battle, but they can and do cause physical issues as well. Besides the Nephilim, you have basic possession. Yes, going on today, and in some places, on a scale that's truly sick. Seen videos of some supposed "churches" with these false teachers in there, spreading this mess around, so you have rooms filled with people who writhe on the floor, jerk around, make animal sounds, shake their heads so violently that it looks like a movie effect, etc. Very creepy stuff! The deception is widespread, and I believe that the whole UFO portion of it is just a part.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by AND TEA SHARING TOO

Thanks for your kind reply.

I think it's funny that the crew on ATS has no clue about how extensively you are familiar with my credentials from my teaching to other lengths and dimensions. LOL.

Yeah, I don't think proving it with notorized documents would alter or influence the respect of the naysayers toward me as much as 0.0000000001%. It's just an excuse to throw rocks because they seem to hate my perspective generally.

Anyway--thanks for your comment.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Well put.

I think Charlesworth's translation of Enoch is the best.

Certainly Scripture takes priority over Enoch.

Nevertheless, a number of the Biblilcal scribes respected the Book of Enoch and IIRC, there's more than 20 verses in the NT that are quotes from the Book of Enoch.

Certainly the fallen angels did not all have their bodies trashed in the flood.


posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

The cattle stuff, the sightings, all of it; I figure the same, some us, some them. It's a huge game, and they will do whatever they think will convince people. I have found, in looking into this stuff, that when you look from this perspective, a LOT of things make sense that the "mainstream" UFO people can't explain. Family member of mine, who is WAY more up on all the various cases than I am, seems to agree on these issues.

Thread is getting interesting. Then, so is the world in which we live! "Interesting" in a sort of old Chinese curse way, as in, "May you live in interesting times."!

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

I certainly believe that Stephen Greer has swallowed the New Age/Globalist Kool-Aide re the critters.

I have a personal friend at


who used to work in the ER as an RN under Dr Stephen Greer.

She said he was a top flight MD and a top flight person AT THAT TIME.

She's convinced that the UFO field has somehow resulted in a major personality change and a great deal of flakey stuff in his personality more and more as the years have gone by. She feels quite saddened that he has seemingly become brainwashed as though in some Eastern Mysticism cult.

Sounds about right, to me, from what I see.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
reply to post by BO XIAN

The cattle stuff, the sightings, all of it; I figure the same, some us, some them. It's a huge game, and they will do whatever they think will convince people. I have found, in looking into this stuff, that when you look from this perspective, a LOT of things make sense that the "mainstream" UFO people can't explain. Family member of mine, who is WAY more up on all the various cases than I am, seems to agree on these issues.

Thread is getting interesting. Then, so is the world in which we live! "Interesting" in a sort of old Chinese curse way, as in, "May you live in interesting times."!

I agree.

They certainly will do whatever they think will convince the masses of sheeple, slaves and serfs.

Indeed . . . INTERESTING

in the traditional Chinese curse sense.

Thanks much for your kind replies.

And we are hardly off the starting blocks so far. Ya ain't seen nuthin yet.


Wake-up, folks. Avoid catetonia by working this stuff through ahead of time.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by BO XIAN

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes

Originally posted by BO XIAN
What is with the trying to get humans to teach the hybrids to emote and handle affection and emotions well?

I suspect that, if they don't have then without human help, they would want this to help them blend in, maybe. Disguise themselves as ordinary people. What I really want to know is, how can we spot such? There have to be clues to look for!

More than a little plausible, imho.

How to detect . . . hmmmm . . . don't remember a LOT of specifics . . .

IIRC, eyes are the best give-away.

Then ears, necks, mouths, noses, walking gait . . . body language . . . responses to emotions . . . flat affect etc.

The eyes are windows, for certain! I think the evil ones tend to be easy to spot (for me), as discernment is the biggest gift I got. Had some interesting discussions about this topic, though. As in, would any such "hybrid" automatically be evil? If so, what would make them so? If not, then what? I figure, if we have a choice to follow God or not, so would other beings. The fallen ones chose to rebel. We chose to sin. So would these choose as well? Plus, had some discussions about how widespread is this business? If this is, in fact, end times, is it as bad as it was? Or close? If so, are there possibly people that have this other DNA, the fallen stuff, and don't even know it? If they can choose, they could even be people that DO choose to follow God. Lot of questions, eh? But then, I guess we will have answers soon enough.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by BO XIAN

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes

1. The potential reality of God, the devil, angels, demons - If you can believe in beings from other planets, is this so much harder?

OH DEAR ME! Are you asking the bulk of the habitually contrarian posters on ATS to be

logically consistent?

LOL. What are you trying to cause, a pole shift?

I can only try! Being diplomatic isn't really a strong suit of mine. A pole shift....good term for it! Why not? Not a lot of time left, and if nothing else, we can get people seeing these ideas, if not believing them. Then, when we aren't here, maybe a few can come to the truth because of this stuff. Plus, any time I can foil the plans of one of those nasties, I will do so! They lose in the end game, and I see no reason to concede battles before then, if we don't have to!

Besides, it is logical! The demons are, by nature, NOT terrestrial beings. If a few can see that we really are not that far apart in belief, it's a start. It's the "God" part of things where there is the resistance, anyway.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 12:59 AM

Originally posted by BO XIAN

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes


A lot to consider. . . . I do think we should look at the possibility that the demons mentioned in the Bible and these aliens are one and the same.

Guy Malone and his panel of experts made a convincing case, to me . . . that:

1. the fallen angels who lost their bodies in the flood . . . became "demons."

2. There are fallen angels who were evidently not 'on planet' in such flood vulnerable form back then and have been flying around loose and troublesome ever since.

3. Certainly in David's time . . . killing Goliath . . . evidently a half nephilium offspring . . . showed the same sorts of critters were pulling the same messing around with human women stunts after the flood.

Some offered the idea that both could be deceiving us. We can see a difference in how they behave. These beings are evil. God, on the other hand, is not.


However, if folks are caught up in their own rebellions against God and His priorities and standards . . . the Book indicates and my observational and other personal experiences indicate--minds and perceptiveness will be darkened and truth will NOT BE APPREHENDED.


Goliath is a great example. I even KNOW at least one person with a "incubus/succubus" experience. A "ghost" to others, but more revealing to this person. NO doubt in their mind. Some people can change, though I know some never will. All we can do is sow the seeds. Well, and annoy the enemy.

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by andersensrm

Interesting ideas, but you have to be careful there. One of the keys to the fall of Satan was pride, the idea that he could BE God. Simply put, we are created beings, and we are NOT part of God. He can dwell within us, but we aren't divine, and never will be. The idea that we somehow are all part of some universal consciousness isn't new, and it's the oldest lie there is. Personally, I am alright with that. I don't need to "become a god", or part of the actual God, because I know He loved be enough to take extraordinary measures to see that I can be with Him for the rest of time. I will take unending love over imagined divinity any day!

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