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Sky Sounds Premonition Maybe???

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 01:20 PM
i have an interesting dream to share with you (note i have had premonitions before some that i had have come to pass, in these dreams it feels all to real the emotions, the sensations, even adrinaline, now to me its weird when you get adrenaline in your dreams i was like WTF when it woke me up)

The Dream: I was walking in the park and i was talking to a homeless person or apparently homeless person i helped him build a place to sleep and looked at a type of grenade? then my dream sequence skipped, i was now in the city looking for a job with verison wireless (...i kno right) i get paid $16.50 where im at now and they were only paying $7 or $8 either way i just declined the offer and went to my cousins home when i arrived he said that it was messed up i cant find a job like the one i was at (the one im currently at) then dream skipped again we were driving downtown in the city and went into a club, we were there a short time but something it seems made everyone go outside. Everyone was looking up at the sky and talking about some sounds they heard then it seems it did it again to me it wass the first time really hearing the sound, (and yes i did watch the vids about strange noises i believe many are fake but still support the fact that there are some legit) in my dream it sounded like an old rusty metal doors like in a factory (which is where I work btw) only opening in the sky, not quite like the vids on youtube but i can see how one might say that they are trumpets to the untrained ear. anyway the clouds began to warp and spiral then lights beamed down, everyone just looked up awestruck i suppose i told my mother to come inside, she was awestruck just like the rest of the crowd i reacted instantly and grabbed her inside, My heart was racing at this time filled with adrenaline i asked my mother to find my faters gas mak because it may be another country invading and to find our rifle i then awoke because my pulse was to fast.

dont try to knock my post it was just a dream! but it is not outside the realm of possibility if you think of how advanced another spiecies might be

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