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Barry and the Boys

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Here is some of the facts and quotes etc ive jotted down while watching a U Toob Video.
The book Barry and the Boys, has all this and so much more to say.
I am wondering exactly who knows this stuff
How come it isnt smeared and refferred to all over the underground news and still spoken of in regards to the elections of the POTUS.
The minor tie ins mentioned make a crystal clear picture of corruption on a massive scale, and the sickness of what has become the ruling class of the western world in general.
These are reasons for bloody revolution,overturning of established crime syndicates which include both goverment and military/intelligence that have gone not only rogue, but have usurped our whole way of life.

Surely this is probably already been posted.....i dont doubt this so get off my case,thread police.....
What is important here is to keep this message alive.....

Anyone who is new to ATS and younger than 40 could be ignorant of the history of the times....
It has brought me , now 65 yrs old, to a new understanding of the events and underlying causes for the
history we are currently enacting at the behest of a govt so corrupted as to be no longer represent the people of the country .
A goverment so corrupted by self interest and greed, that it was able and willing to perpetrate, not only 9/11, but mass murder of many more innocents in quest for more power and wealth.

What the world needs is to know the depths to which the powers that be have sunk to run their sick scenarios.
Here are some facts.....

Lee Harvey Oswald:
Joined the Civil Air Patrol and was associated closely with Barry Seals(the biggest drug smuggler in america at onetime)
and Dave Ferrie (of JFK assasination fame)
Dave Ferrie was a member of OSS during WW2. .and the CIA!
US Border Patrol suspected Ferrie of smuggling Carlos Marcello, Mafia boss, back into the US after he was deported.
Dave Ferry was both a Pedophile....
Commanded the Civil Air patrol unit
Practised hypnosis on the cadets
(of which both Seals, and Oswald were part....)

CIA Operation 40 was a hit squad for assassinations
Associated with this bunch are these [people
1)Barry Seal
2) (Rodrigas) The man who killed Che
3) Frank Sturgis-watergate burglar and kennedy assassination" bum"
4) the man who was Oswalds Double (William Seymour) who spoke russian like a native etc....
This association is established by a picture of them all partying in a mexican club....

Dave Ferrie, busted for pedophelia, by city cops...
gets off and even has warrants for the police officers arrest issued.....

later...people claiming to be anti castro cubans, phone the police, and offer to return some CAP runaways who have been return for the cops leaving Dave ferrie alone in the pedophile beef.....???WTF!

BarrySeal gets busted in Texas with a loaded airplane full of weapons bound for castors revolution (he was not a commie at that time to the CIA)
he gets off through high connevtions

Barry was arrested in the 70s with a planeload of seven tons of plastic explosives bound for the Contras.
Bill Clinton payed his bail!

Asa Hutchinson, also helped protect barry Seal

Edwin Meese reportedly bribed with 400,000 to protect non other than Ollie North!
Goe W. and Jeb Bush busted with plane load of dope......get off

Goerge W Bushes favouite plane (which he used as governor) was a King Air, previously owned by ----Barry Seal!

Richard Ben Vineste lawyer, represented Both,
Bill Clinton
and Barry Seal

Ollie North has been implicated in strongly investigations into drug well as the sale of the military gear to Iran.....

The day barry Seal was Gunned down mafia style.....
it is little known, that three higher ups in the Medeyeen cartel were also gunned down same fashion....
These were not cartel killings....

This is stuff that jumped out at me.....
so, though somewhat belatedly, i am off to find a copy of Barry and the Boys.....

Perhaps ATS knows all of these facts, and is way beyond this revelation....
Undoubtedly this is so for some....
We definately need to condense the threads of pertinence here and keep them active
being a prime conspiracy site, there are plenty of connecting links that lots of people never hear about.....they are too busy or too preoocupied looking into other stuff...

perhaps some kind of side category for longer running subjects could be arranged with the longevity of certain discussions ?????
(ever try to read a long thread?)
maybe if we just took out the chatter of no consequence and side blurbs from posters that are off topic|?)
(like this has nothing to do with Mena and govt corruption really....)

There is too damn much to know for one person to know everything....
But i do know that corruption of our goverments by outside forces (be they for good or evil)
runs rampant......

My source is just one u toob video......

this is the first comment beneath the video


Concerning the parts @ 3:58 through 5:27, the author of the "Dark Alliance" article (which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996 detailing the CIA / crack / Contra connection), Gary Webb, was found dead by TWO GUNSHOT WOUNDS TO THE HEAD in December, 2004. His death was ruled´╗┐ a suicide by the Sacramento County coroner!

Webb had written several investigative journalist articles on organized crime and government corruption, dating back to 1980.

suicide by TWO shots to the head???WTF????? highly unlikely

I am positive this is NOT NEW NEWS to many, so skip it if you know all about it....or just to be reminded where it all came from maybe check it out once more....perhaps to regain old indignations even.....

I will close with a quote from the young John Kennedy....
Asked about using the new magazine"George" as a basis for launching an investigation into the assiassination of his father JFK,
he replied in the negative stating in part
"Time is the enemy if the truth"

For this reason i am posting...
I reccomend everyone who has not seen this video to watch it .....
Time IS the enemy of the truth.....................and we dont discuss this stuff enough anymore.................
Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it................

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 07:35 PM
I just stumbled across David Ferrie on the Skinwalker Ranch site and it caught my interest. If you find more links about him and Barry please post them here and I will do the same.
I like your post btw.


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